Thursday, February 4, 2016

#MMBBR #HIghlight Borrow-A-Bridesmaid by Anne Wagener @anne_wagener

Women's fiction

Blurb Piper is a recent college grad who decides to sell her body on Craigslist—as a hired bridesmaid. Her airport bookseller job just isn’t bringing home the turkey bacon, and no one’s going to pay her to analyze Milton’s poetry. Turns out, having an English literature degree from an upstanding university isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Piper’s Craigslist endeavor soon picks up steam, netting her clients such as Southern peach Stacey, whose interracial marriage causes a family feud, and Alex, a bride-to-be who’s so type A she’s type A-plus. Between fighting off matching T-shirt–wearing teams of “bustle bitches” at gown sales and learning more about fondant than the Cake Boss, Piper falls for Charlie Bell, the brother of a client. A fellow aspiring writer, Charlie’s the only person recently who’s encouraged Piper to follow her dreams. Not to mention, he’s pretty darn cute.

But when Charlie turns out to be the groom in one of her gigs—and set to marry the craziest bridezilla of them all—Piper must band together with her newfound friends and stop Charlie from making the biggest mistake of his life.

Anne Wagener

I'm a serial bridesmaid, amateur ukulele player, and dessert addict living in western New York.

My first novel, Borrow-A-Bridesmaid, was partially inspired by my experiences bridesmaiding throughout my 20s. In total, I've been a bridesmaid 10 times, in 6 different states (and England!). In the book, my main character is paid to be a stand-in bridesmaid. Just to clarify, none of my friends hired me, unless you count chocolate fountains and delicious gourmet food as payment...

Beyond bridesmaiding, I found being in my 20s to be confusing as $#&!. One of the reasons I wrote this book was to explore some of those experiences in hopes of connecting with other people in their 20s (and beyond—graduating to a new decade hasn't cleared up much of my confusion) about things like career angst, awkward work situations, and LOVE, my favorite topic of all time.

When I'm not writing, I'm watching too much Netflix or reading.

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