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Children's Book and Resources Round-Up!!!!



Unplug & Play! 50 Games That Don't Need Charging

This is a gem of a book.  There is too much time spent with children's faces glued to the TV and to electronics and not enough face time between parents and children.  There are games galore packed in this book, hours of fun and millions of memory to be made.  This is one of the best guide books and resources to creating quality time with our children, using out brains while having fun (without electronics and devices).  
5 stars


Goodnight, Angels


Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, and Bagel

BRR! Ouch! Jazmine gasped as she faced life alone and without friends. Enjoy her adventures with Kurt, Gert, and Bagel as they discover friendships together.
A great book for children learning to read.  There are phonics in the books to help with reading.  This was helpful at times for my new reader.  This book is a great story about friendship and how important that you need others to help you along the way. 3.5 stars


The Treasure of Snake Island: A Captain No Beard Story Volume 5

After a fierce battle with a storm, the crew goes in search of treasure. Alexander, that is, Captain No Beard uses a map to locate it on the ominous sounding Snake Island. Bravely they dig until they find the best treasure ever!
An awesome adventure book that my kids and I have read over and over again!  Great story, amazing pictures and a great cast of characters!  This books was more than a was hours of fun.  After we read the book I created a treasure hunt for the kids, with a map and real treasure!  Such fun when a book becomes more than a book and becomes a bonding moment and an amazing memory!  5 stars


Thurston T. Turtle Moves to Hubbleville

A charming tale of woodland creatures and the town's quirky news reporter who is determined to get the scoop on the newest resident in town, but always seems to be one step behind.


Thurston T. Turtle and the Legend of the Lemonade

In this follow-up to Thurston T. Turtle Moves to Hubbleville, our endearing newcomer is settling in when he notices everyone's homemade butter cookies and lemonade taste the same. However, stories of the recipes' origins are quite different. While Mr. Turtle's second grade class uncovers other similarities, it is the discovery of old letters, help from the scattered Mr. Possum and a visit to an old family friend that converge to reveal the legend of the lemonade. And the butter cookies, too, of course!

In the third book of the Thurston T. Turtle series, Mr. Turtle finds himself being
followed. Mr. Frogson and Mr. Bunnyton tell him his mind is playing tricks on
him and he should get some rest. Mr. Possum is besieged by a naughty rascal
who scatters his trash. The elusive creature turns out to be a floppy-eared, bigfooted puppy who captures hearts and needs a home and a name. The naming
falls to Mr. Turtle’s students for that endearing project.

This series is great for young reader who are just starting to read chapter books.  There are a lot if interesting elements that you can discuss with your children... such as friendship, problem solving, kindness and what makes each of us special and important.  My boys loved listening to me read to them and my older son loved being able to read these books to me.  These are books that you can snuggle in and read together!  3.5 stars


SPIDERS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Series)


Quick! What comes to mind when I say the word “spider”? Are you creeped out—or are you one of those spider-lovers? No matter how you may feel about these eight-legged arachnids, one thing is for certain—you are sure to learn a whole lot you didn’t know about them before! This special report for young kids is jam-packed with fun facts, humor, and conversational-toned writing that will appeal to children and open their eyes to the incredible world of spiders! 

How does a spider spin her web? Is spider silk used to make clothing? What is the one continent in the world where no spiders can be found? What do you call a baby spider? How many eggs can a spider lay at one time? What is special and unique about the diving bell spider? 

Get answers to all these questions and more within the fun-filled pages of this essay just for kids, which explores spider families, spider colonies, special spider skills, the various types of spiders, and so much more! Impress your family and friends with all that you’ve learned—and who knows? You just may decide you’d like to have a pet spider, after all!

I am such a fan of Emma Child's books.  They are filled with interesting facts and great pictures.  Spiders are creepy to me, but my boys and I loved learning more about these creepy, crawly creatures!  4 stars


Burkley and the Beasts: The Sea Serpent

 Burkley Brooks doesn't mind being a bit different. She named her pet boa constrictor Stella, even though it's a boy. She won't eat yellow food, but must have something red on her plate. And she's fine with her nickname - Quirky Burkley. However, none of it's as weird as the strange things she's been seeing lately...such as snake tongues stealing bananas and reaching at her from inside the kitchen sink! Thankfully, her Grandma Brooks is there to explain these visions. Burkley has been chosen as the next Brooks to inherit the beautiful Heartstone, the key to a mystical Portal. Through the Portal lies a mysterious place called Mermaid's Lagoon, where Burkley's Grandpa Brooks and Uncle Charlie disappeared years ago. The first step to finding and rescuing them is a battle with a huge, fierce Sea Serpent! With a magical trident in her hands and her best friends at her side, will Burkley save the day? 

My two young sons and I loved getting lost in the world of Burkley and her quirky ways!  There was adventure, interesting characters and mystical elements that my kids and I really enjoyed!  3.5 stars


Jeff Corwin’s Explorer Series

Waterford Press’ Jeff Corwin’s Explorer Series is a set of pocket guides designed to introduce novices to the planet’s most popular and visible species. Each reveals how the animals are built, how they behave, their worldwide distribution and why their survival is important to us as a species. Featuring Jeff Corwin’s inspirational and infectious enthusiasm for the natural world, these guides are both educational and engaging.

This collection is AWESOME! There are great pictures and facts that my kids and I really enjoyed learning about.  They are pockets guides so they are easy to travel with.  We keep them in the car and my boys enjoy looking them over and reading more facts each time.  These are so amazing because they also give tips on how to help keep the animals protected, what makes the animals special and about the animals behaviors and characteristics.  AMAZING!  5 stars!

BUY THE BOOKS: Head on over to AMAZON and pick up these great titles!

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