Friday, March 4, 2016

#MMBBR Product Review: Collapsible Dog Water and Food Bowl by Select Companion

Collapsible Dog Water and Food Bowl - Folding Pet Bowls - Set of 2 - Dishwasher Safe Easy to Store and Clean




  • Don't let your little travel partner starve or die of thirst. Our handy collapsible dog bowl is perfect for a long hike, a lake side stroll or a gentle walk around the neighborhood, camping weekend or travel to see the parents. Show you little doggie some real love and keep him or her fed and watered;
  • The pop-it design gives our collapsible dog water bowl the flexibility and mobility to go wherever you and your dog need to be. The compact design allows you to storage in just about any available space you may have from your glove box, to back pocket, to day pack or just clip onto the belt loop on your pants. It could not be more handy;
  • A hungry or thirsty pet is never a happy pet. When your pet is thirsty or hungry the collapsible dog bow it there to save the day. Just expand the bowl and fill it with water or dog food. When you get home, just slip the travel cup in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning;
  • Our 2 pack of collapsible dog bowls is ideal for outdoor and indoor use. This non porous and non-absorbent travel bowl is made of FDA Approved, Medical Grade BPA-free silicone. The bowl is the ideal solution for the on the move family with special pets

Of all the things that make me want nice warm weather, walking the dog is one of my favorite things. There is nothing better than talking my dog for a nice long walk.  The problem is that when we walk it is hard to find something easy to carry to allow me to give my dog a drink.  Well, I have found the perfect solution,  The Collapsible Dog Water and Food Bowl by Select Companion.  It is the perfect size for my dog to drink out of and the food bowl hold plenty of food for her, so this item is perfect for a walk for a vacation away.  We travel with our dog a lot in the summer and this will make feeding and watering the dog so much easier!  It has a easy to hook clip, they are the perfect size and are both light weight and BPA free.  I am seriously so happy that I found the perfect thing to walk and travel with.  You could keep it in the glove box, or your purse or in your doggy travel bag.  I cannot tell you enough how much I love this!  5 stars


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