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Happy Hatchday: Find out more HERE

The first series from the bestselling and award-winning picture book genius Rob Biddulph!

A brand new, creatively cretaceous story from the bestselling Rob Biddulph – and the first book in his first ever series!

Meet Otto, Winnie, Greg(osaurus) and all the other dinosaur juniors, as they traverse life’s first ups and downs – all in Rob’s trademark rhyme filled with warmth and humour.

This first book is perfect for Rob’s youngest fans, with colourful, detailed artwork and a simple rhyming text perfect for reading aloud.

Happy Hatchday (Dinosaur Juniors, Book 1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A darling book about the ninth and final dinosaur to hatch. Greg is having a hard time figuring out where he fits in. It seems the others have paired off and this has left him feeling left out and a bit lonely. He is not sure where is life will lead him, when all of sudden there is a shift that shows little Greg that is a place for him after all and it is perfect! A sweet story with rhyming text and bright and colorful illustrations that allow new and emergent readers to follow along while they learn the words! Adorable! 



Olga the Brolga: Find out more HERE

A story to reach beyond the obvious. Olga, a slender bird, wants to dance, but nobody will join her. She decides to dance by herself, faster and faster - she kicks and flaps and flies through the air, and soon a crowd picks up the beat. Olga has her way - and dances all afternoon.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fantastic book that is both fun to read and a delight to look at! I loved it cover to cover. It has a great lesson and a fun style both in story and illustrations. It is one that kids will love to read and adults will love to read it to their children. A perfect book for home and school libraries!


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See if you can beat Book-It Bunny in a reading race! 

This easy-to-read adventure breaks the fourth wall as Book-It Bunny challenges the reader to race her to the end of the story. But with distractions and tricks up her sleeve along the way, the competition becomes both fierce and funny at the same time. On your mark, get set, read!

I Will Race You Through This Book!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A darling book that will have new and emergent readers burning through the pages to beat bunny to the end. With fun illustrations and simple rhyming text kids and parents alike will love reading this book aloud! Such fun!



Follow an energetic toddler's day with Dad that's full of opposites - up and down, make and break, yum and yuck, and more. 

From his first demand to be picked up and then immediately put down, opposites pop up all day long for this energetic boy. Breakfast is no, no, no, yes! At the sandbox, it's make, make, make, break! And jumping into the pool goes from can't, can't, can't, to can!

Kimberly Gee's expressive illustrations emphasize the loving connection between a boy and his father in this clever concept book about everyday highs and lows that is sure to entertain little (and big!) members of the family.

Up, Up, Up, Down!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A cute story for children and their father's! A day of fun in the story allows young ones to learn opposites! A cute story that would make a great Father's Day gift!



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It was to be the perfect wedding—until the bride disappeared.
Annie Taft’s wedding is four days away, and it will be one of the grandest anyone can remember in her small South Carolina town. Preparations are in order. Friends and family are gathering in anticipation. Everything is going according to plan. Except that Annie herself has vanished. Did she have second thoughts?
Or has something much worse happened to the bride-to-be?
As the days pass, the list of suspects in her disappearance grows. Could it be the recently released man a young Annie misidentified as her mother’s killer? Could it be someone even closer to her?
While her loved ones frantically try to track her down, they’re forced to grapple with their own secrets—secrets with the power to reframe entire relationships, leaving each to wonder how well they really knew Annie and how well they know themselves.

Only Ever Her

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ He tugs at his collar and takes a swig of tepid coffee.

A slow burn mystery that creates more intrigue than it does suspense. It was an enjoyable read and one that has depth both in story and characters. Worth the read.

#MMBBR #Review #FirstLine #SunsetBeach by @mkayandrews via #partner #TandemLiterary who provided a #free #reviewcopy


Pull up a lounge chair and have a cocktail at Sunset Beach – it comes with a twist. 

Drue Campbell’s life is adrift. Out of a job and down on her luck, life doesn’t seem to be getting any better when her estranged father, Brice Campbell, a flamboyant personal injury attorney, shows up at her mother’s funeral after a twenty-year absence. Worse, he’s remarried – to Drue’s eighth grade frenemy, Wendy, now his office manager. And they’re offering her a job.

