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Magic, humor and high adventure are used to reaffirm fundamental family values in this debut novel.
Balthazar Fabuloso's lovable and eccentric family performs a magic show. What makes the act so unusual is that all the Fabulosos actually have superhuman powers, except for Balthazar, a practical-minded 11-year-old who simply aspires to be a normal kid. So when everyone but Balthazar disappears mid performance, the only Fabuloso without real magical skills must save the family. Balthazar wonders if the family's archrivals, the Furious Fistulas, are to blame or if there are other, even darker forces at work. To free his loved ones Balthazar must work with some questionable characters, including a lunatic long-lost uncle, three enigmatic senior citizens and the loathsome Pagan Fistula, whose family also mysteriously goes missing.

At the center of these disappearances is a force so evil that the world's most preeminent magicians cower before it. What hope could a ragtag crew of misfits have against it?


What was your favorite part of the book?
My favorite part of the book was probably when Balthazar did something amazing the day. It was both unexpected and really exciting.  It was filled with so many interesting plot twists. 

Was there anything funny in the book that you would like to share?
There were all sorts of funny characters doing so many silly zany things.  All the characters interacted in ways that both were serious ans funny, depending on the moment.  I was smiling a lot when I read this book.
  Who would love this book?
Anyone who likes a funny book and anyone who believes in the power if magic.

How many stars would you give this book on a scale of 1-5? 
4 stars

Bruce is frightened of becoming a butterfly because he's terrified of heights. Worse yet, the other caterpillars tease and bully him about it. Unwilling to suffer any more, Bruce runs away from home. Along the road, Bruce makes some unlikely friends, including a young moth caterpillar. Smitten by her, Bruce is horrified when she is captured by a bat while he hides. Angered by his cowardice, Bruce resolves to rescue her, and his other friends--a mockingbird who doesn't eat bugs because she is a vegetarian, a spider who got tangled in his own web, and an aging firefly--join the search. When they reach the bats' cave, however, hope of a rescue vanishes when they are captured by the bats' evil leader, Stang. Bruce learns that Stang and his minions have brutalized or killed many, including other bats, during his rise to power. Bruce's unwillingness to cower any longer helps him devise a plan to save all the captives and end Stang's ruthless rule: Bruce must convince the other bats to join him and fight back.

Bruce and the Road to Courage is about a caterpillar name Bruce that does not want to become a butterfly because he is afraid of heights.  I love this book because it is full of adventure.  I also like that the characters are unlikely friends.  I really became engaged and connected to the characters and cared what happened to them.  I was always filling my Mom in on what was going on. I recommend this book to people that like animals. I give this book 4 stars 

A priceless ancient artifact is in jeopardy of being stolen, but Joey Jimmer-Jefferson has no idea. That is, until he is magically transported to the shore of the world's highest lake in South America through a mysterious mailbox found in the attic of his family's 200 year old Vermont farmhouse. How does the mailbox work, why did it pick him and how will he get back home? Joey needs to figure these questions out while he simultaneously tries to complete the task he has been thrust into: saving the priceless treasure from falling into the wrong hands. He will need more courage than he knew he had, and lots of quick thinking to outsmart the notorious Quizquiz Treasure Thieves.


What did you love about this book?
I loved that it brought you to a different place that you would usually go.  It was a total adventure.  There was suspense and fun wrapped in an amazing plot.

What types of adventures did you go thorough the pages of the book?
I traveled to South America and completed a mission through the pages of the book.  It was so much fun to be able to go on such a thrilling ride with Joey.

Who would you recommend this book to?
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the Magic Tree House series and those that enjoy suspense and adventure.

How many stars would you give this book on a scale of 1-5? 
4.5 stars


Meet Jack!
- He’s afraid that his basement is haunted.- He’s scared that there is a monster in the bay.- He’s nervous about the championship soccer game.
But he’s also determined to overcome his fears,even if it means serving pizza to a ghost!
Jack's Tales, named a Finalist by the National Indie Excellence Awards in 2015 and invited to participate in the Hudson Children's Book Festival and the Western New York Book Expo, is written for 8-10 year old boys, especially those who are reluctant readers, by long time elementary educator and curriculum designer, Jim Westcott.


Tell me a bit about Jack.
Jack is a boy who is nervous and afraid of many thing.  Jack changes a lot throughout the story because he becomes more brave by going through scary situations.

What did you enjoy most about this book?
What I liked the most about the book is when Jack has his championship soccer game. You are rooting for Jack and you, as the reader, are nervous for him. 

Who would love this book?
I think anyone who likes a books about kids and their life.  Anyone who has ever been nervous or scared.  I think many can really understand what Jack was going through.  

How many stars would you give this book on a scale of 1-5? 
4 stars



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