Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#MMBBR & #BooknerdBoy #Review Noodlehead Nightmares by Tedd Arnold @HolidayHouseBks


Mac and Mac, who love pie and hate making their beds, are hollow-headed. "See in here? Nothing! Zippo! Nada!" Mac explains. That's why they get duped by their friend Meatball and fooled out of their fair shares of apple pie. Slapstick humor, puns and wacky fun abound as the empty-headed duo comes up with outlandish solutions for everyday problems, such as sleeping under their beds to avoid ever having to make them again. Written in a comic-book style, this book will have young readers rolling on the floor, and educators rethinking their approaches to folklore."

This is such a funny book.  My Mom and I were laughing a lot when we were reading.  I like that this book is funny like Fly Guy books, but has new and silly characters, doing silly and goofy things.  I really hope this is a new series beczuse I really want to see what other fun things the Noodleheads are going to do.  5 stars  

Who doesn't love Tedd Arnold.  He is a master of his craft.  He casts a spell over his young readers and creates children that love to read due to his hilarious stories and zany illustrations.  Noodlehead Nightmares is another hit.  My son and I have read this numerous times and have laughed each and every time.  I always looking for books that keep my son's interest.  He struggles with reading, so finding books that capture his attention and create a desire to read is any mother's dream come true.  Noodehead Nightmares is one of those books my son is happy to read/reread.  In this hilarious story the Noodleheads have a problem...they don't want to make their beds and nothing but fun ensues when they try to find a way to deal with the problem.  These Noodleheads are a creative duo and this comic book style read is one both my son and I adored.  5 stars

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