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‘You know that feeling? When you want something so badly, you almost feel you’d kill for it?’

Be careful what you wish for…

Kat and her husband Nick have tried everything to become parents, and are on the point of giving up. Then a chance encounter with Kat’s childhood friend Lisa gives Kat and Nick one last chance to achieve their dream.

But Kat and Lisa’s history hides dark secrets.

And there is more to Lisa than meets the eye.

As dangerous cracks start to appear in Kat’s perfect picture of happily-ever-after, she realises that she must face her fear of the past to save her family…

Louise Jensen is a USA Today bestselling author of psychological thrillers. Her first two novels, The Sister and The Gift, were both international #1 bestsellers, and have been sold for translation to sixteen countries. Her debut novel, The Sister, was nominated for The Goodreads Awards Debut of 2016. 

Louise lives in Northamptonshire with her husband, children, madcap dog and a rather naughty cat. She loves to hear from readers and writers and can be found at, where she regularly blogs flash fiction.

TWITTER: @fab_fiction

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ There is a rising sense of panic; horror hanging in the air like smoke. 

The first line should tell you how good this book is. That first line will grab you and take hold and not let go. You will not be able to put this book down. It is plot driven, twisty and intense. I loved it cover to cover. It was one of those reads that make you nervous in the best way possible. You will want to both buzz through it and savor it in equal measure. A must read for 2019!

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#FirstLine ~ Once more and you're through.

Lee Fitts is a character you can’t help but root for. Everyone thought he had high potential to become a professional athlete, but after a tragic accident he must learn to re-build his life and overcome some of the toughest obstacles imaginable. As his story unfolds, a woman sharing an important link to his traumatic accident commits herself to Lee’s recovery, and a night at a homeless shelter gives Lee the ability to forgive the villain who has haunted him all these years. And with the help of a pastor, who wrestles with problems of his own, Lee is afforded a chance at redemption.The story of Lee Fitts shows us how having faith can guide one to overcome even the worst odds. It also explores how goodness, forgiveness, and compassion can help us conquer just about anything.      
Garon’s slogan is “Writing for change.” Not only do his books inspire, but they also do tangible good. All proceeds from the sale Lee Fitts will go to the Bill Mehr Drop-In Center for the Homeless in Garon’s Washington, D.C. area community.

Rich GaronUsing books as a vehicle to bring greater awareness to issues and to provide funds to address problems including hunger and homelessness.

It’s going to take a lot of us to turn these problems around. You can help today by purchasing a copy of FELLING BIG TREES. Proceeds go to WhyHunger; the group that for the past forty years has been a leader on the front lines in the battle against hunger.

LEE FITTS is my second novel and all proceeds will be donated to the Bill Mehr Drop-In Center for the homeless in Virginia.

