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Review/Gift Ideas:WubbaNub and na2ure

WubbaNub was invented in 1998 by Carla Schneider to sooth her infant on a family vacation.  The concept turned out to be an innovative improvement over the traditional pacifier, and Carla patented her invention and launched WubbaNub. Sixteen years later, more than a million WubbaNubs have been sold, and they have become the pacifier of choice for A-list parents from Neil Patrick Harris and Jennifer Garner to Gwen Stefani and Simon Cowell. WubbaNub brand pacifiers come in 32 different styles and are available in fine children’s boutiques, department stores, hospital gift shops, online stores and toy stores across the nation, including Amazon, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Dillard’s, Babies“R”Us, buybuy Baby and Books-A-Million.  Retail price is $12-$15.  WubbaNub has earned a reputation in the parenting and children’s industry for being dedicated to nurturing babies in the safest, healthiest way possible while striving to surpass the strictest of codes and governmental regulations. The WubbaNub has received numerous awards, including American Baby Bests 2014 from Parents Magazine and WhatToExpect.com’s 2014 Moms Love It Award. For more information, visit www.WubbaNub.com


I love these!  I wish they had these when I had babies.  They are soft, durable, cuddly and they don't fall through the crib slots like other pacifiers.  With all the different animals they have as options, you can chose the animal that your child loves best!  They even have seasonal ones too!  I cannot handle how cute these are and every friend or family member that has a baby is going to get one of these as a gift!  5 stars!


na2ure is a new line of beautifully designed physical and digital games that teach science through play. Unlike other educational games on the market, na2ure is based on a platform that works with children’s natural intelligence to unlock what they already know and connect new knowledge into a growing network mirroring the interconnectivity of  the natural world.
Alex Wolf and Dr. Vijal Parikh are respectively a Rhode Island School of Design-trained artist and a Cornell-trained neurobiologist, who are creating a way to teach kids about nature and inspire the next generation of scientists, designers and artists. Wolf wanted to provide her daughter with quality toys that would teach her about plants and animals in a more advanced, thought provoking manner than other games on the market. She began to develop toys and games at each stage of her daughter's development until she had a group of games and a thesis behind them. With prototypes in place, she teamed up with Parikh to develop a series of smart and beautiful games employing a scientifically rigorous classification that teaches about the animal kingdom in a way that mimics nature’s inherent aesthetic design. The games in the na2ure library include:

The Ani-gram-it Board Game
High resolution photographs bring animals to life in the Ani-gram-it Board Game, a finalist in the 2014 NYC Design Awards and a Forbes Top 10 game for summer 2014.  Just as the classic board game Scrabble uses letter tiles that create words, the object of Ani-gram-it is to “build” animals using tiles of their body parts. Available for purchase at www.na2ure.com for $59.99.

This game is AMAZING!  I think that is it is one of the more creative, fun and family friendly games that teach while you play that are out there!  My kids and I love animals and board games, so this game was a family hit. My boys could not get enough of this game.  If you want a new, fun and interesting game...this is for you! It would make a great Christmas gift!  5 stars.

Ani-gram-it To Go
Ani-gram-it To Go is the board game in miniature—the animal kingdom in 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.4 inches. Perfect for travel and impromptu sessions of biology, Ani-gram-it To Go comes complete with 100 laminated, color-coded cards and can be played on a table, the floor, the grass, a picnic blanket or any other number of spaces. Available for purchase at www.na2ure.com for $19.99. 

ferret, a winner in Digital Experience, Mobile at the 2014 NYC Design Awards, is an iPad app that teaches kids all about animals, from anatomy to habitat to behavior. Game play challenges children to describe animals’ anatomies from the inside out, using intuitive building blocks. Each tap and swipe leads to new discoveries and reinforces how animals are classified in the natural world. Available for free through The App Store with the opportunity to buy 54 more animals for $2.99

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