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Mandy's Romance Corner Reviews (Review Roundup)


An escape to an idyllic Irish seaside village is about to turn deadly in this riveting new novel by master of romantic suspense Carla Neggers.

For marine biologist Julianne Maroney, two weeks in tiny Declan's Cross on the south Irish coast is a chance to heal her broken heart. She doesn't expect to attract the attention of FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan—especially since a Donovan is the reason for her broken heart.

Emma and Colin are in Ireland for their own personal retreat. Colin knows he's a reminder of everything Julianne wants to escape, but something about her trip raises his suspicion. Emma, an art crimes expert, is also on edge. Of all the Irish villages Julianne could choose…why Declan's Cross? 

Ten years ago, a thief slipped into a mansion in Declan's Cross. Emma's grandfather, a renowned art detective, investigated, but the art stolen that night has never been recovered and the elusive thief never caught.

From the moment Julianne sets foot on Irish soil, everything goes wrong. The well-connected American diver who invited her to Ireland has disappeared. And now Emma and Colin are in Declan's Cross asking questions.

As a dark conspiracy unfolds amid the breathtaking scenery of Declan's Cross, the race is on to stop a ruthless killer…and the stakes have never been more personal for Emma and Colin.

Mandy's Review:  Declan's Cross by Carla Neggers

This is another book in the Sharpe and Donovan series.  Carla Neggers is an awesome writer.  This story brings the reader lots of twists and turns, mystery and suspense, and lots of thrills.  Colin and Emma are in Ireland on a vacation of sorts when a murder draws them in.  I love the way Carla describes the Irish country, it makes me feel like I am there.  The mystery of in this book kept me up to the wee hours of the morning wanting to finish it.  A great book to read.  I give it 4 stars.


Rose Parker's husband has been lying. About everything.

When a conversation with her husband triggers questions, Rose Parker uncovers alarming answers that shatter her perfect life. But it is only when she shoves her belongings in her SUV and drives off that Rose realizes just how far from perfect her life actually was. She has nowhere to turn.

While debating between distressing sleeping arrangements-her mother’s house full of questions or a hotel room with too much solitude-Rose bumps into an acquaintance from her gardening class and allows bubbly, exuberant Becky to indulge her in a wild night full of whiskey, weeping, and whispered confidences. Suddenly, Rose has a new friend, a roof over her head, and two gorgeous men moving her out of her marital home.

As Rose struggles to settle into her new life, she remains determined to comprehend her past. And with time and distance and especially wine, comes knowledge. Frank wasn’t the only one lying to her. Rose was lying to herself.

Mandy's Review:  Redesigning Rose by Lydia Laceby

I have to say this book really hit home for me, you see I am Rose in this story.  It was a brilliantly written story about a woman's survival from the devastation brought on by her husband.  The story is heart wrenching, heart warming and heart felt.  Rose goes through so many real emotions in this book that you can't help but feel for her.  Rose survives and finds what she needs to get through and make a life for herself.  This is an awesome book that is must read.  I give it 5 stars


Former bakery employee Brenda Nevins is now a successful romance author of the Yolanda’s Yummery book series. Best friend and agent, Samantha Ho, has gotten her a movie deal and a reality TV show about her forthcoming bakery, named after her bestselling series. The frosting on Brenda’s cake is her engagement to handsome and sexy Warren Stillman, a Beverly Hills attorney.

Complications arise whenever any communication she sends or receives turns into snippets of a cheesy science fiction story. Her agent, fiancé, movie producer and anyone else on the receiving end thinks she’s playing a stupid joke. Brenda is trying to track down the person responsible for hijacking her career, her finances, and even her fiancé.

For Brenda, finding the culprit is necessary to make sure that her dreams aren’t derailed. In the process, she wonders if her aspirations are as dreamy as she’s imagined? 

This novella is approximately 30,000 words.

Mandy's Review:  Sweet Dreams by Lisa Maliga

This is a story about a woman who is on her way to stardom in her career and in her love life but her life is being hijacked by someone.    You need to read this book to find out what happens to Brenda.  This is a quirky story with a splash of romance thrown in.  It is a good, quick read.  I give it 3 1/2 stars.


