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#FirstLine ~ Prologue
I felt my abdominal muscles twinge as I lowered myself to sit.

On the surface, Anna Witherall has the perfect life. Married to her university boyfriend David, she has an enviable job, beautiful home, and gorgeous three-year-old twin daughters, Stella and Rose. Their competent and capable nanny, Maria, is practically part of the family.

But beneath the veneer of success and happiness, Anna is hiding a dark secret, one that threatens to unravel everything she has worked so hard to create. Only one thing is certain: to protect her children, she must betray them.

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So-Called Normal: A Memoir of Family, Depression and ResilienceSo-Called Normal: A Memoir of Family, Depression and Resilience by Mark Henick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ Prologue --- This is the end.

I am always so impressed by the courage that people show when sharing their personal stories with the world. I am further impressed and in awe because they allow themselves to become vulnerable to hopefully help others facing similar struggles. I was easily drawn into this story and was fascinated how the journey went for Mark, it was both heartbreaking and hopeful. It is a must read for those that love powerful memoirs that truly capture what resilience looks like while examining complex family relationship and the power of depression and so much more!

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So-Called Normal Shares Gripping True Story of Suicide Attempt Survival and Resilience


New York NY, February 10, 2021 — By age 15, depression and anxiety had taken their toll on Mark Henick. Clinging to an outside girder on an overpass, a deeply troubled Henick made the only decision he thought he could. And he let go.


Henick’s newly released book, So-Called Normal: A Memoir of Family, Depression and Resilience, aims to break the relentless stigma of mental illness through his candid, intensely personal account of his youth, the events that led to that fateful night on the bridge, and the experiences and transformation that followed. Henick takes readers inside the mind of a boy who had to deal with the breakdown of his parents’ marriage, an abusive stepfather, bullying and trauma — all while trying to navigate his progressively worsening mental health. In the backdrop is a community that didn’t talk about mental illness, one where silence and maintaining the comforts of “normal” was paramount.


So-Called Normal is a vital, triumphant story of perseverance and recovery that has already touched the hearts of many, including television personality Rosie O’Donnell.


“Mark Henick is a powerful storyteller. His vivid account of his early years as a depressed, suicidal teenager is a page-turner. So-Called Normal is beautifully written, heart-wrenching, and hopeful. Necessary reading for anyone who wants a peek inside the mind of someone who journeyed through mental illness and found hope on the other side,” O’Donnell said.


Author Mark Henick’s TEDx talk, Why We Choose Suicide, is one of the most watched in the world and has been viewed millions of times. His search for “the man in the brown jacket” whose bravery and strong arms kept him from falling to his death went viral around the world (and was successful!). Henick has been on television and radio and has written many articles on mental health. He has hosted more than 60 intimate conversations about mental health with notable public figures and celebrities on his podcast, So-Called Normal, and has executive produced and hosted the Living Well podcast for Morneau Shepell. Henick has served on the board of directors for the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and was the president of a provincial division of the Canadian Mental Health Association — the youngest person in either role. He has worked as a front line clinician, a program manager and the national director of strategic initiatives for CMHA. Currently the CEO and principal strategist for Strategic Mental Health Consulting, Mark Henick is in high demand as an international keynote speaker on mental health recovery.


To watch Henick’s powerful TEDx talk, please visit For more information, please visit or connect with the author on the following social media sites:;; and


For the recent PEOPLE Magazine feature about Henick and the man who saved him, please visit


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#MMBBR #BlogTourHost via @TLCBookTours #Excerpt #Review #HerDarkLies by J.T. Ellison @thrillerchick


About Her Dark Lies: A Novel

Hardcover: 416 Pages

Publisher: MIRA; Original edition (March 9, 2021)

Fast-paced and brilliantly unpredictable, J.T. Ellison’s breathtaking new novel invites you to a wedding none will forget—and some won’t survive.

Jutting from sparkling turquoise waters off the Italian coast, Isle Isola is an idyllic setting for a wedding. In the majestic cliff-top villa owned by the wealthy Compton family, up-and-coming artist Claire Hunter will marry handsome, charming Jack Compton, surrounded by close family, intimate friends…and a host of dark secrets.

From the moment Claire sets foot on the island, something seems amiss. Skeletal remains have just been found. There are other, newer disturbances, too. Menacing texts. A ruined wedding dress. And one troubling shadow hanging over Claire’s otherwise blissful relationship—the strange mystery surrounding Jack’s first wife.

