Thursday, May 26, 2016

#MMBBR #BlogTour Mastermind Over 100 Games, Tests, and Puzzles to Unleash Your Inner Genius @NGKidsBooks #Mastermind

Welcome to Stop #4 on the National Geographic Kids Mastermind Blog Tour!

This summer, National Geographic Kids Books is inviting kids to "Unleash Their Inner Genius" with the release of Mastermind (May 2016, ages 8-12).  In this fun, interactive book, kids learn what type of thinker they are and are given the chance to exercise different parts of their brains with games, tests and puzzles. 

Each stop on the National Geographic Kids Mastermind Blog Tour will bring you one step closer to becoming a Certified Mastermind. Be sure to stop by each stop on the tour and challenge yourself to unleash your inner genius with fun quizzes, optical illusions, and brain teasers, and learn tips and tricks for improving brainpower and explanations for the science behind navigating your mental map. 

Are you ready to put your logic skills to the test? 

Check out below and be sure to tweet your answers using #Mastermind!

The cheeky narrator and

self-proclaimed "Mastermind" Ima Genius and her talking dog, Atom,
guide the reader through short and snappy explanations of the science behind
why the brain does what it does and how it affects the senses, spatial
reasoning, language, memory and problem solving. As kids work their way through
the book completing experiments, brain teasers, mazes, quizzes and games, their
declaring them as a Certified Mastermind.  Or, in the words of Ima Genius:

efforts (and smarts!) are rewarded with a Certificate of Mental Achievement
"When I'm finished with you, your brain will be so huge that your average-size neck will no longer be able to support your massive noggin.  Ha!  I kid.  That's only happened once."

Stop by Always In The Middle tomorrow to put your left side of the brain to the test!

Blog Tour Schedule:
5/25 – Geo Librarian
5/31 - Mundie Kids

This book is most fantastic.  This jam packed book will keep the boys and I busy during the summer, which is a must.  Ima Genius and her trusty sidekick dog, Atom, take you through the book step-by-step so you can enjoy the book to its fullest.  One thing I know for certain is that I am not a genius, but I sure do plan to become a mastermind by completing the games, puzzle and other fun activities.  I cannot wait for school to end so we can dive into our minds with this 5 star book!  


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