You Lucky Dog! by Kate Kelly is an uplifting compilation of true stories about homeless dogs that survived and thrived against the odds to become celebrities. Kate skillfully warms hearts with stories about Toto from The Wizard of Oz, Rin Tin Tin, Benji, America's first dogs, and more. You Lucky Dog! beautifully recounts the adversity each of these amazing creatures faced en route to a grand destiny. 

Kate captures their very souls in moving descriptions of the devotion, loyalty and trust that changed both the fortune of these very special dogs and the lives of their human caregivers. Filled with historical facts and endearing tales of endurance and character these bite-sized stories make ideal reading for any dog lover. 

Kate Kelly is the successful author of more than 35 nonfiction books. She is a contributing blog writer to The Huffington Post. Her website and monthly eLetters celebrate Kate's love of American history and America's dogs. During July and August Kate publishes three new stories of American dogs each week. She is an engaging speaker and has appeared on Good Morning America, World News Tonight, The View, CBS Early Show, CNN and MSNBC.

Mandy's Review:  You Lucky Dog by Kate Kelly

This book is great book for all those who love dogs.  This is a collection of stories about homeless dogs who persevere in all the life has dealt them.  I truly believe that dog is man's best friend.  These stories show the loyalty and love that dogs can give and bring to peoples lives.  If you are looking for a great up-lifting read this a good book to read.  I give it 4 stars.    


Author Robert Treskillard continues his Merlin Spiral series with book two, Merlin's Shadow, another fresh take on the ancient Arthurian myths. After destroying the sinister Druid Stone and freeing his people from its dark control, Merlin finds himself a royal advisor without a king. Along with his friend Garth, and Natalenya, his betrothed, Merlin treks north with the orphaned Arthur in hopes of keeping the young king safe from soldiers misled by their turncoat captain. As the threat on all their lives increases, Merlin discovers their only hope is sailing to the lands of eternal darkness, and once again cleansing the world from an ancient and powerful evil.

Mandy's Review:  Merlin's Shadow (The Merlin Spiral) by Robert Treskillard

This is the second book in a trilogy by Robert Treskillard.  The setting takes place during the time of King Arthur.  Robert brings the story to life and makes the reader feel like they are really back in mid-evil times.  His writing is brilliant, descriptive, and exciting.  This a great book to read.  I give it 5 stars.  


Private Investigator Liz Talbot thinks she’s seen another ghost when she meets Calista McQueen. She’s the spitting image of Marilyn Monroe. Born precisely fifty years after the ill-fated star, Calista’s life has eerily mirrored the late starlet’s—and she fears the looming anniversary of Marilyn’s death will also be hers. 

Before Liz can open a case file, Calista’s life coach is executed. Suspicious characters swarm around Calista like mosquitoes on a sultry lowcountry evening: her certifiable mother, a fake aunt, her control-freak psychoanalyst, a private yoga instructor, her peculiar housekeeper, and an obsessed ex-husband. Liz digs in to find a motive for murder, but she’s besieged with distractions. Her ex has marriage and babies on his mind. Her too-sexy partner engages in a campaign of repeat seduction. Mamma needs help with Daddy’s devotion to bad habits. And a gang of wild hogs is running loose on Stella Maris. 

With the heat index approaching triple digits, Liz races to uncover a diabolical murder plot in time to save not only Calista’s life, but also her own.

Mandy's Review:  Lowcountry Bombshell by  Susan M Boyer

This is a quick, fun read.  It is the second book in the Liz Talbot series.  It is a quirky story about a woman who is a dead look-a-like for Marilyn Monroe.  It lead to a fun adventure that keeps the reader entertained.  Susan Boyer does a great job with this story and it makes a great read.  I give it 4 stars.