Question: Your book jacket text starts out “You can’t stop rooting for Lee Fitts?” Why is that the case?
Rich Garon: Lee Fitts, the novel’s protagonist, is someone exuding goodness, compassion, and honesty in light of limitations resulting from the trauma of a horrific accident. He is always trying to do his best to improve himself and help others.
Q: Forgiveness seems to be a big part of the book - what role does this topic play?
Garon: This is a central theme of the book along with compassion. Lee and a woman trying to help him both suffered greatly from the scene of horror opening the book. Yet they, after reflection and from faith they draw on, are moved to a colossal act of forgiveness that destroys the hate that horrible morning produced.
Q: You also say that Lee embodies honesty. How does that reveal itself and why is that of particular importance?  
Garon: The way honesty manifests itself in Lee emerges as he works on a political campaign. His actions are unthinkable from a political operative’s point of view and his honesty costs him.  At times, when many would say honesty is becoming a rarer commodity in politics, Lee’s experience becomes a salient commentary.
Q: Redemption is another element of the story. How does that figure into understanding Lee and the challenges he faces?
Garon: Prior to the accident, Lee had potential unknown among most his age. It was lost, as the incident destroyed Lee’s family and reduced Lee to someone with severe limitations. He begins to emerge from this condition and driven by faith, the love of his family, and the love of a woman who shares an important link to that morning, works to recapture the skill that was once his.
Q: And family, what role does that play?
Garon: Family is a central theme in this novel. Having his family together is the main thing in which Lee is interested. His love of family provides him with an incomparable source of strength, which together with strong support from two important friends, propels him toward the goal he sets.
Q: Before becoming an author, you worked on Capitol Hill. What did you do there, and why did you make the switch from politics to writer?
Garon: I worked on the Hill for over 25 years. I started as an intern and left the Hill after serving six years as Chief-of-Staff of the House Committee on International Relations. I did a lot of writing in my job where it was important to make your words work for you if you hoped those things you believed in came to fruition. I still have hope that certain things can change for the better and see the characters and themes of fiction a good way to try to raise awareness to these issues.
Q: I noticed the banner on your website says “Writing for change.” What does that mean?
Garon: Great question. Through the sale of my books I’m trying to raise awareness to some of the problems we’re facing today and also, by donating royalties to certain non-profits working on these problems, give them some additional resources to support their work. For example, proceeds from my first novel, Felling Big Trees, go to WhyHunger and proceeds from Lee Fitts will go to the Bill Mehr Drop-In Center for the homeless in my community in Virginia.
Q: Your book is dedicated to Russell J. Campbell. Tell us who that is, and why you dedicated the book to him.
Garon: Russell passed away this past April. I knew him for more than six years. When I first met him, he lived in the woods and almost died there one winter. But we were able to get him a studio apt.  with our church paying half the rent, the other half from some disability money he received. He became a very close friend and I became his authorized medical representative. Living in the woods took its toll, and he died of a degenerative brain disease.
Q: How does your faith impact your writing?
Garon: I hadn’t realized until after completing the book, what a faith-based exercise it was. But it’s all there, forgiveness, redemption, compassion, honesty along with occasional Scripture reference. Maybe it’s because I read so much C.S. Lewis. Lee is strong in the face of circumstances and people at odds with those virtues he has come to embody.
Rich Garon received both his M.A. and Ph.D. in Politics from New York University and began a career on Capitol Hill that lasted more than 25 years. For the last six of those years, he served as Chief-of-Staff for the Committee on International Relations, U.S. House of Representatives. He currently is a member of the Serve (Outreach and Mission) Committee at the Immanuel Anglican Church in Woodbridge, VA and coordinates the homeless ministry, with an emphasis on those living in the woods. He was named to the Board of Directors of the Greater Prince William County [VA] Community Health Center, and conducts mission trips with his wife, Karen, to Bolivia to support church-building in several areas including what began as a tent city. All proceeds from the sale of Garon’s new novel, Lee Fitts, will go to the Bill Mehr Drop-In Center for the homeless in his local community. His first novel, Felling Big Trees, released in 2017.
For more information, please visit, and connect with Garon through FacebookTwitter, and Goodreads.
Lee Fitts will be available on Amazon and through BookBaby in February 2019.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This is a fun twist on an old favorite. The story is playful and interactive. It allow for lot of fun while reading aloud with the kids. In addition to the fun dialogue throughout the illustrations are bright and colorful. You will love reading along to see how things turn out. Such a funny book!

Like Hansel and Gretel, Josh Funk doesn't like being told how stories should go—so he writes his own. He is the author of a bunch of picture books, including the popular Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast series, illustrated by Brendan Kearney, and recently, How to Code a Sandcastle, illustrated by Sara Palacios, and Lost in the Library: A Story of Patience & Fortitude, illustrated by Stevie Lewis. He lives in New England with his wife and children. Learn more about him at and follow him on Twitter @joshfunkbooks.

