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In the heart-pounding next installment of the New York Timesand #1 internationally bestselling Department Q series, a terrifying international investigation reveals the complex backstory of one of the department's own--the enigmatic Assad.

The newspaper refers to her only as Victim 2117--the two thousand one hundred and seventeenth refugee to die in the Mediterranean Sea. But to three people, the unnamed victim is so much more, and her death sets off a chain of events that throws Department Q, Copenhagen's cold cases division led by Detective Carl M�rck, into a deeply dangerous--and deeply personal--case: a case that not only reveals dark secrets about the past, but has deadly implications for the future.

For troubled Danish teen Alex, whose identity is hidden behind his computer screen, the death of Victim 2117 becomes a symbol of everything he resents and the perfect excuse to unleash his murderous impulses in real life. For Ghallib, one the most brutal tormentors from Abu Ghraib, Saddam Hussein's infamous prison, murdering Victim 2117 was the first step in a terrorist plot years in the making. And for Department Q's Assad, Victim 2117 is a link to his buried past--and a clue that the family he assumed was long dead may still be alive.

With the help of the Department Q squad--Carl, Rose, and Gordon--Assad must finally confront painful memories from his years in Syria and Afghanistan in order to hunt down Ghallib. But with the clock ticking down to Alex's first kill and Ghallib's devastating attack, the thinly spread Department Q will need to stay one step ahead of their most lethal adversary yet if they are to prevent the loss of thousands of innocent lives.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ PROLOGUE ~ A week before Assad's family left Sab Abar, his father took him to Saturday market with its bustling throng of stalls with chickpeas, pomegranates, bulgur, brightly colored spices, and crackling poultry awaiting the ax.

Another great installment of the Department Q series. It was another action packed, relevant novel that was both intense and quickly paced. I loved the depth of the story and the action within it. I love being able to sit down and read and forget about everything happening around me, all the Department Q series books allow me to do just that...escape and read! A fabulous and enjoyable read!

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In this fast-paced new novel from Sara Shepard, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Pretty Little Liars, a tight-knit college town scrambles for answers when an e-mail hack reveals life-changing secrets and scandals.

Aldrich University is rocked to its core when a hacker dumps 40,000 people's e-mails—the entire faculty, staff, students, alums—onto an easily searchable database. Rumors and affairs immediately leak, but things turn explosive when Kit Manning's handsome husband, Dr. Greg Strasser, is found murdered. Kit's sister, Willa, returns for the funeral, setting foot in a hometown she fled fifteen years ago, after a night she wishes she could forget. As an investigative reporter, Willa knows something isn't right about the night Greg was killed, and she's determined to find the truth. What she doesn't expect is that everyone has something to hide. And with a killer on the loose, Willa and Kit must figure out who killed Greg before someone else is murdered.

Told from multiple points of view, Reputation is full of twists, turns, and shocking reveals. It's a story of intrigue, sabotage, and the secrets we keep—and how far we go to keep them hidden. Number one bestseller Sara Shepard is at the top of her game in this brand-new adult novel.


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ Maybe you got it at birth.

Shepard tackles very deep and complex issues and does so with respect and honor. There are multi-layer characters and thrills that keep you on the edge of your seat in this fast paced and heart racing book. There is so much depth and intensity that caused me to lose track of time and get lost within the story. Shepard has continued to create stories that allow us to escape from life and get lost in stories that we cannot turn away from or stop reading. Now more than ever these types of intensely written stories help us leave reality and get lost in an amazing books! A must read!

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A daughter pushing the limits. A marriage ready to crack. A secret that can break them.

For Emily Rossi, life may not be perfect, but it’s pretty close. She has a great career, a house in the country, a solid marriage to Eric and two wonderful children—tennis superstar Daniel and quiet, sensitive Zara. But when her fourteen-year-old daughter brings home a toxic new best friend, Emily’s seemingly perfect family starts to spiral out of control.
Suddenly Zara is staying out late, taking drugs and keeping bad company. And just when Emily needs Eric to be an involved father, he seems too wrapped up with his job in London to care. What’s more, he’s started drinking again.
When a dark secret from the past emerges, Emily’s life is turned upside down. Struggling to protect the people she loves, can she save her damaged family? Doing so may mean keeping a secret of her own…

Little White Secrets

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

FirstLine ~ PROLOUGE: 'Zara?' I shout, as I stare at my face in the mirror at the bottom of the stairs.

This book was a quite the read. It had a lot of twists and turns that I certainly did not see coming. It was an intense domestic thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat! I loved the characters and how dynamic all the relationships were. You definitely had some breadcrumbs laid out for you, but you never quite knew where the intense intersections of the plot/subplots were going to come to a head. Brilliant!