"They each sense a powerful connection at their first meeting, but no one could have ever imagined the incredible scenario about to unfold, forever altering the lives of all involved. . . ." "DEANNA"

A new business venture takes priority over romance, yet she longs to meet her Mr. Right. At the same time, she's being haunted by a recurring nightmare, relentless in its tormenting attacks until desperation leads her to a dark and dangerous world. "JOSH"

At the pinnacle of a demanding career, with everything he worked for finally coming together, he begins to yearn for the serious relationship his cherished grandmother, ANNA, insists he needs. Neither could have ever suspected that a vintage keepsake would clear the path to true love. "FAITH"

Deanna's closest friend, her greatest ally through the best and worst of times, she believes she could supply an antidote for the horrifying dreams that are threatening her friend's well-being. If only Deanna would let her. "RIVKA and DAVID"

Fortified by young love, emboldened by circumstances, they stand strong against a ruthless enemy in a grueling fight for their lives.

Mandy's Review: Deja Vu by D.J. Starling

This is a very interesting book by D.J. Starling.  It is a unique look at love and the all the different roads that lead there.  They do a wonderful job of drawing the reader in and making them want to stay.  The writing is great, not too descriptive and well developed characters.  I give this book 4 stars.


"Believe in magic. Put a song in your heart. Know the power of love." FANTASYLAND "Won't you come on in? Meet all the lonely people. Be there when they discover that dreams that you dare to dream really do come true." "Sandi.".. Shattered by a devastating loss, she's struggling to move beyond her grief as she embarks on a new life. But when a charming stranger elicits a magnetic attraction, unyielding heartache overrides her desires and undermines her chance for happiness.

"Rick.".. Teen idol at fourteen, well-polished Hollywood playboy by seventeen, he enjoyed a hedonistic lifestyle into his twenties. Yet he's plagued by gnawing self-doubts and the fears they feed when his world is rocked by the sudden reappearance of a woman he had vowed to forget.

"Steve." . . Driven by staunch principles, he's satisfied with the simple, quiet life he leads. He never could have imagined the twists and turns in the path ahead that will change him forever and force him to battle guilt and betrayal in his quest for his heart's desire.

Mandy's Review:  Fantasyland by D.J. Starling

This is another great book by D.J. Starling.  The writing and story development is very intriguing.  The way the characters are developed and integrated into bringing the story to life and keeping it alive.  I highly recommend this book.  I give it 4 stars.


“If anyone objects to this union then speak now or forever hold your peace”. 

I couldn’t control my mouth. My heart and brain were working as one and no matter how hard I tried to intervene- the words they just…. just blurted out.

“I do!” I shouted as my legs were already half down the aisle. I ran, my legs moved quicker than my brain. I didn’t hesitate or look back, not even for a split second. I just ran. 

What had Olivia done and why?

She had it all. The perfect job, the perfect guy and the perfect life.

But this was about to change when familiar faces from the past tried to guide her towards different dreams.

Could she trust them or should she trust her heart?

Mandy's Review:  Finding Cloud 9 by Aryah B

This is a story about a young woman who had it all, but did she really?  You need to read this great book to find out what happens to Olivia.  It is a fun read with lovable characters.  Aryah does a great job on this book for us readers, I really enjoyed finding out about Olivia.  I give it 4 stars.


Beth Spencer’s world is torn apart when her mother dies, leaving her with no idea of who her family really is. Going through her mother’s possessions Beth finds a trail that leads her from her comfortable life, as a successful artist in Edinburgh; to a father she has never met in LA. As her father’s family welcome her into their life, Beth’s world is complicated even further by her feelings for her father’s stepson. Cal Anderson offers Beth the chance of a new life but can she find the courage to let go of her old one?
Family Ties is a novel about finding the courage to live the life that you’ve always hoped for.

Mandy's Review:  Family Ties by E. L. Lindley

E.L. Lindley does an excellent job of bringing this story to life for her readers.  It is a wonderful story of a woman named Beth Spencer who life is turned upside down upon the death of her mother.  She discovers she has a father she never knew about in L.A.  Through this journey she rediscovers herself along with a chance at happiness from an unexpected person.  This is a really good, quick read.  I definitely recommend this book.  I give it 3 1/2 stars.