Then a raging storm descends, the power goes out—and the real terror begins…

Purchase Links

MIRA Amazon | Barnes & Noble

This book was fantastic. I loved it so much! It was perfectly paced and the characters wonderfully drawn out for the reader. I loved the mystery, suspense and thrills in this novel. I was burning through the pages and was fully entertained and engaged. I love these types of books that grab you and allow to to escape your world and hop into the pages of the book! A MUST read for thriller and mystery lovers!

“Jack, what’s going on? I can see blue lights flashing. Is that the island’s police?”
His attention snaps to the pier. “Our local island polizia, yes. The Italians have both local
police and military police, but here on the island, it’s just a couple of local guys. There’s no
crime on Isola.”
Unspoken—Our security sees to that. You’re safe with me, Claire. Always.
Safety is something Jack offers in spades. After Monday’s escapades, I’ve been shown
that in person.
“What do you think’s happened?” I ask. “They aren’t here about Monday night, are they?”
“I don’t know. I suppose we’ll find out. They’re blocking our way up to the Villa.”
It’s another ten minutes before we can disembark. Jack is silent and watchful the whole
time. He holds my hand and plays absently with my ring. I see the muscle in his jaw tick,
tick, tick as he grinds his teeth.
When the gangplank finally settles against the ground, he says quietly, “Just follow my
lead.” He steers me down the pier toward the flashing lights. We’re fifteen feet away when
he sucks in a breath and says, “Wait here.”
“Wait here, Claire.”
Jack doesn’t normally command me. I’m so shocked I halt immediately, and he surges
ahead, disappearing into the crowd. I stand awkwardly alone, shivering in the salty breeze. I
can hear Italian, spoken very quickly, much too fast for me to follow even the few words I’ve
picked up, then Jack’s baritone, all overlaid with a cacophony of seagulls—the island’s
rookery for wayward birds must be nearby. I’m just grateful for the solid ground. Maybe I
was getting a little seasick.
Jack reemerges moments later, his face pale.
“The timing is impeccable,” he grumbles.
“Are they here for us?”
“No. The restoration people dug up a body.”
“A body? Whose?”
“No idea. Sorry, technically it’s not a body, it’s a skeleton. Remains. This happens
frequently in historical restoration.”
“Remains?” I’ve had just about enough death for a lifetime. Two bodies in two days?
Jack smiles. “Don’t freak out. You know this island dates back. Sometimes there are little
mudslides that expose ruins, or the restoration people my dad hired will dig into the ground
and find a tomb, or tunnel under a building and uncover disarticulated bones.”
“So it—they—aren’t recent?”
“Goodness, no. I’m sure they’re not. My parents will have to meet with the people from
the historical society, just to be certain, but it’s all going to be fine. It’s just one more thing to
He sounds annoyed but supremely unconcerned, so I relax, too. I have learned to take
my cues from Jack. This is a whole new world I’m stepping into, and camouflage is my only
“Let’s get up to the Villa. I’m sure my parents will want to see you. And I’d love to show
you around, if you’re not too jet-lagged. Plus, we have the meeting with the lawyers this
Ah, the lawyers. I’ve almost forgotten about the prenup signing. Almost…
What, you thought it was going to be different? You missed the part of the story where
Prince Charming sat Cinderella down with an annuity payout schedule because the glass
slipper earned interest at 4.8 percent a year? This is the Comptons we’re talking about.
Jack might love me beyond all reason, but his family will protect him at all cost.
“I’m not too bad actually. Awake enough for greetings and explorations, at least.”
“Then let’s go.”

About J. T. Ellison

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.T. Ellison writes standalone domestic noir and psychological thriller series, the latter starring Nashville Homicide Lt. Taylor Jackson and medical examiner Dr. Samantha Owens, and pens the international thriller series “A Brit in the FBI” with #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter. Cohost of the Emmy Award-winning show, A Word on Words, Ellison lives in Nashville with her husband.

Connect with J. T.

Website | Facebook | Twitter Instagram

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#MMBBR #Review #FirstLine #Crush by @TracyWolff @MBeatie @EntangledTeen @entangledpub

Crush (Crave, #2)Crush by Tracy Wolff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#FirstLine - Being the lone human in a school for paranormals is precarious at the best of times.