Edwardian Taylor has worked as a visual development artist and character designer in the game and animation industry. He illustrated the picture book Race!, written by Sue Fliess and the chapter book Toy Academy: Some Assembly Required, written by Brian Lynch. He lives in Texas with his partner and their four dogs. Learn more about him at and follow him on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter @edwardiantaylor.

Two Lions is offering one copy of IT’S NOT HANSEL AND GRETEL to one lucky winner (U.S. addresses). 
Leave a comment saying what you love about Hansel and Gretel. Please leave your email in case you win.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

FirstLine ~ I dreamed about the creek again last night.

What a book. It was intense and quite the page turner! It was one of those books that I am still processing. It may take some time to fully take in all that occurred in this book. It is dark and there is violence and a is complex and compelling. It is one I will not soon forget.

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Some secrets change the world in a heartbeat...

Lily’s life is in mortal peril. Her father is missing and now silver-eyed men stalk her through the shadows. What could they want from her?

With her friends—Robert, the clockmaker’s son, and Malkin, her mechanical fox—Lily is plunged into a murky and menacing world. Too soon Lily realizes that those she holds dear may be the very ones to break her heart...

Murder, mayhem and mystery meet in this gripping Victorian adventure.

Peter Bunzl grew up in London and lives there with his partner Michael. He is a BAFTA-award-winning animator, as well as a writer and filmmaker. To learn more, visit his website,
Twitter: @peterbunzl
Instagram: @peter_bunzl

Praise for COGHEART:

“With great style and panache, the novel deftly winds through the intricacies of friendship and moral choice while maintaining a fun edge.” —Publishers Weekly

“An exciting, fast-paced adventure.”  —Booklist

“Introduces dastardly villains, friendly mechanicals, and thrilling airship action. . . . with hair-raising and cinematic charm.” —Kirkus Reviews

Download activities and see the book trailer at

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
FirstLine ~ Chapter 1: Lily wrinkled her freckled nose as she trudged along the back of the line of girls.

I was captivated by this action-packed adventure. There was such originality and creativity within the pages of the book. There was tension and villains. There was action and characters that were both amazing and fascinating. Such a great book for middle readers!

One lucky winner will receive Cogheart
courtesy of Jolly Fish Press 
(U.S. addresses only)

*TO ENTER: Please leave a comment about why you want to read this title. Please make sure you leave your email so I can contact you if you win.

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The Sisters Hemingway: A Novel (Cold River) by [Noblin, Annie England]

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ Rachael Hemingway watched the clouds gather overhead as she raced along the gravel path leading her away from her house.

A story that was based around tragedy and is filled with a lot of heart. It is a quick read and one that is very character driven. There is romance, family dynamics and drama and a story that keeps you turning pages. A happy ending ties up the book perfectly. A great book for book clubs!

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125,000 Ways to Say I Love You

From Pia Frey, international bestselling flipbook author, comes 125,000 WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU: Mix and Match Love Notes (on sale January 15, 2019; Atria; $15.99; Spiral Bound; 978-1-5011-9860-1)With this one-of-a-kind flipbook of funny, sweet, and often bold one-line poetry, you’ll never be at a loss for words.
Mad Libs meets Instagram poetry this brilliantly creative flipbook that lets you create 125,000 one-line love poems—some sweet, silly, and painfully honest—with three mix and match panels. 125,000 WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU is the perfect way to say what’s in your heart, and you’ll never run out of ways to say those three little words.

Learn more about 125,000 WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU by watching this short video

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I write notes every week day to put in my kids and husbands lunches. So you know that this is right up my alley. I love telling people how I feel and this is such a new and fun way to do it! This will be a new and exciting way for me to leave a note for my husband in the house. I showed this to him the other day and he loved it! It is one of those things that we can do for each other; from funny, to sexy, to loving these notes will be sure to put a smile on your loved ones face! 
A perfect gift!

A perfect note to leave for your loved one when you are busy reading!!!

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ At first I believed the girl to be an apparition.

