Saturday, March 26, 2016

#Review The Illustrated Emily Dickinson Nature Sketchbook: A Poetry-Inspired Drawing Journal by Tara Lilly (Illustrations) #MMBBR @QuarryBooks

26031396Become inspired by beautiful full-color illustrations, partial drawings, and small sketches based on Emily Dickinson's brilliant poems!

Emily Dickinson had fewer than a dozen of her 1,800 poems published during her lifetime. But her talent for writing and passion for love, language, and nature has contributed to her reputation as one of the most innovative poets of her time. The Illustrated Emily Dickinson Nature Sketchbook relies on the joys of verse to inpsire drawing and sketching. Gorgeous illustrations from Lilla Roger's 2014 Global Talent Search winner Tara Lilly will prompt further drawing and literary exploration throughout the pages. This beautiful, embossed interactive sketchbook is the perfect gift for the artist or poetry lover in your life.

This book is BEAUTIFUL!  From the cover, with it's textured, vibrant, and stunning nature scene with the colorful peacock, butterfly, flowers and birds to the inside with the powerful, timeless and moving words of Emily Dickinson this book is a must for lovers of nature, poetry and art in one amazing collaboration.  You can draw your own pictures inspired by the poems or color or elaborate upon the ones provided.  I cannot wait to really dive into this book in Spring, when the weather is warming and the birds are chirping.  I cannot wait to dive into the creative and inner part of myself.  Emily Dickinson is my FAVORITE poet as well, so I feel like I hit the jackpot with this gorgeous book.  5 stars 

*closer look at cover

*a page you can color and doddle and sketch on

*a colored page that allows space for additional drawings


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