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#MMBBR #BooknerdBoy Dr. Critchlore's School for Minions by @SheilaGrau book 1 & 2 #review by @SheilaGrau

Welcome to Dr. Critchlore’s School for Minions, the premier trainer of minions for Evil Overlords everywhere. No student is prouder to be at Dr. Critchlore’s than Runt Higgins, a twelve-year-old werewolf. (At least he thinks he’s twelve. He was abandoned at the school as a baby, so he can’t say for sure.) Runt loves everything about Dr. Critchlore’s. He loves his classes—like History of Henchmen and Introduction to Explosives. He loves his friends—like Darthin the gargoyle and Syke the tree nymph. And he loves his foster family, who took him in when his wolf pack couldn’t.

But not everyone loves Dr. Critchlore’s as much as Runt. After a series of disasters, each worse than the next, it’s clear that someone is trying to shut the school down. It’s up to Runt, who knows the place better than anybody, to figure out who’s behind the attacks . . . and to save his home, and Dr. Critchlore himself, from total destruction.  

1.  When you started this series what were your initial thoughts?
I was captured right away.  It was something new and interesting. It was fun to read from page one and kept my interest the whole time. I was happy I had book two waiting for me to read right away!

2.  What did you love best about this book?
I loved meeting all the characters in the series.  I liked that they were funny.  When you think of monster this is what you would think of.  They were so interesting and all added so much to the story.

3.  Who would you recommend this book to?
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes funny and creative books.  I think it is a great read for kids who have always wanted to hang out with monsters.  Hop in the book and enjoy all the adventures inside. 

4.5 stars

The second book in this hilarious, illustrated series cracks the imaginative world of minions wide open, and we meet the other schools and Evil Overlords that surround Dr. Critchlore’s.
Runt Higgins needs answers, fast. Someone cursed him to die on his sixteenth birthday, but no one seems to know who cursed him or why. Runt decides he must find the Great Library, where all true knowledge is hidden. Unfortunately, the only people who know the location of the Great Library are a covert network of librarian-spies who’d rather die than give up the Library’s secrets. And when one of Runt’s professors is attacked, it soon becomes clear that others are also out to find the Library at any cost. Meanwhile, Runt’s not the only one whose days are numbered. To save the floundering school from an inevitable sale, Dr. Critchlore takes some desperate measures. His master plan to save the school: a fashion show.

I just finished this book and I loved it.  I had a really hard time putting it down.  It was very action packed and I was really connected the the characters. I laughed, felt sad and felt mad when the characters did things.  I was entertained the whole time.  I felt like I was literally in the book with the characters.  I feel like the author left the book open and I hope that is true because I cannot wait to continue the journey with these characters I have grown to love. 5 stars



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