A touching story that really resonated with me. It was complex and deeply woven. It was touching and heartwarming, raw and honest to the characters and their journeys. It was everything that a good novel is and more. It is one of those reads I want to be made into a movie or a Netflix mini series. You want to see this book brought to life, just like it was in your mind! A great book club pick!

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars
#FirstLine ~ I see a man coming through the falling snow.

What a book. I loved that I never really knew what was going to happen. It was great getting to know all of the characters. They were all distinctly different, but were all important to the story. It was dynamic, original and quite a wild ride.

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John Fried
HARDCOVER BOOK — 1538729830 / 9781538729830
ELECTRONIC BOOK — 1538729857 / 9781538729854

Available in the U.S. January 8, 2019

Martin Kelso's comfortable world starts to change at the age of eleven. Girls get under his skin in ways he never noticed before. His cousin Evie, who used to be Marty's closest confidante--the one who taught him the right way to eat a pizza and how to catch tadpoles--has grown up into a stranger, mysterious and unpredictable. Marty and his best friends once inhabited fantasy worlds of their own making, full of cowboys and cops and robbers, where the heroes always won the day. But now, as neighborhood kids are attacked on their walk to school, they find themselves wanting to play a new game that better prepares them for real life.

As life changes quickly and Marty feels less secure with himself, the difference between games and reality, friend and foe, and right from wrong becomes much more difficult to distinguish. At the same time, this new world offers possibilities as exciting as they are frightening.

This poignant debut perfectly captures the intense emotion, humor, and earnestness of young adulthood as Marty, age eleven to seventeen, navigates a series of life-changing firsts: first kiss, first enemy, first loss, and, ultimately, his first awareness that the world is not as simple a place as he had once imagined.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ Girls invaded our school a month into sixth grade.

An interesting coming of age novel, that reads quickly. It was heartfelt and honest with all the highs and lows that come with growing up. It is it not always pretty or fun, but we can all relate to the struggles and triumphs of youth. A good book for book club because there is a lot to discuss. 

Photo: Thurner Photography

John Fried teaches creative writing at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. He received his MFA from Warren Wilson College’s Program for Writers. His short fiction has appeared in numerous journals, including The Gettysburg Review, North American Review, and Columbia: A Journal of Arts and Literature. Prior to teaching, he was a magazine writer and editor in New York, and his work appeared in various publications, including The New Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, New York, Time, and Real Simple.

TWITTER: @fried12

"Wise and winning, THE MARTIN CHRONICLES is a sumptuous evocation of those adolescent afternoons when every moment was equally fraught and full of possibility. A charming, marvelous debut." 
      — Colson Whitehead, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning author of The Underground Railroad

"A beautiful debut. THE MARTIN CHRONICLES transforms a series of adolescent snapshots into a raw, unforgettable mosaic."
      — Stephen Chbosky, New York Times bestselling author of The Perks of Being a Wallflower

"John Fried's debut is a funny, tender, honest coming-of-age story, brimming with heart. THE MARTIN CHRONICLES is about first love and family and loss, but also, set on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the '80s, it's a nostalgic look into the past and, in the end, a love story about that specific place and time."
      — Julianna Baggott, nationally bestselling author of The Seventh Book of Wonders

"Fried's lighthearted humor shines through...offers playful moments and an evocative atmosphere."
      — Publishers Weekly

"Fried infuses every page with warmth and wonder. The setting on the bustling streets of 1980s Manhattan is the perfect mirror for Marty's swirling emotions. Fans of Brady Udall and Matthew Norman will appreciate Marty's honesty, humor, and angst as he discovers his rightful place in his family, at school, and in his social circle."
       — Booklist

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New York Times bestselling author Joseph Finder returns with an explosive new thriller about a female judge and the one personal misstep that could lead to her--and her family's--undoing.

It was nothing more than a one-night stand. Juliana Brody, a judge in the Superior Court of Massachusetts, is rumored to be in consideration for the federal circuit, maybe someday the highest court in the land. At a conference in a Chicago hotel, she meets a gentle, vulnerable man and in a moment of weakness has an unforgettable night with him. They part with an explicit understanding that this must never happen again.