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Review: Homework: A Parent's Guide to Helping Out Without Freaking Out! by Neil McNerney


Pages: 165


HOMEWORK: A Parent's Guide to Helping Out Without Freaking Out! will guide you through a simple process to find a way to help your child based on which faulty coping pattern your child is using. Most homework books are focused on study techniques. Homework focuses on how parents can be powerful leaders in their kid's education. It answers the most common questions parents ask:

  1. When do I reward and when do I punish?
  2. How do I give advice about studying without getting backtalk?
  3. How much should I review homework?
  4. How do I help my stressed out child who takes school too seriously?
  5. What do I say when my child says "I don't care" about school?
  6. How do I help my disorganized child without feeling like I am his secretary?
Praise for Homework 

"Whether you have an anxious, disorganized or defiant child when it comes to doing schoolwork, McNerney's C.A.L.M. method allows you to tailor your intervention to the specific style of your child. A great way to avoid nightly homework wars!"
   - Thomas W. Phelan, PhD, author of Surviving Your Adolescents

"Neil is a gifted communicator, able to introduce ideas in a way that make perfect sense out of complicated dynamics, and leaves parents feeling renewed and ready for action. Neil is a professional worth watching and learning from. I know I have."
   - Hal Runkel, NY Times bestselling author of ScreamFree Parenting

"I've never read a book like this one I will keep it on my professional shelf & continue to recommend to parents and professionals. Thanks for the gem of a book, Neil McNerney! No wonder it's flying off shelves!!"  - Laura Chernow, Book Reviewer for The Purcellville Gazette

This a godsend for all parents dealing with the battle of homework.  I have young children and I am already dealing with the battle.  This books helped me to realize how to best deal with the stress... in a better  and more productive way.  It is such a wonderful resource.  I know what I will refer to this for years to come.  I am also telling all my parent friends to get this book.  5 stars.

Review: My Yellow Umbrella by Chris Robertson


It's a beautiful day for a yellow umbrella! 
Bright, retro-inspired illustrations accompany a little girl on her dreamy day with a yellow umbrella.

My Yellow Umbrella is an adorably cute book by Chris Robertson.  A "yellow umbrella" seems like something that every child should have.  Every child needs to find the one thing that makes them feel accomplished, safe and secure.   It is such a beautiful story that flows for poetically.  My boys loved this as much as I did.  - 5 stars.

Review: Cool Creations in 35 Pieces by Sean Kenney


LEGO bricks are one of the most all-time beloved holiday toys. This year LEGO fans will be able to amaze friends and family with what they build with a little help from COOL CREATIONS IN 35 PIECES ($12.99, Ages 4-8) by best-selling author and artist Sean Kenney.

COOL CREATIONS is a perfect first LEGO book for young artists-in-the-making, and reviewers have recommended it as an ideal gift for a 5 year old.

Sean taps deep into his imagination with an exercise that will challenge readers of all ages. He illustrates how to build dozens of ‘cool’ figures—from menacing robots with names like Blurg and Scraps, to transforming trucks, to creatures that live in the rainforest—out of LEGO bricks, but uses no more than 35 pieces in each construct.

Sean has been building with LEGO bricks since he was a boy and left a lucrative career to become the first LEGO-certified professional. He currently has three touring exhibits and has built sculptures weighing up to 400 pounds that required tens of thousands of Lego bricks. But he gets just as much joy from creating the intricate-yet-simple designs in COOL CREATIONS IN 35 PIECES, and readers will too.

For more information on Sean and to see his sculptures, visit his website at

My children and I loved this book.  What a fun and easy way to create fun Lego creations with the kids.  There for so many cute, interesting and cool ideas that both the kids and I can create. I highly recommend it for the Lego lovers in your house!