I, again, am not a young adult, rather a 40 something year old and I loved this book. I love that there are themes of adventure, danger, young love, heartbreak, triumph, compassion, coming of age and so many more relatable themes for readers of all ages. There is a cast of interesting characters that add so much depth to this story. You really get to know them while reading this series and attachments are made. I will admit that I have a team I am cheering for (Jaxson or Hudson), but won’t share that here because I know the depth of others loyalties! It runs deep for lovers of this series. You cannot help but be pulled into this story and escape from everything else while reading. I cannot wait for the next two books in this series. I highly recommend this series to readers of all ages!!!

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#MMBBR #Review #FirstLine #AMothersPromise by @kdaldenauthor

A Mother's PromiseA Mother's Promise by K.D. Alden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ Dr. Price wore a three-piece suit with lots of authority and a kind smile.

This book was fantastic. It was fascinating and so well written. I am a bit exhausted in the best way after reading this book because I felt like I was living inside this book since page one. What a journey. This story is woven so beautifully, by a master storyteller with richly fleshed out characters. It is complex story with compelling characters. I will not soon forget this wonderful story. It was truly stunning!

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#MMBBR #Review #FirstLine #TheFamilyShip by @SonjaYoerg Thanks to #LakeUnionPublishing⁦ @LUAuthors ⁩& @netgalley for the #reviewcopy #partner

The Family Ship: A NovelThe Family Ship: A Novel by Sonja Yoerg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#firstline PROLOGUE JUDE 1962 Jude’s earliest memory was of the day his sister was born, as becoming a big brother made his brain decide it needed to start keeping track for the long run.

This book was fantastic. It was extremely character driven and the story causes the reader to ache for the characters. Tragedy befalls a family and everything feels so uncertain for the Vergennes kids. This huge family is one you will not soon forget. You are brought back in time when life was simpler, but heartache and tragedy hit this family harder than they ever could have imagined. You will be whisked into the book and will find it hard to put down. There are so many special, unique and original storylines, which made it a delight to read. I could really see this book being made into a movie or miniseries. I will never forget the Vergennes family and I am so appreciative to Yoerg for writing this amazing story!!!

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#MMBBR #Review #HappyGirlLucky #TheValentinesSeries #book1 by @holsmale via @Harper360

Happy Girl Lucky (The Valentines, #1)Happy Girl Lucky by Holly Smale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was such a delight. I immediately fell in love with Hope, the main character. Her immeasurable joyous view on love, her naïveté when it comes to life and her unintentional humorous personality, it was the perfect package. You watch her fumble through her first love and it is nothing short of completely entertaining. You will cheer for her, you will want to yell at her and you will want to guide her all her obstacles. I cannot wait to read the other installments in this new series. It is such a fun read, with the interesting Valentine family!!!! I highly recommend this book and really enjoyed it!!!

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#MMBBR #Review #TheChoice by @Alexlakeauthor @Harper360


An incredible new psychological crime thriller from USA Today bestselling author Alex Lake

Matt Westbrook only turned his back for a moment. But when he looks around, his car – with his three young children inside – has vanished. Panicked, Matt assumes a car thief has got more than he bargained for, but then he starts to receive text messages: This is a kidnapping. If you want to see your children again, you will exchange them for your wife.

Matt and his wife Annabelle are horrified. They can’t involve the police, or their children will be killed. Which means they have to choose: Annabelle, or their children. Either option is unthinkable. But one is inevitable. And they have only hours to make their decision…

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

#FirstLine - Look at him.


This book was quite the read. It bounces back and forth between past and present, building the story slowly. I was drawn into the premise immediately and the story did not disappoint. I loved the quick chapters and multiple perspectives. It definitely build depth to the story and provided ease to read in between running errands and other appointments. I would say this is a slow burn mystery/suspense. I really liked it and will be looking into other books by Alex Lake! 

#MMBBR #Review #FirstLine #HadleyAndGrace @SuzanneRedfearnvia #partner #LakeUnionPublishing @LUAuthors and @NetGalley #NetGalley who provided a #free #reviewcopy

Hadley and GraceHadley and Grace by Suzanne Redfearn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#firstline - Her watch says 12:52, which means eight minutes remain to get the cupcakes.