It seems like the job from hell, but the offer is sweetened by the news of her inheritance – her grandparents’ beach bungalow in the sleepy town of Sunset Beach, a charming but storm-damaged eyesore now surrounded by waterfront McMansions.

With no other prospects, Drue begrudgingly joins the firm, spending her days screening out the grifters whose phone calls flood the law office. Working with Wendy is no picnic either. But when a suspicious death at an exclusive beach resort nearby exposes possible corruption at her father’s firm, she goes from unwilling cubicle rat to unwitting investigator, and is drawn into a case that may – or may not – involve her father. With an office romance building, a decades-old missing persons case re-opened, and a cottage in rehab, one thing is for sure at Sunset Beach: there’s a storm on the horizon.

Sunset Beach is a compelling ride, full of Mary Kay Andrews' signature wit, heart, and charm.

Sunset Beach
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ Drue turned the key in the ignition and the white Bronco's engine gave a dispirited cough, and then nothing.

I loved this book! What a great read!!!! Honest and spot on when it comes to how love and family can be both the best and worst of us. With heart and mystery woven together this story highlights so many aspect of the human spirit, from love, to family, to crazy life circumstances, to drama on many levels, to how life can be, heartbreaking, funny and amazing . When you mix this all up you have yourself an amazing story and when you add in wonderful characters what you have now is a brilliant read, which is perfect for summer and book clubs, 5 stars!

#MMBBR #Review #FirstLine #TheUnbreakables by @lisabarr18 via @LibraryThing where I #won a #free #reviewcopy


A delicious, sharp novel about a woman who jets off to France after her perfect marriage collapses, putting the broken pieces of herself back together while rediscovering her own joie de vivrea lust for life, art, and steamy sex.

The worst birthday ever might just be the gift of a lifetime…

It’s Sophie Bloom’s forty-second birthday, and she’s ready for a night of celebration with Gabe, her longtime, devoted husband, and her two besties and their spouses. Dinner is served with a side of delicious gossip, including which North Grove residents were caught with their pants down on Ashley Madison after the secret on-line dating site for married and committed couples was hacked. Thirty-two million cheaters worldwide have been exposed…including Sophie’s “perfect” husband. To add insult to injury, she learns Gabe is the top cheater in their town.

Humiliated and directionless, Sophie jumps into the unknown and flees to France to meet up with her teenage daughter who is studying abroad and nursing her own heartbreak. After a brief visit to Paris, Sophie heads out to the artist enclave of Saint-Paul-de-Vence. There, for the first time in a long time, Sophie acknowledges her own desires—not her husband’s, not her daughter’s—and rediscovers her essence with painful honesty and humor, reawakening both her sensuality and ambitions as a sculptor.

As she sheds her past and travels the obstacle-filled off beaten path, Sophie Bloom is determined to blossom. Allowing her true self to emerge in the postcard beauty of Provence, Sophie must decide what is broken forever...and what it means to be truly unbreakable.

“Artful, feminist, and emotionally gripping. The Unbreakables is a remarkable tribute to a woman’s strength in the face of heartbreak and adversity.” — Helen Hoang, author of The Kiss Quotient

Smart, sure and sexy, The Unbreakables is unforgettable.” — Pam Jenoff, New York Times bestselling author of The Orphan’s Tale and The Lost Girls of Paris

“This exquisitely wrought novel will appeal to readers who believe in the redemption of new beginnings.” — Publishers Weekly

The Unbreakables
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ Gabe, my husband, still incredibly sexy at forty-two, approaches me from behind in our walk-in closet, wraps his muscular arms tightly around my waist and kisses my neck hungrily.

A fantastic story that makes one think. I love that Barr writes stories that are multi-layered allowing the readers to fully connect with the characters. I love stories that not only entertain, but also make you think about things on a deeper level. Barr captures the readers attention and holds it throughout. A hit for sure and a book that book clubs will devour! 

