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Fans of Disney Pixar's Finding Dory and Finding Nemo movies will love meeting the real underwater critters behind the film in this colorful, fact-filled nonfiction book. From life in coral reefs, to sharks and rays, to sea birds, kids will meet incredible sea-based animals in action, including the blue tang fish and clownfish. It's all captured with beautiful underwater photography and features cool info about our oceans -- including fascinating facts, maps, and marine conservation tips and efforts.

My Review:
This book is quite speculator! Within this amazing book there are tons of photos of the animals under the sea, as well as coral reefs and lots of fun facts. In addition to all the fabulous photos, there are facts and tidbits galore. While you peruse the book you can look through the chapters and read things that interest you the most. The chapters are: Introduction, Oceans of the World, Coral Reefs, Sharks and Rays, Marine Mammals, Whales and Dolpins, Marine Reptiles, Marine Brids, Ocean Habitats, Pristine Sea Project and 20 Ways You Can Protect the Ocean.

When this book arrived my son was instantly reading it bouncing from topic to topic...all I heard was "Did you know that...." followed by some amazing factoids and "Wow, look at this..." followed by me looking at some crazy cool things. These are the type of books that capture the attention of young readers because they have amazing vibrant photos with fun facts and tidbits.  It also encourages reluctant readers to pick up the book and read the book through the pictures.  I love that I can trust that my child will be learning interesting and important facts and that their attention will be captured over the summer with this book. Every time you open it up you read you learn something new. This will be a staple read for my boys over the summer! 5 stars


Going on a road trip? See the silly side of travel as you explore the wackiest landmarks from around the world -- a place where you can walk in real dinosaur tracks, a hotel where you sleep in an igloo, a crazy beard festival, a UFO museum, and so much more. You won't believe our world is full of so many bizarre and wonderful places!

My Review:
This book is FANTASTIC.  I could not stop reading it and both my boys thought is was super cool too!  Did you know that there is a brain shaped phone booth and a traffic light tree or that there is a upside-down house?!?!!!  So cool right!  In this book you will read about 125 wacky, wild, and out of this world roadside attractions from the United States and beyond.  This book has all the things that I love about National Geographic...the amazing photos, great tidbits and facts, as well as the well written table of content and index.  This book will make you want to hit the road this summer and go and see some of the roadside attractions contained in this book or seek out cool attractions near your homes. 5 stars

Can you tell the truth from a tall tale? Spot a phony photo a mile away? Figure out a fib in five seconds flat? Put your amateur detective skills to work in this fun and wacky book. See if the truth triumphs as you encounter suspicious stories, fishy facts, lying lists, and more. You'll also learn about history's greatest hoaxes, secrets behind a good fake, internet urban legends, plus bonus information that will leave you second-guessing everything you've ever read. Complete with awesome photos and hilarious collage art, this is one book that you have to read to believe...or not!

My Review: 
This book is great for road trips.  I was reading the facts and the boys had to say if it was real or fake!  It was a blast!  They told me to keep reading more and more facts.  Some we knew right away and others we did not, so it was not only fun and entertaining, it was also very informative.  This book was fun because it forces the reader to really listen to the details, think through the information and follow their instinct on guessing whether it is real or fake.  Plus, the fib-o-meter was neat as well.  It had three levels: honest abe, little white lie and big ol' whopper.  As, always with National Geo books, you get great photos, fun fakes and tidbits and loads of fun along the way!  4 stars   


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