But back home in Boston, it becomes clear that this was no random encounter. The man from Chicago proves to have an integral role in a case she's presiding over--a sex-discrimination case that's received national attention. Juliana discovers that she's been entrapped, her night of infidelity captured on video. Strings are being pulled in high places, a terrifying unfolding conspiracy that will turn her life upside down. But soon it becomes clear that personal humiliation, even the possible destruction of her career, are the least of her concerns, as her own life and the lives of her family are put in mortal jeopardy.

In the end, turning the tables on her adversaries will require her to be as ruthless as they are.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~A perfect May night in Chicago, warm but not quite balmy.

Wow! This book is quite the read. It is action packed and thrilling. It is a fast paced ripped from the headlines roller-coaster of a ride. It will keep you burning through the pages and will keep you up WAY past your bedtime! A book that had my heart pounding and my mind attempting to figure how it would end. The characters felt so real and the story was so twisty and turny! A total package!

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From the bestselling author of The Tuscan Child comes a beautiful and heart-rending novel of a woman’s love and sacrifice during the First World War.

As the Great War continues to take its toll, headstrong twenty-one-year-old Emily Bryce is determined to contribute to the war effort. She is convinced by a cheeky and handsome Australian pilot that she can do more, and it is not long before she falls in love with him and accepts his proposal of marriage.

When he is sent back to the front, Emily volunteers as a “land girl,” tending to the neglected grounds of a large Devonshire estate. It’s here that Emily discovers the long-forgotten journals of a medicine woman who devoted her life to her herbal garden. The journals inspire Emily, and in the wake of devastating news, they are her saving grace. Emily’s lover has not only died a hero but has left her terrified—and with child. Since no one knows that Emily was never married, she adopts the charade of a war widow.

As Emily learns more about the volatile power of healing with herbs, the found journals will bring her to the brink of disaster, but may open a path to her destiny.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
A beautiful and character driven story that will pull at the reader's heartstrings. It is set in a time of struggle and turmoil, in a very memorable setting. There are numerous themes including love, heartache, war, choices, perseverance and moving on. It is touching and heartfelt, a story that will stay with you long after you close the book.

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The popularity of Maker Spaces and Maker Education in schools has exploded and for good reason  kids love using these hands-on areas to explore, problem-solve and tap into their inventive interests. Just in time for National Inventors Day on 2/11 and National Engineering Week (the week of 2/17), National Geographic Kids Books is unveiling Make This! Building, Thinking and Tinkering Projects for the Amazing Maker in You by Ella Schwartz (Feb 2019, ages 8-12, $16.99).  

This book is designed to inspire the next generation of engineers and supports all kinds of kid creators: those who prefer guided instruction, those who prefer to dream up and design objects on their own, and everyone in between. Within the nearly 160 pages of this book kids get the tools and the know-how to tackle all kinds of exciting projects: building a kaleidoscope, designing a fidget spinner, planting a rain forest, creating a musical instrument, and more. Unconventional scenarios inspired by real National Geographic Explorers give kids a chance to think outside the box and apply their maker skills to real life. Chapters are divided up by scientific principle, such as simple machines, energy, and forces. In each chapter, kids can start by following step-by-step activities, or get creative by tackling an open-ended challenge. Helpful sidebars explain the science behind what's happening every step of the way.  

About the author of Make This!, Ella SchwartzIn addition to writing books, Ella is a cybersecurity warrior interfacing with the U.S. federal government on strategic technology initiatives. She has a bachelor’s and masters degree in engineering from Columbia University. When she's not working, writing, or training to run a marathon, she volunteers on outreach initiatives to promote women in science and improve science literacy. Ella lives on Long Island, New York with her husband and three sons. 

