Saturday, March 1, 2014

Highlight: Leaving Green Island by Em Barrett


** "If you enjoy Emily Giffin or Jennifer Weiner, then add Em Barrett to your list!" ~The Indie Bookshelf **

** 2013 Beach Book Festival Honorable Mention **

More than simply a modern love story, Leaving Green Island is a poignant yet lighthearted tale of friendship, family and the search for a place to belong in the complex world of today's twenty-something women. 

With a new job at a prestigious Chicago law firm and an engagement ring on her finger, everything seems to be falling into place for Brecken Pereira these days. However, all this perfection quickly unravels when Reed Whalen, Brecken’s first love, unexpectedly resurfaces. The complicated history of the enigmatic Reed unfolds as the two summers that Brecken spent as a teenager on posh, exclusive Green Island in northern Michigan are interspersed with her relatable and humorous modern day trials and tribulations.

After Reed's reappearance, Brecken is torn between her longing for the past and the life she has carefully built for herself since Reed vanished years before. Her true-to-life and complex relationships with her two best friends provide the backbone that supports Brecken, both as the life she knows quickly dissolves around her and as she struggles to pick up the pieces. 

This unputdownable novel is certain to pull on the heartstrings of anyone who ever had a first love.

{As a heads up, this book contains underage drinking and a bit of explicit language and sexual content.}

About Em:  Bios are so tough...! Let's see, I grew up outside Detroit and then went to college and grad school at the University of Michigan. After almost six years in Chicago (which I loved), I just relocated back to the Detroit-area. I'm very excited about the move back home, especially when this is such an innovative and unique time period for Detroit! 

I just finished my second book, The Almosts, which is the companion novel to Leaving Green Island. I'm very excited about the January 2014 release of this book and look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on the story.

Big fan of fountain Cokes and hoodies.

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