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#MMBBR Art Through Stories: Flossopher and the Brushing Trees by “Dr. Mike” King

MY REVIEW:  Flossopher and the Brushing Trees was a fun book to illustrate to the children in my Art Through Stories class how to take care of their teeth in a fun and adventurous way.  

They loved all the ways the far off land involved good verses evil.  The book kept their interest due to the dynamic characters and interesting and unique story.  I love that dental health was wrapped into this out of this world story!  4 stars  

NOTE:  In addition to being a blogger, wife, mother and cycling instructor, I am also a teacher for children ages 2-5 years old at the Y where I have developed a class entitled Art Through Stories.  

I designed this class to introduce the children I teach to books and then using those books to create art projects.  I try to help them creatively capture the beauty, lessons, concepts and other learning points within the books through the expression of art.  I do this by using various art mediums.  The art projects also act a tool to help retell the stories to their loved ones.  

Here are the art projects I used to bring the story to life:  

PROJECTS:  toothbrush, mouth full of teeth, and a tooth

They painted the tooth with a mix of pain, shaving cream and glue.  The painted the tooth with a toothbrush.  They loved it!

The teeth are made from mini marshmallows, glued to a pink construction paper mouth.  Inside the mouth is also a red tongue that they glued in.  They thought it was a hoot making the mouth.  The toothbrush is a large popsicle stick with a cupcake liner as the bristles.  Then finished off with a sticker.  They decorated the toothbrush, glued the teeth in the mouth and then when all was done and dried we showed them how to brush their teeth.   What fun it all was!!!

An Adventure for Young Tooth Brushers
by “Dr. Mike” King
Illustrations by Rick Ellis
Flossopher knows everything there is to know about taking care of teeth. 
He lives in the Brite forest, where his job is to make 
sure that all his friends keep their teeth clean and sparkly.

Flossopher and the Brushing Trees is an adventure book for young tooth brushers; a children's book that teaches the importance of taking care of your teeth. The Brite Forest is where Flossopher lives with his friends. The evil Cavidorg plots to steal the magic Brushing Crown from Sparkla, the mother of all Brushing Trees. Without the toothbrushes that the Brushing Trees grow, no one will brush, and everyone's teeth will turn rotten. That way Cavidorg's plant, Denture-Con, can make even more fake teeth for the world. Flossopher must find a way to defeat Cavidorg and keep all the teeth in the Brite Forest clean and healthy.

 Dr. Charles Kaner, Chief of Dental Perio Division, Mt. Sinai Hospital:
“My favorite children’s book that shows the importance of brushing and taking care of your teeth!”

Amy Lignor, Feathered Quill Book Review:
Mike King, also known as “Dr. Mike,” is a pediatric dentist who uses jokes and magic tricks to entertain his young patients. He also writes screenplays and does stand-up comedy in New York City (performing as "The Fifth Dentist" -- as in, Four out of five dentists recommend sugarless gum, well-he's the fifth!), where he lives with his wife, Sophie, and their daughter, Annabelle. You can find out more about Dr. Mike and his practice at, and more about his book at Check out to explore his upcoming play - The Fifth Dentist: In Search of Sid's Treasure or for more about his standup act.

About the Illustrator: Rick Ellis is a cartoonist-illustrator who has worked on several children’s books and is the cartoonist for the syndicated cartoon strip Half Baked Comics. With his wife and five children, he enjoys life and all the beauty and humor that life provides. You can view more of Rick’s work at
*Note: a portion of the profits from every book sold will be donated to Smile Train ( 

*Smile Train is an international children’s charity with a sustainable approach to a single, solvable problem: cleft lip and palate. As a result of our efficiency and with the support of our donors and partners around the world, Smile Train has transformed the lives of more than one million children by giving them the power of a smile.

“Dr. Mike” King
An Adventure for Young Tooth Brushers 
by “Dr. Mike” King // Illustrations by Rick Ellis
The Fifth Dentist 
November 2015 // Ages 3+
*$11.95-Hardcover // ISBN 978-0-9909484-0-7

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