Review: A is for Architecture by Erik Heuler

An architecture children's book that will fit in with the most sophisticated of architectural libraries. While moving through the alphabet the reader is introduced to some basic architectural terms accompanied with nicely drawn images of both well known and lesser known buildings. Featured buildings include those by some of the world's most notable architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Michelangelo, Le Corbusier, and Andrea Palladio. Perfect for the architect parent introducing their children to what they know and love, but suitable for those with any level of knowledge or interest in architecture. A quick read that is sure to entertain and educate.

What a delightful book for the young architect in your house.  My son (age 5) loves art and thought this book was amazing!  He was inspired to draw and create.  We also spent some time looking up the buildings featured in this book,  It sparked amazing conversation and creativity within my son. 4.5 stars.

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Sara's Audiobook Review: I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai, Christina Lamb


My admiration for Malala Yousafzai began a few weeks ago when I viewed the viral video of her on The Daily Show withJon Stewart.  At the age of 16, she was more genuine, articulate, poised, and courageous sitting on that stage than many adults. Within minutes of watching the video clip, I downloaded her book “I am Malala” and my view of the world was changed forever.

The story of Malala and her family, written with Christina Lamb, is a powerful read about the beauty of Pakistan’s Swat Valley and the ugliness that overcame it as the Taiban rose to power. She begins by bringing us back to the time when her parents met, the events that took place over the course of their lives together, and then into more recent times when the Valley entered the dark days of Taliban rule. She speaks of the unimaginable atrocities that occurred to the people of Pakistan at the hands of the terrorists and the impact, not only on her country, but the entire world. We learn about Malala’s father, mother, brothers, and many other family members and friends; each so important to her in their own way. As she recounts the experiences they’ve had, I continually found myself in awe of both their individual and collective strength and determination. I was incredibly inspired by their ability to not only survive but thrive in truly unthinkable conditions.

At the heart of this story is Malala’s fight for the rights of children to attend school, especially female children. Speaking out about her belief in this cause nearly cost Malala her life, when she was shot in the head by a Talib while riding home on the school bus. Eventually, she was flown to England to receive care and she has recovered remarkably well. Malala and her family long to go back to the Swat Valley but, for now, they are still living in Birmingham where she is attending school. Due to Malala’s bravery, she has become a symbol of oppressed women and the incredible power of perseverance. Malala continues to advocate for educating girls, recently becoming the youngest nominee ever for the Nobel Peace Prize. At a very young age, Malala found her purpose in speaking all over the world about peace and literacy and by becoming the voice of those who would not be heard. The Taliban tried to silence her but, through the unyielding strength she has demonstrated and the support shown by the millions who have rallied around her, Malala’s message is now louder than ever. 

Buy the book: 

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Highlight: Finding Lina: A Mother’s Journey from Autism to Hope by Helena Hjalmarsson

Helena Hjalmarsson’s painfully honest, gritty account of raising her autistic daughter will inspire and inform parents everywhere—whether they have a special needs child or not.  I am pleased to be highlighting Finding Lina: A Mother’s Journey from Autism to Hope (Skyhorse Publishing, September 2013), in which  Helena masterfully captures the raw struggle, the indelible feeling of isolation, and the fear that accompanied her daughter’s descent into autism.

“The author’s positive, optimistic attitude and her thorough descriptions of therapies will be helpful to the parents and caretakers of autistic children.”
Kirkus Reviews

“[Hjalmarsson] certainly has much to teach . . .  but her biggest lesson is helpful for all parents: we must not ‘get so ambitious in our quest to cure what we consider unacceptable that we forget to listen and be present.’”
Publishers Weekly

“A passionate book for special-needs families.”


The author deftly captures that gnawing sense of isolation well-known by parents caring for a disabled child, and she is brutally honest: at one point, she recounts hiding from her daughter in the basement and then fleeing from her again into the backyard.

Yet even when each day seemed dictated by the neurological vagaries of her child, Helena persevered. In the end, she emerges with grace: “I have no big revelations to share about autism or any other childhood condition,” she writes. What she does offer is a story that helps parents to create meaningful lives for their children (and themselves), and to battle the incessant urge to cure in favor of living in the moment.