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On the Bright Side: The New Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 85 Years Old

Hendrik Groen

HARDCOVER BOOK - 1538746638 / 9781538746639
ELECTRONIC BOOK - 1538746611 / 9781538746615


In the acclaimed follow-up to the #1 international bestseller The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, everyone's favorite curmudgeon is back and as funny and charming as ever with the newest adventures of the Old-But-Not-Dead Club -- for fans of Frederik Backman and Graeme Simsion.

Everyone's favorite octogenarian is back and, together with his pals in the Old-But-Not-Dead Club, he is more determined than ever to wreak havoc and turn a twinkly eye on the brighter side of life.

After a year spent mourning the death of his beloved friend Eefje, Hendrik may be older and a little more wobbly, but his youthful appetite for mischief hasn't diminished. When fears arise that the home is set for demolition, it's up to Hendrik and the Old-But-Not-Dead Club to intervene.

On the Bright Side: The New Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 85 Years: The New Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 85 Years Old
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

FirstLine : Wednesday, December 31, 2014 ~ According to the statistics, on this day of the year a man of eighty-five has approximately an 80 percent chance of reaching December 31, 2015.

This is one of the BEST books I have ever read. I adored it cover-to-cover. I laughed, was moved and was inspired to live life to the fullest. I was so into reading this diary and was up way too late...I nearly read it in a day. I loved the friendship, honesty, shenanigans that were highlighted in this book. There should be a warning though, that this book will both heal your heart and break it a the same time. There is something very important in this book, the need to focus more money, time and care to the elderly. There is no doubt that we are failing them in their final years. This book could change your whole perspective on life...you will certainly not be the same after you read it.


Hendrik Groen

Hendrik Groen started his pseudonymous diary on the literary website of Torpedo Magazine. He says about his first novel: "There's not one sentence that's a lie, but not every word is true." The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen has been translated into over twenty languages.

"You might say he's the Elena Ferrante of the octogenarian set - though whether or not he is actually an octogenarian (or a man) is also anyone's guess...It's an appealing novel with a lot of heart, reminding readers young and old that fun is to be found even in the routine of everyday life. And of course, the possibility that it's more memoir than fiction is delightful." --- New York Post

"Humorous...A realistic and perceptive glimpse into the aging process, shaped by empathy, optimism, and vibrant wit." --- Booklist

"I laughed until I cried and then laughed and cried some more." --- David Suchet
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See movies through a new lens with Close-Ups, a series of pocket guides from the award-winning film magazine Little White Lies.
a.       Volume 1: Wes Anderson
b.       Volume 2: Vampire Movies
c.       Volume 3: New York Movies


The indispensable, illustrated pocket guide to the films of Wes Anderson, from Bottle Rocket to Isle of Dogs.
Wes Anderson is a distinctive auteur of modern American cinema, known for having created a personal universe out of pastel colour palettes, meticulous set design, nostalgic soundtracks and a troupe of familiar actors – all seen in films such as Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Grand Budapest Hoteland Isle of Dogs.
In this illustrated pocket guide Sophie Monks Kaufman delves beneath Anderson’s pristine surfaces to examine his emotional preoccupations with family, romance, failure, adventure and death. She carefully unspools the cultural threads that inform his aesthetic to explain why this precocious arthouse film nerd from Texas has become one of the most popular directors of his generation.
The indispensable, illustrated pocket guide to the world of vampire movies, from Nosferatu to A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night.
When F. W. Murnau brought Nosferatu to the screen in 1922 he ushered in the bloody reign of cinema’s most venerable villain – the vampire. Nocturnal, fanged and insatiable for human blood, the vampire has infected the public consciousness like no other movie monster.

In this illustrated pocket guide, Charles Bramesco goes vampire hunting across a century of cinema, stalking around lonely Transylvanian castles, dusty New York apartments and rain-soaked Washington woods to discover why the vampire has become cinema’s most enduring villain.
The indispensable, illustrated pocket guide to New York movies, from Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen to Lena Dunham and Noah Baumbach.
New York has always been one of the world’s most filmed cities, with its apartments housing tenants like Rosemary's baby and the Royal Tenenbaums, its skyscrapers scaled by the likes of King Kong and graffiti artists and its rubble-strewn streets prowled by everyone from Travis Bickle to Carrie Bradshaw.