This book was fantastic! It was such a powerful read, with themes that are heavy, but are needing to be brought to light. This story tugs on your heart strings as you see two very different woman navigate their pasts and the reconcile the possibility of their futures being derailed in an instant. When Hadley and Grace’s lives collide in an unusual way the journey to self discovery, hidden strengths and fighting for the lives they know they deserve soon begins. These woman were put in the same place at the same time and it changed the trajectory of their entire lives. Being compared to Thelma and Louise is a good comparison, but this story is deeper and way more meaningful! A powerful story that will keep you buzzing through the pages! I read it in just over a day! A MUST read!

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#MMBBR #Showcase #YourDayYourWay by @CaulfieldTim via @Running_Press @PerseusBooks @HachetteUS



Your Day, Your Way
Part pop-science, part self-help, YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY: The Fact and Fiction Behind Your Daily Decisions (Running Press; December 1) is a friendly, funny, fact-based guide to changing how you make decisions in order to live a better—maybe even your best—life. 

 We make, and worry about, a thousand big and little decisions during our waking hours. And for most of us, these decisions are made (after a lot of hemming and hawing), based on concerns or beliefs about our world that simply aren't true. These misperceptions impact day-to-day decisions and stress us out unnecessarily—and we all have enough stress as it is. Timothy Caulfield seeks to provide the antidote to this analysis paralysis, teaching readers—through sound science and silly stories—that reevaluating their decision-making processes can lead to lives that are both more fulfilling and more exciting.

YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY unfolds like a typical day—from the first buzz of the alarm clock all the way to bedtime. As the clock moves forward, Caulfield tackles topics associated with that particular time of day and addresses them through science-informed responses about health, offering readers a way to cut through the noise and have healthier and happier lives in the age of anxiety. Caulfield highlights what science says we should be worried about and how we can de-stress and live a healthy lifestyle. Rather than burying you in the facts, or listing out a bunch of specific things you should or should not be doing, Caulfield uses wit, humor, and a wide variety of examples to encourage readers to reevaluate how they make all of those decisions—so that they can live in a way that truly works for them.

 Perfect for fans of pop science, witty self-help, and authors like Dr. Jennifer Gunter, YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY is a cheeky, easy-reading guide to ditching analysis paralysis in favor of calm, evidence-based decision-making.



Timothy Caulfield is a media maven and populist snake-oil debunker, author of the bestselling books Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong about Everything? and The Cure for Everything!, and creator and host of the Netflix series A User's Guide to Cheating Death. Tim is also a lawyer, professor, and fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He holds the Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy, and serves as the research director of the University of Alberta's Health Law Institute.


YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY: The Fact and Fiction Behind Your Daily Decisions

320 pages; Paperback / $16.99 US

ISBN: 9780762472499/ eBook ISBN: 9780762472482/ Publication Date: Dec. 1, 2020


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#MMBBR #BlogTourHost #Giveaway #Review #BookExcerpt #TheForeverGirl by @JillShalvis via @WmMorrowBooks @Netgalley

ABOUT THE FOREVER GIRL (a standalone Wildstone novel)

When Maze returns to Wildstone for the wedding of her estranged bff and the sister of her heart, it’s also a reunion of a once ragtag team of teenagers who had only each other until a tragedy tore them apart and scattered them wide.


Now as adults together again in the lake house, there are secrets and resentments mixed up in all the amazing childhood memories. Unexpectedly, they instantly fall back into their roles: Maze their reckless leader, Cat the den mother, Heather the beloved baby sister, and Walker, a man of mystery. 


Life has changed all four of them in immeasurable ways. Maze and Cat must decide if they can rebuild their friendship, and Maze discovers her long-held attraction to Walker hasn’t faded with the years but has only grown stronger.



ou’ve got this, Cat told herself. But note to self: she so did not in fact have this. Her nerves had taken over—her own fault, of course. She’d done a thing. A big thing. And though her heart had been in the right place when she’d done that thing, butterflies were revolting in her gut, telling her she’d be the only one who’d see it that way. It was times like this that she missed Michael the most, because he would’ve been her ally in this, she was sure. Back then, even at half her height and weight, he’d been her shadow. The cutest shadow on the planet. Over time, she’d gotten used to being without him, but it’d never

gotten easier.

Twin piglet-like snorts distracted her, and she looked down at her fiancé’s “babies.” The pug brothers had huge buggy black eyes and little round bodies and vibrated like they needed their batter- ies changed. Roly was black and Poly tan, both with black faces, black curly tails, and little black feet.