Lina is now ten, and her parents continue to search for treatment. Their story will open the hearts and minds of all parents, whether they have a child with autism or not.

Highlight: Rise From The Ashes: Lena's Story by Laura Franklin

Book Title: Rise From The Ashes: Lena's Story
Genre: Fiction/Science Fiction/YA Adventure
Print Length: 162 pages
Release date: March 24, 2013 

The Taliban have bombed the US with a chemical agent. It wiped out over half of the population and left the country in shambles. Those who are left find unexplained things happening like premonitions in their dreams and enhanced senses. Lena, a young woman from Vermont, and Mick, a young man in the US Army, grow close and become leaders as they trudge north to meet up with a military camp at Lake Champlain. Their dreams continue to get more peculiar and have even synced up in a historical setting. With the power out and gasoline a scarce resource; motorcycles, horses and bicycles have become the new mode of transport. In another group that is trying to survive, a priest leads discouraged parishioners  north and is faced with tough decisions as he has to put the well-being of the group ahead of individuals. They have to band together to make it through this new chaotic situation, relying on their intuition and basic survival skills. This motley crew must reorganize the country just as was done after the revolutionary war. The clock is ticking as the persisting threats of the Taliban, drug lords from south of the border and rival gangs across the country put US freedoms in jeopardy.

About the Author: Laura Franklin is a writer from Nebraska. She is happily married with 3 great dogs and has a background in Accounting and finance. A newbie in the world of writing and writing is just one of her passions.

Email address:

Buy the book: 

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Showcase: Getting Rooted in New Zealand by Jamie Baywood


Craving change and lacking logic, at 26, Jamie, a cute and quirky Californian, impulsively moves to New Zealand to avoid dating after reading that the country's population has 100,000 fewer men. In her journal, she captures a hysterically honest look at herself, her past and her new wonderfully weird world filled with curious characters and slapstick situations in unbelievably bizarre jobs. It takes a zany jaunt to the end of the Earth and a serendipitous meeting with a fellow traveler before Jamie learns what it really means to get rooted.

Jamie Baywood grew up in Petaluma, California. In 2010, she made the most impulsive decision of her life by moving to New Zealand. Getting Rooted in New Zealand is her first book about her experiences living there. Jamie is now married and living happily ever after in the United Kingdom. She is working on her second book.

Q.  What inspires your writing?

A. I moved to New Zealand because I read in a tour book that New Zealand’s population has 100,000 fewer men than women. I thought it would be the perfect place for me to escape the crazy dating scene in California.

While living in New Zealand, I had funny experiences that I had trouble believing were true. I wrote the stories down to stay sane. I wrote situations down that were happening around me and shared them with friends. Most of the book was written as the events happened; it just took me a few years to work up the nerve to publish. Publishing my book Getting Rooted in New Zealand was my way of transforming poison into medicine. I hope that it can help people that have had bad dating experiences or bad work experiences – make them laugh and not give up hope.

Q.  What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

A. I love making people laugh more than anything else. I love hearing from readers that my book is making people laugh out loud.

Q.  What is the toughest part of being a writer?

A. The hardest part has been when people don’t understand my humour. I have been in a lot of situations where I had two choices: laugh or cry. I’ve chosen to laugh. I write my experiences from a purely personal standpoint. Compared to other travelers who worked abroad in NZ my experiences have been very unusual. I would highly recommend everyone goes to New Zealand to experience their own adventure.

Q.  If you could not be writer, what would you do/be?

A. I have a fine arts background, I consider myself an accidental author. I was bored with the fine art scene. Everything has already been done before in painting, but I am the only person that can tell my own story. Writing feels like a more honest form of art than any other method I’ve tried. People either laugh or they don’t. 

Q.  What would the story of your life be entitled?

A. Getting Rooted in New Zealand is the title to one of the years of my life.

Q.  What is your favorite book of all time?

A.  May I Ask You Something? by Cyan Corwine.

Q.  Which character from ANY book are you most like?

A. I’m pretty weird. I only know how to be me.

Q.  What character from all of your book are you most like?

A. The main character of Getting Rooted in New Zealand is me.

Q.  Which book would you love to take a weekend vacation inside of?

A. It would be great to take a vacation inside of a Lonely Planet tour book that way you could see and do everything a country has to offer.

