Thursday, March 10, 2016

#MMBBR PRODUCT REVIEWS~ HOMMP dog bags and dispensers, trash bags and toothbrushes


These bag and dispensers are GREAT!  The bags tear easily and fit into the dispenser without any issues.  I love that I will not have to buy anymore bags for a long time.  You really get a lot for your money. Roughly $20 for two dispensers and 60 rolls of bags, which equals 1,200 bags total.  I have hooked one dispenser onto my dog's leash and the other dispenser onto my dog's travel bag!  This would make a great gift for any dog lover! A must for any pet parent who takes their dogs on walks or on vacations. 

I rate this product 5 stars.

I like these bags.  They are leak resistant and fit perfectly onto my kitchen garbage can.   They are about as thick as any other garbage bag on the market.  So, they suit my needs just fine.  The only down point is that there are no tie strings, so it is not easy to tie the bag shut after they are used/filled.  

I rate this product 3 stars.

I have never used a charcoal toothbrush and was a bit hesitant to do so, but I feel like this is a good product.  I feel like my teeth are cleaner and the brush is very soft and does not cause any pain.  There is no taste to the toothbrush either.   The downside is that a few of the brushes came off when I was brushing for the first few times.  Overall, I am happy with this product and I am looking forward to see the results after continued use.  3.5 stars

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