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The Seaside, 
A Seashell Meditation for Children offers a meditation in the form of a short story rhyme using a seashell as an interactive tool for focus and fun. Reading the story to the child will guide them through a creative journey as the story takes them to exciting places to use their imaginations and explore.

Patricia was inspired to create A Seashell Meditation for Children collection after attending a davidji seminar in Denver Co. Davidji, internationally renowned author, speaker, meditation teacher and Hay House radio host, has expressed his excitement for the collection and has provided a testimonial. 
"Patricia's Seashell Meditations for Children are powerful tools for awakening self awareness, happiness, imagination, and joy in kids. Highly interactive, each book in the collection transports the reader to a place of stress-free relaxing creativity." 
This ten book collection will include the following titles: 
The Stream 
The Enchanted Forest 
The Secret Garden 
Moon Walk 
The Beanstalk 
Birds of a Feather 
Day at the Zoo 
The Seaside 

Read about the author HERE

I love these meditations for kids.  There is so much to love.  Teaching kids to learn to calm their minds and bodies and to just breath and relax is so very important.  My kids loved being walked through the meditations.  It allowed them time to thing of nothing except the story I was reading to them.  It was neat to watch them escape into the story and to really be present in their bodies while I read them the stories.  It is a great way to settle your little ones in at night.  4 stars

Patricia May

A Seashell Meditation for Children, Under the Sea, is a unique coloring activity book that contains a short meditation story rhyme using a seashell as a tool for focus and concentration. With a simple and easy meditation technique, even the youngest children can engage and have fun. The book encourages the child to use their imagination while listening to the story as it is being read. The child then can color the pages that corresponds with the meditation story as well as create their own images in spaces provided. Mindfulness meditation techniques help to relax kids, creates many benefits of meditation, and encourages the child to engage and participate. Very interactive and fun for all. (Seashell not Included)

Now the kids can color something both really cool and super fun when I color my pages. The pictures are so interactive, which makes coloring so much more fun!  The pages include questions you can ask your kids, as well as "draw it" areas.  I cannot wait to use this in my classes at the Y!  This was a huge hit at home and I know the kids in my classes will also love it.  4.5 stars


NOTE:  Check out this great article about using guided meditation to ease anxiety...

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