Friday, February 19, 2016

#MMBBR #Review Cool Kind Kid by Barbara Gilmour

You Can Be A Cool Kind Kid: Tanner Wants to be COOL!
By: Barbara Gilmour

As a parent we want our children to be kind, polite and to represent our family in a favorable light and with this book you can help show many examples of how to "be cool" through kind actions and behaviors.  There are songs that can be download that supplement the book.  Children that love movin' and groovin' will love learning the words and singing along.  I feel that any book that illustrates ways for kids to be kinder are always wonderful.  I did enjoy that many different types of children were represented in the drawings with allows all children to find a connection.  4 stars  

Raising a COOL Kind Kid: Bullying Prevention Tips
By: Barbara Gilmour

I feel like this book can really help parents find ways to communicate with their children regarding their children's behavior.  It emphasizes how each child is responsible for themselves and that they need to focus on ways they are being kind, courteous and respectful.  I feel that this would be useful to start with children when they are young, as it focuses on important characteristics like basic social skills (like kind/unkind things to say and do), manners, gratitude, empathy, citizenship, and basic self respect; just to name a few.  It is always easier to teach these things to children when they are young, than it is to correct bad behavior later.   It has kid friendly tips/tricks and areas that parents can help teach and nurture their children.  I think that if parents focused on teaching their own children these things it could reduce the cases of bullying.  4 stars

Cool Kind Kid Handbook, Book 1 – Be a “Cool Kind Kid”
By: Barbara Gilmour

This book helps kids put what they have learned into action.  It allows you to to teach and practice what is expected of them in a variety of settings.  Kids usually do better when they know what is expected of them prior to going places.  This allows you to explain to kids how they should act when, for example, they go to the store or mall or or when they are at a live performance or movie.  In addition to these tips there are also easy activities for you to do with your children.  Another useful book with easy to read points on how to create "cool" kids through positive behavior and positive reinforcement. 4 stars     


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