In this illustrated pocket guide to New York and its movies, Mark Asch explores the Big Apple block by block and neighbourhood by neighbourhood, jogging past the iconic bench from Manhattan, eating at Katz’s Deli from When Harry Met Sallyand mooching around the Coney Island boardwalk like one of The Warriors. Retracing the steps of countless iconic actors, cinematographers and directors, he draws up a unique cinematic map of The City That Never Sleeps.

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From internationally bestselling author and “rising star of Southern fiction” (Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times bestselling author) Kristy Woodson Harvey comes the third novel in her Peachtree Bluff series, in which a secret threatens the tight-knit bond between a trio of sisters and their mother.

With the man of her dreams back in her life and all three of her daughters happy, Ansley Murphy should be content. But she can’t help but feel like it’s all a little too good to be true.

Meanwhile, youngest daughter and actress Emerson, who is recently engaged and has just landed the role of a lifetime, seemingly has the world by the tail. Only, something she can’t quite put her finger on is worrying her—and it has nothing to do with her recent health scare.

When two new women arrive in Peachtree Bluff—one who has the potential to wreck Ansley’s happiness and one who could tear Emerson’s world apart—everything is put in perspective. And after secrets that were never meant to be told come to light, the powerful bond between the Murphy sisters and their mother comes crumbling down, testing their devotion to each other and forcing them to evaluate the meaning of family.

With Kristy Woodson Harvey’s signature charm, wit, and heart, The Southern Side of Paradise is another masterful Peachtree Bluff novel that proves she is a “Southern writer with staying power” (Booklist).

The Southern Side of Paradise (Peachtree Bluff #3)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#First Line ~ Growing up, I didn't like surprises.

I am obsessed with the Peachtree Bluff series. It is nothing short of FANTASTIC. These books keep getting better and better!!! There are such an emotional and tender elements to Harvey's writing that draws the reader in because they can connect with the struggles and successes the characters are feeling and dealing with. You know you are reading a Woodson Harvey book because you can feel all the feelings of the characters. I found myself so emotionally connected because Harvey once again brought us back to a place and to characters that we feel familiar with. That is what makes this whole series so great. I cannot stress enough how much I love the characters. I found myself really wrapped up in the story because it was multi-layered. There was depth of story and richness in dialogue that helped flesh out the characters and builds upon the mounting drama. A prefect series for the summer!

#MMBBR #Review #Roar by @Cecelia_Ahern via #partner #GrandCentralPublishing who provide a #free #reviewcopy


From the bestselling author of P.S., I Love You, a fiercely feminist story collection that illuminates--sometimes in fantastical ways--how women of all kinds navigate the world today.

In this singular and imaginative story collection, Cecelia Ahern explores the endless ways in which women blaze through adversity with wit, resourcefulness, and compassion. Ahern takes the familiar aspects of women's lives--the routines, the embarrassments, the desires--and elevates these moments to the outlandish and hilarious with her astute blend of magical realism and social insight.

One woman is tortured by sinister bite marks that appear on her skin; another is swallowed up by the floor during a mortifying presentation; yet another resolves to return and exchange her boring husband at the store where she originally acquired him. The women at the center of this curious universe learn that their reality is shaped not only by how others perceive them, but also how they perceive the power within themselves. 

By turns sly, whimsical, and affecting, these thirty short stories are a dynamic examination of what it means to be a woman in this very moment. Like women themselves, each story can stand alone; yet together, they have a combined power to shift consciousness, inspire others, and create a multi-voiced ROAR that will not be ignored. 


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Simply put I LOVED THIS BOOK. Everything about it...cover to cover! There is not much else to say other than grab a copy, read it and then come back and tell me how much you loved it too!!!

#MMBBR #Highlight #GoodOmens by @neilhimself and @terryandrob via #partner @WMPaperbacks who provided a #free #reviewcopy


#FirstLine ~ It was a good day.

The classic collaboration from the internationally bestselling authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, soon to be an original series starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant.

