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#MMBBR Children's ebook round-up

This is not a typical fairy tale, and Artie is not a typical fairy. Artie is a Dust Fairy who is afraid he will never fit in. You see, while we sleep, the Dust Fairies come out to play. And they love to make a mess. They zip around the house, tossing dust left and right. They hold crumb-spitting contests, and they launch soot from their tiny slingshots. Each fairy seems to have a gift for making a clean house into a dirty house. Except for Artie; he's different. He doesn't like messes, and he doesn't fit in. But, Artie has a special talent of his own. It is this unique talent that inspires him to create something legendary. His story will have families looking at dust bunnies in a new light, and may actually give kids an excuse NOT to clean their rooms. Artie's tale helps kids realize that we all have unique gifts, and not everyone fits in with the crowd. (ages 3-9)

I am afraid that I will not be able to capture how much I love this book.  It is brilliant, clever and a delight to read aloud.   My son and I get taken away in the hilarious, rhyming story and mesmerized by fairy's in all their forms.  But, I am beyond in love with Artie.  I feel like many children can relate to him and feel deeply connected.  Artie struggles to fit in and struggles to get others to understand his special talent.  But in due time, he realizes that he needs to do what he loves and then others will also admire his talent.  This is a story about accepting yourself first and not changing to suit others.  It also is about the fact that everyone has talents and those talents can add to the betterment of others.  I cannot wait to read this to the children in my class.  They will be enthralled, that is for sure.  5 HUGE stars.

It's the end of the day and Oscar the Owl cannot find Little Bird to let him know it's time for bed. His animal friends search for Little Bird before it's dark. Join Oscar the Owl, Frita the Fox, Henry the Hedgehog, Debbie the Deer, Bobby the Bear, Martha the Mouse, Randy the Rabbit, and Sally the Snail as they search for Little Bird. 

This is an adorable nighttime read for children. All the animals are looking for little bird...where could Little Bird be? All Little Birds friends are concerned they don't want Little Bird to be alone, scare, hurt ect. This book helps to teach compassion and care for friends, as well as teamwork. This will also be a great book for my Art Through Stories class. There are so many amazing ways to use this book! So many enduring characters and wonderful talking points.  4 stars

Fly to the stars in your very own rocket ship. Wave at the mean, green Martians. Picnic with Moon Men. Play tag with the comets. Win a blue ribbon space race. Just before your bedtime. Inspired by the palette of Vincent van Gogh, let’s go on a colorful space journey as we explore the colors of the rainbow and planets in our solar system through the power and wonder of a child’s whimsical imagination. eBook now available with pop-up text feature!

I love this book and I cannot wait to use it in my classes.  There is such vibrancy in the colored pictures.  The kids will love shouting out the colors and adore going on a journey to outer space.   It is exciting and beautifully captures the imagination of children.  There is so much that I can do with this book in my Art Through Stories class and I cannot wait to share it with all of the viewers.  Children will get lost in this book and I feel like this book will encourage children to illustrate and write their own stories.  4.5 stars

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoJF0Ve47FU A World Without Water is an illustrated story-poem for young readers that illuminates how we can all help solve today's growing water crisis. Get washed away on this fanciful journey to a time and place in which the water has run out and see what can be done to conserve our most precious resource. Common themes in this picture book are saving water, conservation and tips for a cleaner environment.

Another great read by Holley.  This time he writes about the importance of water conservation.  In the style I have become to love and appreciate from Holley, his brilliantly rhyming prose, this story touches the readers heart the same way his other stories have.  From playing outside to water flowers water plays a role and we shall make steps to conserve it, so it is there when we need it.  This book is beautiful, clever and full of helpful tips on conserving water.  4.5 stars

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WQ7fJCmh3s 

Alvin's missing moustache is causing him all sorts of grief. You see, everyone in the town of Mou has a marvelous moustache, except Alvin! 

After many failed attempts at attaining fabulous facial hair, he starts to wonder if a fresh-faced start in the town of Silky Smooth would be best, that is until his loving sister, the members of Mou and friendly fairy concoct the perfect plan to help shave the day. 

Sharing and acceptance are common themes in this beautifully illustrated picture book (The Rainbow Fish was a big inspiration for this story). Your face will feel warm and fuzzy from smiling so hard and you might even want your very own mustache after reading this fairy tale. 

You will never look at moustaches the same way again.

This is one of those books that I adore.  It is tackles a difficult topic like children not fitting in a unique, funny and interesting way.  Alvin feels bad that he doesn't have a moustache like everyone else in town and this causes him great grief.   How will this all end up?  You will have to read this refreshing story to find out!  You will not regret it.  In addition to being a delight to read it teaches important concepts like acceptance, love, community and morals.  5 stars

Trailer- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CczhmKvI7DM 

In today's society, it's important to remind children that embracing their own individuality is a wonderful thing. Enter Chumbalina, a princess who enjoys eating so much she becomes an outcast. However, the tables are turned when a gluttonous giant comes to the kingdom and she must rescue everyone doing what she loves most, eating. 

Chumbalina, the main character in this children's picture book, is teased for the way she looks and how much she eats. By viewing the world through her eyes, children will walk away recognizing that true beauty comes from within. 

Chumbalina the Plump Princess teaches children to respect differences and find inner beauty in all of us! It embraces self-love, self-esteem and acceptance. 

Again Holley has found a way to tackle yet another difficult issue like childhood obesity in a way that causes the reader to think deeper about this issue and gain better understanding about the topic.  Holley writes in a rhyming verse that creates a sing song style that is quite appealing for a read aloud.  I found that this book will be a perfect book to use to help children understand the issue of overeating and subsequently finding ways to correct unhealthy habits.  The part I love most about the book is that one must love what is one the inside to love what is on the outside.  4 stars

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