Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LIFE By Mrs. Mommmy Booknerd

I am not somebody that likes to talk about the tough stuff, the stuff that really hurts and really matters.  I know that may not be the perception that I give people close to me, but when the going gets tough I have a hard time letting people in.  I pick a select few people to talk with and stick to those people.
The reason I am saying all of this it because I am going through some very tough stuff right now.  I know that it is really tough because I cannot even focus to read, which was the one thing I could always count on to get me through.  I loved being able to turn my mind off and escape into the pages of a good book.  But the desire and ability to focus has vanished lately.
I will begin to post, starting next week, on Mondays.  I hope you all forgive me for my absence for the last week or so.  I thank you all for coming to see what good reads are out in the world and for your continued support.
I am going to leave you with a quote that really sums up what I am feeling...
A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Winston Churchill
Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. Winston Churchill

Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy Booknerd

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


As many of you know I am a fan of Sara Shepard.  I have read every book she has written and enjoyed them all.  She is mostly known for being a YA author who has written the wildly popular Pretty Little Liars series and the newer series The Lying Game.  Both series are now shows on ABC Family.  Pretty Little Liars is about to wrap of their second season and The Lying Game has just begun this summer.  Both of which I am hooked on.  But she also has written two books outside the YA arena; The Visibles and Everything We Have Ever Wanted. 
My review today is about Everything We Have Ever Wanted.  I was able to read a galley of the book through Net Galley.  I just love that Shepard can fill my craving for juicy, page turning YA, as well as mature, thought provoking novels.  Everything We Have Ever Wanted has a multifaceted story about family, history and love.  About forging ahead after great and deep disappointment.  I felt emotional tired after reading because I felt for the characters and their struggles.  Sometimes things cannot be simply fixed, as is with life.   Everything We Have Ever Wanted will not disappoint.
This title will be released on October 11, 2011
Everything We Ever Wanted: A Novel

A recently widowed mother of two, Sylvie Bates-McAllister finds her life upended by a late-night phone call from the headmaster of the prestigious private school founded by her grandfather where her adopted son Scott teaches. Allegations of Scott's involvement in a hazing scandal cause a ripple effect, throwing the entire family into chaos. For Charles, Sylvie's biological son, it dredges up a ghost from the past who is suddenly painfully present. For his wife Joanna, it forces her to reevaluate everything she's hoped for in the golden Bates-McAllisters. And for Scott, it illuminates harsh truths about a world he has never truly felt himself a part of.

But for all the Bates-McAllisters, the call exposes a tangled web of secrets that ties the family together: the mystery of the school hazing, the event that tore Charles and Scott apart the night of their high school awards ceremony, and the intended recipient of a certain bracelet. The quest to unravel the truth takes the family on individual journeys across state lines, into hospitals, through the Pennsylvania woods, and face-to-face with the long-dormant question: what if the life you always planned for and dreamed of isn't what you want after all?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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Friday, August 12, 2011


Good Graces

Do you want to be entered in a contest to win a SIGNED copy of Lesley Kagen's book GOOD GRACES (out September 1st)?  GOOD GRACES is the extraordinary follow up book to WHISTLING IN THE DARK.  My raving review is below.
Here is how you get entered:
1.  Head over to Lesley's facebook page:!/LesleyKagenBooks
and "like" her.  If you already "like" her, you rock and can skip step 1.
2.  Leave a comment on this post that you "like" Lesley and want to be entered in the contest.
3.  On Wednesday August 17, a random drawing will be conducted and the winner will be announced here.  So, check back next Wednesday!  Good Luck and make sure to tell your friends to enter as well!

 Good Graces

I have to say that the wait for GOOD GRACES was definitely worth it.  I was able to read a galley of the book and was blown away at how good it was.  I absolutely loved Whistling in the Dark and was anxiously awaiting the sequel .  When reading Whistling in the Dark I felt like I was transported in time and that I became part of the O'Malley sisters lives.  To be able to revisit these girls again in GOOD GRACES was a gift that Kagen delivered with a giant bow.

GOOD GRACES is by far one of the greatest sequels ever written.  I read nearly 100 books a year and there are very few books that resonate with me long after I read them.  In that way, this book is a rare gem.  The dialogue is spot on, being both serious and funny in perfect unison.  You find yourself lost in the book due to the beautifully woven and intricate plot.  You crave more and are not disappointed. GOOD GRACES is the type of story that can only be written by an author that is authentic and truly gifted.

Kagen has proven again that she deserves to be on the National Best Sellers List. GOOD GRACES cannot be missed.  It is everything that I hoped it would be and more.  I look forward to seeing what else Kagen can dream up.  She is truly one of the best authors out there.   

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GIVEAWAY! A signed copy of GOOD GRACES by Lesley Kagen

Good Graces

Want to win a SIGNED copy of GOOD GRACES by LESLEY KAGEN before it hits the shelves on September 1st?  Come back here on Friday to see how!!!

Good Graces

Friday, August 5, 2011

CHOICES by Kate Buckley

I was contacted by author Kate Buckley and she asked if I would read CHOICES and review it for her. Buckley had read my blog and saw a review of another book that discusses some of the same issues as CHOICES.  As a book lover and blogger having an author ask you to read her work is an honor.  I was very excited to get the opportunity to read CHOICES.
CHOICES is a YA novel that discusses some very serious topics; underage drinking, date rape and abortion.  Buckley did an amazing job representing the teenage girl and their struggles when it comes to friendships, dating and coming of age.  I was immediately drawn into the story and Kara (the main character) was a girl I was rooting for.  Being a teenage girl is not an easy time in life and CHOICES helps to identify some of the struggles that we as parents, educators, social workers, and friends need to pay attention to.  We need to offer our children an environment where they can talk to us, so we can keep them safe.
Buckley tackled the subject of abortion and the view of the Catholic religion in a way that will make you really think about what side you are on.  CHOICES is a book that everyone should read.  I absolutely loved this book and will be telling my friends that CHOICES is a must read book.  Whether you have a teenage girl or teenage boy, the lessons contained in this book are ones that need to be discussed with our children.  There are serious consequences for our actions and we all make choices...
"And choices?  We make them everyday without a second thought, or even a first." (page 195, CHOICES)

A teen girl breaks all the rules and finds herself alone, her life spinning out of control when binge drinking, date rape, and teen pregnancy collide. Choices is a compelling and bumpy coming-of-age journey that hurtles an over-protected girl into turmoil and confusion.  The many sides of the reproductive rights issue come together in Choices, a story voiced with respect, sensitivity, heart and emotion.
For teen girls everywhere. Their mothers, grandmothers, aunts…and, their fathers and brothers.
Choices: The message  - Your Life … Your Choices!
Choices is an empowering and thought provoking read.  The novel engages readers in the story of a teen girl who slips up and falls hard.  As fifteen-year-old Kara learns to think for herself and take responsibility for her choices, she discovers a solid sense of herself and her own value.  Will she ever be the same?…No, she’ll be stronger.
Choices: The author
Kate Buckley has her MA in Human Development with a concentration on women’s studies.  She has facilitated support groups for girls in California and New Mexico and administrated a three-year drug and alcohol abuse prevention program in the public middle schools of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

·         Choices  won an Eric Hoffer Award in the Young Adult Category
·         ForeWord Reviews 2009 Book of the Year Awards
CHOICES: Winner — Young Adult Fiction
·         Gold Mom's Choice Award, 2010
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