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#MMBBR #Review #FirstLine --- Feels Like Falling by @kristywharvey is one of @ParadeMagazine, @_workingmother_ and @SheKnows' Most Anticipated Reads of 2020! Pick up a copy on your @Walmart or @Target run. Available NOW wherever books are sold! @GalleryBooks @simonschuster #tallpoppywriter #feelslikefalling #books


Back Cover Copy:

A Spring 2020 Okra Pick
Parade’s 20 Most Anticipated Books of Early 2020
SheKnows’ 10 of the Most Anticipated Books Coming in 2020

Mary Kay Andrews’ Reading Challenge Women’s Fiction Pick
Working Mother’s 20 Most Anticipated Books of 2020 for Working Moms

From “the next major voice in Southern fiction” (Elin Hilderbrand) and the bestselling author of the Peachtree Bluff series comes an odd-couple tale of friendship that asks just how much our past choices define our happiness. 

It’s summertime on the North Carolina coast and the livin’ is easy.

Unless, that is, you’ve just lost your mother to cancer, your sister to her extremist husband, and your husband to his executive assistant. Meet Gray Howard. Right when Gray could use a serious infusion of good karma in her life, she inadvertently gets a stranger, Diana Harrington, fired from her job at the local pharmacy.

Diana Harrington’s summer isn’t off to the greatest start either: Hours before losing her job, she broke up with her boyfriend and moved out of their shared house with only a worn-out Impala for a bed. Lucky for her, Gray has an empty guest house and a very guilty conscience.

With Gray’s kindness, Diana’s tide begins to turn. But when her first love returns, every secret from her past seems to resurface all at once. And, as Gray begins to blaze a new trail, she discovers, with Diana’s help, that what she envisioned as her perfect life may not be what she wants at all.

In her warmest, wisest novel yet, Kristy Woodson Harvey delivers a discerning portrait of modern womanhood through two vastly different lenses. Feels Like Falling is a beach bag essential for Harvey fans—and for a new generation of readers.

Feels Like Falling

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
#FirstLine - I had always been a bad planner.

Kristy Woodson Harvey is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Southern Fiction. She has managed to find her voice in that genre and she continues to knock it out of the park with each and every one of her new books. I loved Feels Like Falling, so much! It may be a new favorite of mine. This book was like taking a vacation you never want to come home from. I did not want this book to end, as I savored it cover to cover. It was a breath of fresh air during a time when it was needed more than ever before!

Kristy Woodson Harvey captures the charm of the South, the essence of life for her individual characters and creates a depth in characters that make her stories both memorable and meaningful to her readers. It is bringing together those elements in perfect unison that creates a page turning and an emotional read. This story causes you to search within your heart and to think about yourself as if you were one of the characters. You think about what you would do, how you would react and how you would proceed if you were in the story.

5 stars


Advance Praise:
"Two women in turmoil, two lives at a crossroads. Only Kristy Woodson Harvey can make sense of the sometimes devastating, often-times delicious dilemmas faced by the protagonists of her newest perfect beach read FEELS LIKE FALLING. Readers will fall in love with entrepreneur Gray, whose husband’s betrayal leaves her feeling adrift and looking for something beyond career success, while plucky down-and-out Diana will win the hearts of those of us who always root for the underdog. Buckle up, buttercups, because FEELS LIKE FALLING feels like your next summer sizzler!" —Mary Kay Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of Sunset BeachThe High Tide Club, and The Weekenders

"Kristy Woodson Harvey has the voice of a best friend; a storyteller of the finest sort. Feels Like Falling takes us on a page-turning journey with two very different women who must somehow find their way together. Harvey asks the important question — how do we let go of the preconceived notions of our life ? And she answers that question with lyrical prose, an uncommon wisdom and a sharp wit. This is more than a novel about friendship, it is also a story for friendship: you will find yourself sharing it with everyone you love. Dive in; the storytelling is delicious!" —Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times Bestselling author of Becoming Mrs. Lewis  

“Harvey creates genuine, capable, flawed protagonists and fun secondary characters, and readers will appreciate the thoughtful depiction of women supporting one another in an easy, breezy story. Fans of Mary Kay Andrews and Mary Alice Monroe should add this to their beach read lists.” Booklist

“In pitch-perfect tones, Harvey creates two Southern women doing their best to deal with everything life throws at them, and her able plotting will keep readers turning the pages…Harvey’s optimistic tale just might convince readers that bouncing back can actually land a person in a better place than where they started.” Publishers Weekly

“A major new voice in southern fiction.” —Elin Hilderbrand, New York Times bestselling author

“[A] rising star of southern fiction.” —Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times bestselling author

“Kristy Woodson Harvey really knows how to tell a southern tale.” —Cathy Lamb, New York Times bestselling author

