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#MMBBR Children's Book Review Round-Up #ChildrensBooks #ReviewRoundUp

A topsy-turvy take on the cautionary fable
Once upon a time there lived a family of sheep. They grazed on grass, crunched on clover, and played on green pastures. Except for Little Sheep, that is, who was bored with her peaceful life. So she makes an unusual decision. . . . Little Sheep is having a great time at wolf school in her new knitted wolf suit, and has even made friends with Little Wolf! But things all become rather more complicated when Little Wolf invites her home for dinner. A wonderfully funny pun-filled twist on a classic tale by expert storyteller Bob Hartman, and illustrated by Tim Raglin, whose humorous pictures complement the story perfectly.

This is really cute twist on a familiar story.  This is a funny story about how a sheep wanted to be a wolf and the unexpected turns that occurred after the wish was fulfilled as well as the unusual friendship that comes from it.  This story will have both adults and kids totally entertained and laughing and gasping along the way!!  The illustrations really capture the feelings of the characters and add so much fun to the reading experience.  4.5 stars

Little Hog thinks he is too old for hugs—can his friends convince him otherwise?
Little Hog is the cutest, cuddliest hog in the whole forest, and everyone wants to hug him! But Little Hog doesn't like hugs—he’s far too old for that. He makes a poster telling everyone: "Hogs Hate Hugs!" and storms off—so his friends have to come up with an ingenious way of making him realize that you can never be too old for a good hug. With adorable and lively illustrations packed with character, this picture book is fantastic for parents and children to share together, emphasizing the importance of love and affection with those who are close to you.

I adored this book from cover to cover!  It is adorably illustrated and beautifully told.  I can see so many kids just gobbling up this book!  It is about a hog who gets so many hugs because he is the cutest and cuddliest hog in the whole forest.  He feels like he is way too big to get the hugs and puts a stop to it.  Then something happens and all he wants is hugs.  The pictures are so adorable and capture the story so wonderfully!  This story is pure love and pure delight!  5 hug stars

Will Miki the meerkat find his way home to his mama? A classic lost-and-found tale written very much from a young child's view of the world.

When Miki the baby meerkat ventures out from the zoo into the world for the first time, he encounters some unfamiliar things: lots and lots of legs. Soon the legs turn from animal legs to people legs—Miki really has gone too far! Will he discover that this strange new world is friendlier than he fears? And who will help him find his way home to Mama?

A classic lost and found story from a child's point of view is always a hit and Legs is one that captures the imagination and adventure of all children through the text and beautiful illustrations. This book is perfect to engage a new or reluctant reader as a read-aloud and then subsequently leading them into reading it themselves.  An adorable story and one I just simple adored. 5 stars

This is an enchanting story of how the firefly got its name. Night, after night, Hermi would try to deliver messages from the gods to the mortals living on earth. However, he had so much difficulty seeing where he was going that the gods decided to intervene, giving him a wonderful gift.

This is an original tale with mythical tones about how the firefly got its name.  Hermi faces struggles when he is out doing his job and then the Gods help him by giving him a priceless gift. This is a sweet fable that captures what Ashley was known for; perseverance, always doing your best and determination.  I am certain that this tale has warmed many hearts, 4 stars.

Young Georgie wakes up to a morning of chores back in 1920s Pennsylvania when he gets the bad news―someone has stolen all the eggs in the henhouse. The culprit is Buster, a stray dog who takes Georgie on an adventure to find more eggs. Follow Buster and Georgie and their mischievous antics in this heartwarming tale of farm life in America’s storied past.

I first fell in love with Gerogie when I read THE COAL THIEF which is the first book featuring Georgie.  I was completely enthralled with THE COAL THIEF and remember feeling moved after reading it.  I think I may love THE EGG THIEF even more.  I feel like there is a perfect marriage between the writer and the illustrator for this series because they each perfectly capture the essence of the era, weather, moods, characters and setting brilliantly.  There is such richness, detail and depth to both the story and the illustrations that really bring the story to life.  I am a dog lover, so anytime you add an adorable dog into a story you have captured my heart. Georgie first thinks that maybe a wolf has stolen the eggs from the hen house when he goes to collect the eggs in the morning, but quickly he discovers it was a stray dog and together they embark on a little adventure to help solve there no egg problem.  Georgie is a moral and good person and makes good decisions along the way, but not without a bit a hesitation and a near death experience.  But together he and his straggly side kick come up with a solution that helps not only them, but another friend as well.  Heartwarming and beautiful THE EGG THIEF is a 5 star hit.       

Humble Bumble is a 'worker bee', but she is much smaller then her sisters Grumble and Mumble. Discover how this tiny bee saves the day.

Story time video HERE

This book is about how to be gracious and to be humble rather than mumble and grumble. You don't always have to be the biggest and the best to make a big difference in the world. It is about finding the courage to help others even when it is hard and others are not willing to do it themselves.  I loved that Humble the bee was able to do something to help others and did not want extra attention or credit.  What a great lesson for kids and adults alike!  4 stars   

Children are often told to "Pay attention!", but how do they do that when a child's emotions and thoughts change so quickly?  Mad to Glad teaches children the following Mindfulness lessons in a fun and interactive way to increase their focusing abilities.  The lessons included are,
Energy transfer: Using physical movement to change negative thoughts to a positive attitude of the mind.   
Visualizations:  Using a child's imagination to achieve goals. 
Affirmations:  Using positive phrases to build a child's confidence. 
Focused breathing:  Using the breath to become aware of the present moment. 
For ages 3-7.