Q.  What is your favorite season?

A. Summer.

Q.  What inspired your book cover?  Or what is your favorite book cover and why?

A. The girl with the suitcase is a drawing of me. The striped dress and red hat was my first outfit I bought when I moved to New Zealand. The birds are New Zealand native birds like the kiwi and fan tail. The city is Auckland and the tower is New Zealand’s Skytower. The sky in the back ground and the water are pieces of a watercolor painting I did of the New Zealand coastline.

Q.  Tell me something funny that happened while on a book tour or while promoting your book.

A. I had the opportunity to write and perform for Thomas Sainsbury the most prolific playwright in New Zealand. I performed a monologue about my jobs in the Basement Theatre in Auckland.  The funny thing about that experience was Tom kept me separated from the other performers until it was time to perform. I was under the impression that all the performers were foreigners giving their experiences in New Zealand.  All of the other performers were professional actors telling stories that weren’t their own. At first I was mortified, but the audience seemed to enjoy my “performance,” laughing their way through my monologue. After the shows we would go out and mingle with the audience. People would ask me how long I had been acting. I would tell them, “I wasn’t acting; I have to go to work tomorrow and sit next to the girl wearing her dead dog’s collar around her neck.”

Q.  Are you working on something new?

A.  I plan to divide my books by the countries I've lived in.  I've lived in five countries; America, American Samoa, New Zealand, Scotland and now England.  My next book will be about attempting to settle in Scotland. 

Q.  Anything you want to say to followers of this blog or those that are just stopping by?

A.  I don’t consider myself a representative of America and I don’t consider my book a representation of New Zealand. It’s my dairy, not a travel guide. I had good, bad and weird experiences in New Zealand and California. My experiences have turned me into a writer and I am extremely grateful for that.  People that read it either seem to think it’s hilarious or horrifying and I respect all points of view.  I hope my book Getting Rooted in New Zealand makes you laugh!
Getting Rooted in New Zealand is available in paperback and ebook on Amazon: 

Jamie Baywood can be followed on the following sites:

Highlight: Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis


Ideal for readers of Nicholas Sparks, Forever Friday is the heartwarming and captivating tale of an unlikely couple, a weekly gift of devotion, and a heartbroken man longing to discover the secret to lasting marriage.

After a devastating divorce leaves Adam Colby heartbroken, he is not sure how he can put the pieces of his life back together. He wonders if even God can make sense of the mess that remains-until a package of mysterious postcards that direct Adam to the story of Gabe and Huck Alexander. Drawn by her desire to find a true soulmate, Pearl "Huck" Huckabee breaks a turbulent engagement with her fiancé to marry Gabe Alexander, a man she's known just a few short weeks. Wanting to celebrate and protect their love, Gabe mails her a meaningful postcard every week-beginning in 1926-for the next sixty years. Designed to arrive on Fridays, each postcard not only contains an original poem, but holds precious truths, the sum of which answer the universal question: what makes a marriage last? As Adam begins to uncover the Alexanders' secret, he records Gabe and Huck's extraordinary romance. It's a process that will change his life forever.

AUTHOR INSIGHT: Forever Friday is loosely based on the author’s real great aunt and great uncle who shared a weekly correspondence through postcards and love poems throughout their 60-year marriage. Lewis discovered their postcards in the trash at the family estate sale and realized he had a real treasure. But it wasn’t until a friend going through a divorce said he didn’t believe in love anymore that Lewis knew he had to tell this story.

Lewis, Timothy.jpgLewis is not only a writer but talented performer and cowboy poet.  He composed the song used in the Forever Friday book trailer.  Lewis wrote it for his wife Dinah more than 30 years ago upon their engagement. “Like the book, that song poured from my soul. I didn't know I'd write the novel when I wrote the song, but the two were meant to be paired together,” Tim explains.

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