“One of the hottest new southern writers.” —Parade

“My prediction is that writers come and writers go, but Kristy Woodson Harvey is here to stay.”  The Huffington Post

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A visionary and powerful debut thriller set in a terrifyingly plausible dystopian near-future--with clear parallels to today's headlines--in which the future of humanity lies in the hands of one woman, a scientist who has stumbled upon a secret that the government will go to any lengths to keep hidden 


It is 2059, and the world has crashed. Forty years ago, a solar catastrophe began to slow the planet's rotation to a stop. Now one half of the globe is permanently sunlit, the other half trapped in an endless night. The United States has colonized the southern half of Great Britain--lucky enough to find itself in the narrow habitable region left between frozen darkness and scorching sunlight--where both nations have managed to survive the ensuing chaos by isolating themselves from the rest of the world.

Ellen Hopper is a scientist living on a frostbitten rig in the cold Atlantic. She wants nothing more to do with her country after its slide into casual violence and brutal authoritarianism. Yet when two government officials arrive, demanding she return to London to see her dying college mentor, she accepts--and begins to unravel a secret that threatens not only the nation's fragile balance, but the future of the whole human race.

The Last Day
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

FirstLine ~ PROLOGUE - JUNE Two thirty a.m., and no signal yet.

This book was one of those books that causes you to think, really think about the things we tend not to think about day to day. I think this book really affected me because of the current state of the world. I thought what we were going though now was awful...but that is not the case when you compare it to the adventure of survival in The Last Day. I have always valued and marveled at sunsets and sunrises, but what if they were gone? In this environmental dystopia novel you will think about that and so much more! A book that will suck you in and not easily let you go. A must read for lovers of this genre.

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#MMBBR #Review #FirstLine #VersionsOfHer by @AndreaLochen #RedAdeptPublishingLLC #BookConnectUs

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About the book:
On the surface, Melanie Kingstad-Keyes’s life is the picture of success. She’s a tenure track professor at a prestigious university and has a perfect husband. But a recent miscarriage has left her reeling and her marriage tenuous. Selling her family’s Lake Indigo summer home, which she hasn’t visited in fifteen years, feels like the perfect distraction from her problems. Now, she only needs to persuade her younger sister, Kelsey, to go along with her plan.

Stuck in a dead-end job, Kelsey Kingstad bounces from one doomed relationship to the next as she struggles to jumpstart her adult life. Carrying the guilt of her mother’s untimely death, Kelsey is reluctant to let go of the Victorian house filled with memories of her mom and their childhood.

When the sisters find a mysterious hidden door, Melanie and Kelsey discover that they can directly view their mother’s younger years and learn all the secrets she never shared with them. Delving into her memories is fun at first, but Melanie and Kelsey quickly uncover difficult truths, throwing their own life choices into question and making them wonder if they ever truly knew their mother. Visiting the past may help them find closure, but the cost could be steeper than they realize.

Versions of Her
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
FirstLine ~ Kelsey was running late, of course.

Such a powerful story about a mother and her daughters. A story that spans time and place, tugging at the heartstrings the entire time. Deeply written with multidimensional characters that are believable and those you can relate to. It was a powerful and thought provoking book that kept me buzzing through the pages! I loved it!


Author Bio: Though Andrea Lochen had dreamed of being an author since the third grade, she didn’t realize creative writing was “an actual thing” until she stumbled upon the program at the University of Wisconsin as a college freshman.  After graduating from college, she earned her Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Michigan and later achieved her dream of becoming a published author.

Andrea is now the author of three novels: The Repeat YearImaginary Things, and Versions of Her.  She teaches creative writing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Waukesha, encouraging young writers to learn the craft and pursue their own writing dreams.  She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two small children, and their adorably fluffy dog, Maddy.  In her free time, she likes to bake cupcakes and cakes, see musicals and plays, and read as much as humanly possible.

Helpful Links:

Author website: HERE
Facebook: HERE
Twitter: HERE
Goodreads: HERE
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing,HERE
Release Date: July 23, 2019
Amazon: HERE

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Beloved is best friends with the Pepper Tree who lives down the hill from her house. She loves the Pepper Tree because it gives her shade to read in and branches to climb. When Mama tells Beloved they are moving away, Beloved is heartbroken. But the Pepper Tree has one last gift: a gift to help Beloved cope when everything changes.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ Beloved was a little girl who lived in a house on the hill.

This book is adorable; both the story and the illustrations. I adored the sentiment of the love between the girl and her pepper tree. There was a realness of the innocence of childhood and the beauty of nature. It was a darling story to teach young kids to tend to nature and the abundance of the splendor that nature provides. I adored this book, cover to cover!

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