Saturday, March 1, 2014

Highlight: Lost in Los Angeles by Jenny Lynne


After eighteen-year-old Erin Winters is betrayed by her high school crush, she travels to Los Angeles hoping to find a reason to live. Shortly after she arrives, she befriends a mysterious young man who captures her curiosity and her heart. Together they explore Los Angeles, sharing adventures and forming a powerful bond based on their pain-filled pasts. But this man has a devastating secret, one that will tear their friendship apart.

In LOST IN LOS ANGELES, Jenny Lynne gives us an insider's Los Angeles travel guide wrapped in an intriguing story of healing and hope, with an ending that you won't see coming.

Jenny LynneI'm Jenny Lynne, a fairly ordinary person who has lived a somewhat extraordinary life. I've survived real-life encounters with tigers, lions, leopards, grizzly bears, monkeys, elephants, sea lions, and killer whales. I've also survived medical school and residency. These adventures inspired me to write my young-adult novels, WILD ANIMAL SCHOOL (about a sixteen-year-old who spends a summer learning to work with exotic animals) and KID DOCS (about a ten-year-old doctor who is part of an experimental program that trains young children to be doctors). I currently live in Los Angeles, California, the setting for my new-adult novel, LOST IN LOS ANGELES (sort-of a Los Angeles travel guide/love story).

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You might also find me hiking in Southern California, taking my adorable and brilliant cat for a walk, or at Disneyland.

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