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This book is fantastic. I love it so much! I love that it encourages makers in areas of building, thinking and just tinkering around because it engages your body and your mind in various ways. This book is great because some of the activities are free flowing or open ended, with no right or wrong approach. While others are step-by-step. These very different approaches trigger different creative processes. I was blown away by how well thought out the book was and the book has something for everyone. CHAPTERS: 1. Simple Machine, 2. Materials, 3. Systems, 4. Optics, 5. Energy, 6. Acoustics, 7. Forces and 8. Motion. A must for home (for snow days or summers days) and the classroom!

#MMBBR #Review #MissPinkeltinksPurse by #PattyBrozo via #partner @The_BookishType and @tilburyhouse who provided a #free #reviewcopy


A warm-hearted homeless woman finds a home in Miss Pinkeltink’s Purse by Patty Brozo and illustrated by Ana Ochoa (ISBN: 978-0884486268; Hardcover $17.95; Ages 4-8).

From its humorous opening through its sad midpoint and uplifting end, Miss Pinkeltink’s story shines a light on humanity. This story with children as agents of positive change reminds us again that communities are best known by their treatment of the disadvantaged among them.

"Rosy-cheeked and quite antique, Miss Pinkeltink / carried everything but the kitchen sink. / Her purse was so big that it dragged on the floor. / When she rode on the bus it got stuck in the door."

Generous and eccentric, Miss Pinkeltink fills her huge purse with everything from a toilet plunger to roller skates, and then gives it all away. She offers tape to fix a flat tire and a bone to a kitty: Miss Pinkeltink’s gifts never quite hit the mark, / but she gave what she had, and she gave from the heart. And then, with nothing left to give or to shelter herself, she huddles on a park bench, trying to sleep in the rain. And that’s where Zoey sees her from her bedroom window and knows that something must be done.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
A beautiful story about paying it forward and the power of generosity. It is a sweet story will sing sing text that will be a hit for kids and adults alike. Miss Pinkeltink is sweet and always trying to give helpful gifts to others, but when she has nothing else to give she soon learns what it feels like to receive.

#MMBBR #Review #TheBabysitterFromAnotherPlanet by #StephenSavage via @HolidayHouseBks who provided a #free #reviewcopy


The kids are in for a treat when their parents leave them with a babysitter who is truly out of this world--an alien! 

When their parents go out for the evening, a brother and sister are left with a babysitter unlike any they've ever had before--an alien from another planet! But even though she seems a little strange, the kids quickly see that this babysitter can make anything fun...even brushing their teeth and doing their homework.

This story is literally E.T. meets Mary Poppins, and as soon as the Babysitter from Another Planet is gone, the kids can't wait for her to come back again.

With references to everything from '50s Science Fiction movies (sure to produce a chuckle from knowing parents) to ET,bestselling author Stephen Savage has produced a visual and verbal tour de force that will have kids begging for more.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
This is a fun spin on kids and their babysitters. With colorful illustrations and a cute story, kids are sure to look forward to having a babysitter for the night!

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#MMBBR #Winner #Review #HaveIEverToldYou by @shani_kings via #mediamasters and #TilburyHousePublishers who provided my #prize


“Have I ever told you that, for me, there is no one more special than you? That for me, you are the most special child in the world, and that I love you now and will love you forever? Have I ever told you that?”  

Shani King wrote Have I Ever Told You? as a note to his children, to remind them that they are amazing in their individuality and that they have the power to choose who they want to be in this world. The illustrations create a masterful visual narrative: warm, witty, simple, profound, and as ferociously empowering as a children’s book can be.

A beautiful book to share with your child/children about all the ways you love them. It is so sweet and got me a bit emotional! I make sure to tell my kids all the time all the ways they matter to me and how loved they are. I just loved reading them this book. I write my kids notes and pit them in their lunch boxes everyday. I wish I could put this book in their lunch box!!! Such a great message for our kids. A must for gift giving; for Christmas, birthday or any special occasion. A sweet and tender book.
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