Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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The story behind the Book Belts:
 Working with two entrepreneur moms, they have created a new trending and super fun interactive accessory where kid and adult readers can personalize the look of their books and tablets with decorative charms and change them to express their hobbies and interests. With all of our charm options, kids love to collect and trade them! These cool new accessories just hit the market!

          You are probably thinking…SERIOUSLY… are we talking about bookmarks?  But this is not just an ordinary bookmark. So, let us give you a new and exciting definition of our bookmarks.  First of all, we call them “Belts”. Why? Because they are designed to look like Belts and do more than just sit between two pagesThey  strap around books and tablets so they can’t fall off. They also serve as  extra protection for tablets by holding the case closed when not in use.  We presently have 42 charms, which we call “Buckles”. There are 4 holes on each Belt that kids (and adults alike) can fill them up with their choice of Buckles!    

Watch a video on the totally cool Book Belts HERE

My kids and I are obsessed with these Book Belts.  They are so fun and work great.  Nothing drives us more nuts when we pick up a book and we realize that we lost our page.  We are not the type of people that fold pages...that is terrible!!! These Book Belts not only hold you page, but can mark the very last WORD you left off at.  That is great for kids that don't always have time to read through an entire chapter in one sitting.  You can also decorate them with all sorts of extra charms to make it more personal.  My boys and I cannot wait to buy more charms and switch them out depending on our mood, or based on what we are reading or the time of year.  I think Book Belts will make kids want to pick up their books over the summer and will get them excited for the start of school.   Book Belts can also be use on tablets and other devices as an aid to keep them closed when not in use.  How great is that!?!?!  I completely endorse and recommend these Book Belts.  They are so much fun to use and it makes your books (or tablets) look really cool and oh so cute!  

Below you will see the book belts we have and you can see how we decorated them!!!    


Use code: MMBR15 when ordering!

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