Sunday, February 7, 2016

#MMBBR Clayton Stone, At Your Service by @EnaJones @HolidayHouseBks @CurtisBrownLtd

Twelve-year-old Clayton Stone is shocked when a top-secret government organization recruits him as a decoy in a kidnapping sting. Instantly, he gets drawn into the dangerous world of covert operations. Clayton's new life is full of excitement, with elaborate disguises and classified debriefings, but soon enough there's a gun against his neck.
Clayton's transformation from middle-school lacrosse star to Special Service agent is full of suspense, humor and heart a thrilling undercover debut!

Ena Jones

Children's book writer, rep'd by Ginger Knowlton . CLAYTON STONE, AT YOUR SERVICE, Holiday House. CLAYTON STONE, FACING OFF - released Fall 2016.

Q.  From page one you said you were hooked on this book.  What was it about this book that captured you so much?

A.  It probably was the thrill of the book.  There was action from start to finish.

Q.  You were always so excited to fill me in on what was going on with Clayton.  What made this book so much different than other books you have read in this genre?

A.  This book did a great job of keeping my interest.  There was always something very exciting going on and, at times, a twist I did not see coming.  It really keep me turning pages and kept me on my toes.

Q.  How did this book make you feel while your were reading it?

A.  Awesome!  There were times that I was really stressed out because I felt like I was right there with Clayton.   Clayton goes on quite an adventure and gets to do some cool stuff, so it was awesome being there with him. 

Q.  How many stars would you give this book on a scale of 1-5?

A.  10 really caught me!!!  I cannot wait for the next book in the series to come out!!!

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