According to The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (the world's only completely accurate book of prophecies, written in 1655, before she exploded), the world will end on a Saturday. Next Saturday, in fact. Just before dinner.
So the armies of Good and Evil are amassing, Atlantis is rising, frogs are falling, tempers are flaring. Everything appears to be going according to Divine Plan. Except a somewhat fussy angel and a fast-living demon—both of whom have lived amongst Earth's mortals since The Beginning and have grown rather fond of the lifestyle—are not actually looking forward to the coming Rapture.

And someone seems to have misplaced the Antichrist . . .


#MMBBR #Highligh #FirstLine #WomanInTheDark by @VvSavage ‏via #partner #GrandCentralPublishing who provided a #free #reviewcopy


#FirstLine ~ "Happy Anniversary, Sarah."

A debut psychological thriller about a woman who moves with her family to the Gothic seaside house where her husband grew up--and where 15 years ago another family was brutally slaughtered.

Sarah and Patrick are happy. But after her mother's death, Sarah spirals into depression and overdoses on sleeping pills. While Sarah claims it was an accident, her teenage children aren't so sure. Patrick decides they all need a fresh start and he knows just the place, since the idyllic family home where he was raised has recently come up for sale. There's only one catch: for the past fifteen years, it has become infamous as the "Murder House", standing empty after a family was stabbed to death within its walls.

Patrick believes they can bring the house back to its former glory, so Sarah, uprooted from everything she knows, pours her energy into painting, gardening, and giving the rotting old structure the warmth of home. But with locals hinting that the house is haunted, the news that the murderer has been paroled, strange writing on the walls, and creepy "gifts" arriving on the doorstep at odd hours, Sarah can't shake the feeling that something just isn't right. Not with the house, not with the town, or even with her own, loving husband--whose stories about his perfect childhood suddenly aren't adding up. Can Sarah uncover the secrets of the Murder House before another family is destroyed?

#MMBBR #Review #FirstLine #IAmJessica A Survivor's Powerful Story of Healing and Hope by #JamieCollins via #partner #JenMusico who provided a #free #reviewcopy



As a child, I was known as "Jessica Pelley." When I was nine, I went to a sleepover at a friend's house for the weekend. While I was away, my entire family was murdered. I would spend the next 30 years fighting, crawling, and clawing my way through the darkness. This wasn't just a national news headline, a cold case, or a true crime show. It was my family. And my life. I was the broken little girl left behind to tell this story. I am now "Jessi," in the pages of this unapologetic me

JAMIE COLLINS sprints the halls of a law firm as a busy litigation and trial paralegal by day and is a nationally recognized paralegal blogger at Just Being Jamie and The Paralegal Society by night. She is a motivational speaker, wife, mom, an avid drinker of tall iced teas, inspired storyteller, and the founder of Bold Whisper Books. She is also Jessi’s cousin. moir, set free.

I Am Jessica: A Survivor's Powerful Story of Healing and Hope

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ My name is Jamie Collins.

WOW, just WOW. This book is something special. It is one of those memoirs that will stick with me FOREVER! I cannot really form a good review because I am still reeling from this wonderfully fleshed out memoir that is different from any other memoir I have read. All I can say is...READ IT!

#MMBBR #Review #FirstLine #AreWeFrenchYet Keith & Val's Adventures in Provence by @keith_vansickle who provided a #free #reviewcopy


Can Two Americans Really Become French?

Val and Keith turned their lives upside down when they quit their jobs to begin a part-time life in Provence. But they wondered: Can we fit in? And maybe become French ourselves?

Follow their adventures as they slowly unlock the mysteries of France…
- Is it true that French people are like coconuts? 
- Can you learn to argue like a French person? 
- What books have changed French lives? 
- Most important of all, how do you keep your soup from exploding?

There’s more to becoming French than just learning the language. If you want the inside scoop on la belle France, you won’t want to miss this delightful book!

Are We French Yet? Keith & Val's Adventures in Provence

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ Val and I couldn't wait to get back to France

An original and cute story that was well written. I enjoyed the characters and the setting. It was quite a delight! It is a journey for sure and one you will love to be on!