They snorted at her until she gave in and scooped them up, one in each arm, having to smile at their smushed-in faces. “Okay, guys, listen up. We’ve got a lot to do today.” She took a good, hard look around the old cabin that had been in her family’s possession since the early 1900s. It sat right on Rainbow Lake, about twenty minutes outside of Wildstone, a small ranching community on California’s central coast. She had a lot of good memories here: visiting her grandparents, learning to swim . . . she’d even run away here a few times in her dramatic teens.

Her grandparents were gone, and her parents now lived in South Carolina, where both of them were college professors. They were thinking of selling this place, but had agreed to let her live here until her wedding. At least that was the official reason. The unofficial one was that she was losing her collective shit and had needed the safety net.

The problem was that there were still a few vital pieces missing from the puzzle of Caitlin’s life: the most important pieces, the corner pieces, the ones you couldn’t do without. And since Michael was an angel now—and damn, her heart still squeezed painfully every time she thought about him, which was a lot— she was really counting on the wedding to bring the other vital pieces back to her. Those pieces named Heather, Walker, and Maze.

The estrangement between them all felt like a huge, gaping hole. It’d started at Michael’s grave three years ago and had only gotten worse. Hence the thing she’d done.

No one was going to thank her. And it was entirely possible it would all blow up in her face. But she’d had to try. Just thinking about it had the butterflies in her belly escaping and taking flight in her nervous system, giving her the shakes. But that might have been the five cups of coffee she’d consumed. She set down the pugs, much to their snorting, squealing dis- pleasure, and got to it. Running around like a madwoman for the next few hours, she changed the sheets on the beds in the spare bedrooms, swept the wood floors, washed the towels so they’d smell fresh . . . all while fielding call after call from her boss, Sara.

Cat managed the Wildstone deli that Sara owned. Cat also made all the hot food, which was actually the only part of her job she enjoyed, because the deli itself was a nightmare. She’d taken three weeks off for the wedding, but Sara, who’d missed her calling as the passive-aggressive queen of the universe, had been in contact almost every day in the guise of needing something, while really just wanting Caitlin to know of her every little mistake or misstep.

So when her phone buzzed in her pocket yet again while Cat was folding clothes in the laundry room, she ignored it.

“Caitlin?” came Dillon’s voice. “Can you bring me my laptop?”

She transferred another load into the dryer, turned it on, blew a stray hair off her sweaty face, and poked her head out of the laundry room to find Dillon sitting on the couch in the living room, feet up on the coffee table, Roly and Poly curled up on his lap.

“Are you kidding me?”

He flashed her the charming smile that had caught both her attention and her heart a year ago. “Sorry,” he said. “But my ankle’s bothering me again. Do you mind?”

Hard to, when his twisted ankle was actually her fault. She’d seen a Cosmo post online titled “The Top Ten Ways to Spruce Up Your Sex Life.” Feeling ambitious, she’d gone with number one: “Seduce Your Man in the Shower.” What could she say? The illustrations had looked intriguing.

Turned out attempting intriguing things in the shower was dangerous.

Feeling guilty, she ran up the stairs and got his laptop, stopping to straighten out the mess he’d left on the desk. When she got back downstairs, he was standing at the front door with his golf bag slung over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Just got a call from Mom. Her golf date bailed and she needs me to do the back nine with her.”

“But your ankle.”

“We’ve got a cart.” He handed her the pugs.

Juggling the soft sausage loaves while trying to avoid the inevitable face kisses—a big no-thank-you, since they had a fondness for licking each other’s butts—she stared at Dillon. “You said that you’d be here to meet my family and have dinner with us.”

“Babe.” His face softened. “I’m your family. Me and my mom, and your parents.”

“You know that’s only technically true,” she protested. She and Heather and Walker and Maze might not be blood, but they were something even deeper. A self-made family, and yeah, okay, maybe it was a very dysfunctional one, but it felt more real than anything else in her life.

“Come on,” Dillon said, putting his hands on her hips and giving her a frustrated smile. “When’s the last time you heard from Maze or Heather”—he set a finger against her lips when she tried to speak—“where you didn’t contact them first. I mean, have they offered to help you with the wedding? They’re in it—you insisted on them over your local friends—so . . . where have they been?”

She could admit that he had a point. They hadn’t been together since their fight in front of Michael’s grave. Heather had vanished, just gone dark for a whole year before suddenly responding to Caitlin’s texts again as if nothing had happened. But she still hadn’t been back to Wildstone and wouldn’t give Caitlin much in- formation other than that she was okay and “working on things.” Whatever that meant.