This is a great book to help kids understand and cope with all the emotions that they experience and sometimes cannot label.  This book is a great story and guide on how to help children use other methods to release angry and hurt feelings, how to express and enjoy all the good feelings and how to understand the other in between feelings.  A great book for kids of all ages and one that parents can go to help negotiate the roller-coaster of emotions kids are on and help to find ways to get them off of it for good!    4.5 stars   

In this narrative poem, Kirby the sneaky, dog-genius steals the hole Arlo dug in the yard and the social order begins to break down. Kirby faces grave, injurious peril in restoring cosmic harmony. In rhyming couplets he reflects on the hole's eerie influence, he contemplates spider webs, Newton, The Old West, Scottish history, Templars, the Roundtable Knights, the existence of dragons, and the nature of time, itself. This nimbly written, playful poem will delight children of all ages even the adult ones.

I am still in awe of this book!  I have never read anything like it before in my life.  A full length book in narrative poem form, wow, just wow.  I feel like this is the type of read that both kids and adults will adore.  It is witty and fun, whimsical and deep at times.   A treat for sure!  I really cannot articulate my thoughts to well, so you must check it out for yourself!  5 stars 

Sally loves to swim! is a charming story about an active young girl who is motivated by her older brother, and her mother's athleticism. Sally swims, bikes, runs and dreams about doing a triathlon like her mom. Sally loves to swim! is about dreaming and encouragement, family, friendship and being able to achieve ones goals. Sally loves to swim! gives children hope and the confidence to try new things.

Sally Swim is a book about something our family loves...triathlons.  It is a great book about working hard, training and accomplishing something wonderful.  It is about being inspired by those you love and trying to aim high to accomplish something pretty remarkable.  It is always fun to train and compete with friends while building confidence along the way.  4 stars 

Sally dances ballet, tap, jazz, and more, but she dreams about hula dancing in a luau with her friend. Sally loves to Dance! is about dreaming and encouragement, family, friendship and being able to achieve one's goals. It is impossible not to feel the joy and accomplishment as Sally finishes a performance on stage with one of her best friends. Readability consensus- grade level 3, Very easy to read 8-9

Sally Dance is a wonderful story about Sally's love to dance by working hard, training and sticking to it.  Then after all the hard work pays off when you get to perform your dance for an audience along side your friends.  I love the additional information about Hawaiian terms and vocabulary.  4 stars   

Children's Book - Sally Loves . . . Coloring, Activities & Sticker Book! is a Softcover Perfect Bound Children's Activity book with Coloring pages, Puzzle pages, Drawing pages & Re-Usable Sticker pages. 
The activity book follows title character, Sally and her brother, Ryan enjoying some of their favorite sports and activities - swimming, biking, running and triathlon. When kids these days are glued to the TV or iPad, Sally and Ryan gives young girls and boys the inspiration to get up, go outside, start moving and seek out sports or activities that they love and enjoy.

Filled with so much fun stuff to keep the kids busy this is the perfect activity book to accompany the other books in the series.  There are stickers, word searches, puzzles and so much more.  The book is filled with the characters from the stories and encourages activity and movement.  4 stars  

Meet Esmerelda!! She is a little girl who seems to conjure magic wherever she goes. Esmerelda’s magic is special, yet it is something we are all capable of creating – it’s simply kindness, compassion and the desire to help others. Through Esmerelda’s example, children learn how our everyday actions can have a profound impact on our friendships and the world around us. 

“Monday” is the first of the seven-part Esmerelda picture book series. On Monday, Esmerelda is able to practice kindness and compassion at school. She teaches her friends a little bit about sharing and makes a new friend along the way. 

Most appropriate for: 
*Ages 5 – 7 
*Preparing for friendship and school life 
*Bedtime stories 
*Learning kindness and compassion 

This is a nice story about the power and magic of friendship.  It is about how to be kind and compassionate and to include, rather than exclude others from your activities.  It teaches kids the impact on how one good dead leads to another.  A cute story, 4 stars.  


Having super powers is awesome, but did you know that true super powers come from within? Unleash the superhero in you! 

I adore Holley's books.  The books have brilliant rhyming prose and illustrations that capture the readers imagination and hang onto it the entire time.   This book is both fun and important.  It teaches kids to dream big but also that having super powers is as easy as being a great person each and every day.  Anyone has the power to use their super powers to make the world a better place...unleash the powers today.   Another hit and 5 star read!!!

Say this the fastest! - “Willow wound the winding windmill real well.” 
Can your brain handle the twisty, turvy – swirly, twirly and more flubberty jumbling of your tongue? 
Join a porcupine, fairies and a cartwheeling kitten on this tongue twistering reading adventure! 

Tongue twisters are a fun and independently gratifying reading tool for children to learn word structure, word sound and word retention through repetition. 
Madeline-esque illustrations accompany young readers as they go through oh-so-fanciful phrases, whimsical sentences and rhythmic jaunts for hours of giggling stand-alone fun!

I loved tongue twisters when I was a kid and now me and my boys can read some fun ones together! I was endlessly amused when I read them out loud to myself and it was even funnier when I read them to the boys. I loved the bold illustrations that accompanied the tongue twisters. They were so fun and sweet. I think boys and girls alike will find this book to be a hoot and a half!! Such a great way to spend time with your kiddos! 5 stars

NOTE:  I received these books free for my honest review.


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