Vive La France!
The first clue that this was not going to be a simple apéritif was when we walked into the house and saw that it was full of people. I think word had gotten out that there were Americans coming over who sort of spoke French and everyone wanted to see this oddity, kind of like a three-headed cat. Or maybe they’d been watching old American movies and thought we would show up with cowboy hats and six shooters and do tricks with our lassoes.

Every driver was being pulled over and told to blow into a breathalyzer, which meant Val because she was the one driving. “I’m nervous,” she said, “because I’m feeling the wine a little bit. Here, check my hand!” It was cold and clammy. “What if they put me in handcuffs and haul me off to jail? Will you know how to bail me out?” I didn’t think I would but this was definitely not the time to point that out. 

Bulls Go For A Swim
“The bull has escaped!” Val and I looked up to see a thousand pounds of anger barreling down the street right at us. We ran to safety as the bull thundered past, followed by French cowboys on horseback. 

It’s All About The Tongue
The first time we had a class with Geneviève, she pulled a book off a shelf and asked us to each read a few paragraphs to test our pronunciation. I knew we were in trouble as soon as Val started. As she spoke, Geneviève began jotting notes on a pad of paper. After a few sentences she started grinning. Then she started giggling. When it was my turn she put down her pen and started laughing out loud and wiping her eyes. 

Out of Gas
Between guests and food and exercise and reading and living a French life, our days are full. And then once in a while something unexpected comes along that takes even more time. Like the day the country ran out of gasoline.

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#MMBBR #Review #Giveaway @NationalGeographic #NatGeoKidsAlmanac via #partner @mediamastersbks and @NGKids who provided a #free #reviewcopy


This May National Geographic Kids releases a very special 10th anniversary edition of its New York Times best-selling almanac for kids: National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 (May 7, 2019, Ages 8-12; 352 pages).

Hailed by School Library Journal as “one of the leaders in the world of almanacs”  this year’s edition features all-new content, interviews with renowned National Geographic explorers in each chapter, a special look at what was going on in the world when the first National Geographic Kids Almanac came out 10 years ago, plus the results of the 2019 Almanac Challenge — Lions Forever Poster Contest — and a new challenge for kids who want to get involved with helping our planet.

The best-selling kids’ almanac ON THE PLANET is packed with hundreds of photos and facts, crafts and fascinating features about animals, science, nature, technology, conservation and more. For book lovers and reluctant readers alike, the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 is a compelling and balanced combination of:
* Fun and games, including activities, jokes, quizzes and comics
Practical resources, including homework help and fast facts and maps of every country
* Exciting sections on pop culture, cool technology, extreme exploration and more
Lighthearted favorites like the “Cutest Animals of 2020!”

However, in addition to not only being fun and educational, the National Geographic Kids Almanac is also designed to inspire young readers to be the change they want to see in the world around them, encouraging them to become more involved environmentally, socially and in other ways.  In this year’s edition, National Geographic Kids launches the 20/20 Visionary Challenge, asking readers to imagine the world 10 years from now and to picture a positive change, invention or discovery they’d like to see become reality, in whatever area interests them: animals, people, places, science, technology or beyond — the sky’s the limit! Kids will be able to read some of their great ideas in next year’s Almanac 2021.

Another source of inspiration? The real-life National Geographic explorers who are the cornerstone of National Georgraphic’s philosophy and mission.  The 2020 edition highlights many of them including Christine Chen, a geologist and climate scientist; Katey Walter Anthony, an aquatic ecosystem ecologist; and Kakani Katija, a bioengineer to name just a few profiled. 

Information on how to submit 20/20 Visionary Challenge entries, as well as other digital extras, can be found at natgeokids.com/almanac. Spreads which show the depth, breadth and reader-friendly layout of the almanac can be viewed > HERE.


 As a special way to celebrate the 10th anniversary edition
 of the Almanac,  Nat Geo is hosting a Summer on the Go 
Almanac 2020 Grand Prize Giveaway — a GO-PRO!

Enter : HERE   
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