Caitlin hadn’t seen Maze either, and not for a lack of trying. But they’d texted and had a few strained calls. And to give Maze credit, she always responded when Caitlin reached out, even with her busy life that was now in Santa Barbara, two hours south of Wildstone.

But Caitlin had, however, seen Walker. Sparingly, but he’d been gone on the job nearly nonstop the past three years. She missed him. She missed all of them and wanted them back together.

 And as the self-appointed bossy older sister of the fam, she was determined—and, okay, also slightly desperate—to make it hap- pen. And yeah, maybe, maybe, she’d rushed her wedding along, knowing it was the one thing that could bring her siblings of the heart back together. She couldn’t help herself. For whatever rea- son, the four of them had synced and melded into a core family that long-ago year, but they were losing each other, and that scared her. She’d already lost Michael; hell if she’d lose the others too. She needed this so badly she couldn’t even explain it to Dillon. But the truth was the last time she’d felt vibrantly alive had

been when they’d all been in her life, and she was just desperate enough to play with fate to make it happen. 

Please stay, Dillon.”

He studied her face and sighed, his eyes lit with affection as he cupped her jaw. “I promised Mom, but I’ll get back asap. Take care of my babies?”

It was the best she was going to get, so she nodded. He brushed a nice, warm kiss across her lips, and then he was gone.

From THE FOREVER GIRL by Jill Shalvis, published by William Morrow. Copyright © 2021 by Jill Shalvis. Reprinted courtesy of HarperCollinsPublishers 

#FirstLine - PROLOGUE: Maze Porter was good at pretending to be fine, but since no one could see her, she dropped all pretense and stopped twenty-five yards short of her goal, unable to so much as swallow past the lump stuck in her throat.

I loved this book so much. It had such great character development. You got to really know each character; where they came from, what their struggles were, and what was holding them all back from being together. It was beautifully paced and you really get drawn into the story. There are some great side stories and some big surprises. I will definitely be checking out other books in this series. A must read for those who want to get lost in a great story!!!

Thank you to NetGalley for my advanced review copy. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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Photo Credit: Susan Sweigle, ZR Studios

New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters. Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is, um, mostly coincidental. Look for Jill’s bestselling, award-winning books wherever romances are sold and visit her website,, for a complete book list and daily blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.


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1/15/2021            Angel's Guilty Pleasures                                Showcase/Spotlight with excerpt

1/15/2021            The Romance Dish                                           Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/15/2021            Chick Lit Central                                                Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/15/2021            Mile High Kink Book Club                              Showcase/Spotlight with excerpt

1/15/2021            Abigail Books Addiction                                 Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/17/2021            Dog-Eared Daydreams                                   Showcase/Spotlight with excerpt

1/17/2021            Reads2Love                                                        Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/18/2021            Laura's Reviews                                                Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/18/2021            Hines and Bigham's Literary Tryst              Showcase/Spotlight with excerpt

1/18/2021            The Consummate Reader                             Showcase/Spotlight with excerpt

1/18/2021            Becky on Books                                                 Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/18/2021            Traveling With T                                                Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/19/2021            Totally Addicted to Reading                         Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/19/2021            Dawn's Reading Nook                                    Showcase/Spotlight with excerpt

1/19/2021            Sofia Loves Books                                            Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/19/2021            Wastepaper Prose                                           Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/19/2021            The Mary Book Reader                                  Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/19/2021            Fire and Ice                                                         Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/19/2021            Fire and Ice                                                         Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/20/2021            Book Lover in Florida                                      Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/20/2021            booknerd                                                            Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/20/2021            Eskimo Princess Book Reviews                   Showcase/Spotlight with excerpt

1/20/2021            Booklovers For Life                                          Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/20/2021            #NerdProblems                                                Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/21/2021            Ramblings of a Daydreamer                        Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/21/2021            Two Book Pushers                                           Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/22/2021            Nicole's Book Musings                                   Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/22/2021            Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers            Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/23/2021            Dirty Girl Romance                                          Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/25/2021            Renee Entress's Blog                                       Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/25/2021            Mrs Mommy Booknerd's Book Reviews Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/25/2021            Renee Entress's Blog                                       Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/26/2021            MI Bookshelf                                                     Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/26/2021            Teatime and Books                                          Showcase/Spotlight with excerpt

1/26/2021            Book Mama Blog                                              Review + Giveaway (US only)

1/26/2021            Movies, Shows, & Books                               Review + Giveaway (US only)

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