Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#MMBBR Product Review: Original Bamboo Shredded Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow with Ever-Cool Adaptive Technology and Deluxe Hypoallergenic Washable Cover: Queen

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  • Bamboo 40%. Polyester 60%
  • Tired of sleeping on a broken down, non-supportive pillow? Don't you deserve the best? Upgrade your sleep by using our incredible queen shredded memory foam pillow with its removable, and machine washable, ultra plush bamboo pillowcase. 
  • Are you a back, side, or stomach sleeper? Because the shredded foam conforms to your unique body, our pillow is the best option for every type of sleeper. Traditional down pillows cannot match the versatility of the queen Original Bamboo Pillow. Only the highest quality and most luxurious synthetic viscoelastic foam material is used to resist the chance of mold, bacteria and dust mites invasions, making the Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow completely hypoallergenic
  • Do you suffer from snoring, insomnia, asthma, TMJ, migraines, neck, back, or shoulder pain? The proprietary properties of our queen pillow provides full comforting support and eliminates virtually all sleeping pains within the first few uses. With stay cool bamboo technology your pillow with stay refreshingly cool all night long. Keeps you cool, no more sweat - Don't you hate when you have to keep flipping your pillow over to keep it cool? Never do that again with our stay cool technology
  • Treat yourself to the luxury of top rated five star hotels every single night. Original Bamboo pillows were designed in the USA to be the best bed pillow on the market. Don't settle for inferior products, you deserve the best. 100% Memory Foam, Cover provides unique stretch and recovery with maximum breathing, absorption, and moisture wicking, Hypoallergenic, Machine Washable & Dryer Safe, and a Bamboo Duvet Cover that is soft as cashmere or silk

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I have been in search of the perfect pillow ever since I had children.  I feel that after that time, good, quality sleep was harder to get.   I always knew that part of the problem was my pillow.  I used to sleep on 2-3 pillows (depending on the kind) trying to get my neck and back feeling good.   I have tried feather pillows, memory foam pillows, body pillows and standard pillows.  All have still caused neck, shoulder and back pain both during the night and upon waking.  

I need to look no further....I have found THE BEST PILLOW EVER!  I adore this pillow.  I only need one pillow.  It is so comfy and it supports both my neck and back perfectly.  I fluff it right before bed and then snuggle in.  I feel that I have been sleeping better and wake up without the aches and pains I had prior to using this pillow....such as a sore neck and back.  I also stay cooler when I sleep, there is no getting too hot during the night.  I have told lots of people about this pillow.  This is seriously the greatest gift I have given myself.  The gift of good sleep.

Here are the highlights of why I LOVE this pillow:

*conforms to your body for a comfortable night sleep without aches and pains
*stays cool...I do not get hot sleeping with this pillow
*perfect size...I can cuddle it or just lay on it and it feels great either way
*does not lose its great shape...just fluff and snuggle in
*NOTE: when you get the pillow make sure you toss it in the dyer for 10 minutes because due to shipping it will be VERY flat.  If you are sensitive to smell, there is a slight odor of bamboo.  This odor has faded since I have started using it 

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BUY IT will thank me!

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