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Book Club Girl November Pick: Up at Butternut Lake (The Butternut Lake Trilogy #1) by Mary McNear



November Pick:


In the spirit of Kristin Hannah and Susan Wiggs, comes this debut novel-the first in an unforgettable new series by Mary McNear

It's been ten years since Allie Beckett crossed the threshold of her family cabin at Butternut Lake, Minnesota. Now, newly widowed after the death of her husband in Afghanistan, she's returned with her five-year-old son.

There, she reconnects with the friends she had in childhood-best girlfriend Jax, now married with three kids and one on the way, and Caroline, owner of the local coffee shop. What Allie doesn't count on is a newcomer to Butternut Lake, Walker Ford.

Up at Butternut Lake follows these four unforgettable characters across a single summer as they struggle with love, loss, and what it means to take risks, confront fears, and embrace life, in all of its excitement and unpredictability.

Allie Beckett could never have imagined, when she ran away from her old life, that she was running into a whole new life, up at the lake….


Tiaras Book Club:  



We decided to all answer three questions about the book pick:

1. Who was your favorite character and why?
2. How did the book make you feel? For example: Did you relate to a character, feel for a character, have some reaction emotionally to the story?
3. What was your favorite part of the book?


1. Who was your favorite character and why?
I feel like I could relate to all of them. They were all flawed, willing to try to make their wrongs right and were able to find peace within their circumstances. But if I had to choose, I would pick Walker because his heart was always in the right place and Jax because she was a great friend and was willing to do anything to protect her family and life!

2. How did the book make you feel?
It made me feel hopeful. I finished feeling like there can be happy endings after tragedy, loss and unfortunate circumstances. Who doesn't love happy endings?

3. What was your favorite part of the book?
The setting. There is something about books set by the water. It brings vivid images, happy feelings and a sense of calm.

Sara D:

1. Favorite character/why? – Caroline because she helps people out. Giving people second chances and is very caring. She’s the one everyone goes to. She’s always looking to make everyone else happy and puts herself last. I can relate to her in that way.

2. How did the book make you feel? – It was just an easy quick read. You can get lost in the story and enjoy it but was a little predictable. I like the setting being in the Midwest and on a lake, it reminded me of summers as a kid up north with my family. The book made me feel nostalgic for those times.

3. Favorite part of the book? – When Walker fixed up the boat for Allie. I like a grand gesture! When someone does something like that for someone else, without asking and with no expectation of getting anything in return. Also when he would take Wyatt fishing and be a positive male role model in his life.

Sara L:

1. I enjoyed all of the characters but my favorite was Walker. I loved that he knew what he wanted but was willing to be patient while waiting. He was also a great role model and friend for Allie's son.

2. I really felt for Allie throughout the book and just wanted her to see the good in Walker but also understood that it would take time after all she had been through.

3. My favorite part of the book for me was also the setting. The lake, Pearl's restaurant, etc. I could visualize the beauty of the lake and the smells of the blueberry pancakes and coffee.

Anne B:

1. I enjoyed each and every character in this book and, like my own children, I can't pick a favorite!

 2. This book made me feel like everything happens for a reason and that something good can come from such sadness.

3. I loved the water setting. It brings such calm and peace. I also loved how each chapter is dedicated to a different character and seeing how they all intertwine with each other.


1.  Walker.  I love a good male character.

2. That love can conquer all.

3.  Setting.  Romance and relaxing.


 1.) My favorite character was Walker, he was very self aware. I found his character to be true and honest without indecisiveness. He knew that he wanted Allie from the beginning, in-spite of his fear of having the family he never realized he wanted he refused to live his life without knowing he did everything he could to be with her.

2.) The book made me feel a wide range of emotions. I felt sorrow for the loss that the characters had to endure. Experienced the anxiety in the uncertainty of how the characters would react in certain scenes. Also joy in the hope of possibilities after so many unfortunate events.

3.) My favorite part of the book was the characters. Each had their own distinct personality with their strengths and weaknesses. They had their own trials that they strived and succeeded to overcome in different ways.


1. I really enjoyed the character Jax. She was just so capable and competent. I enjoy a good strong character.

 2. I must say I to had a myriad of emotions while reading this book. However, I admit that the main character Allie anxious some of the time. I just wanted her to move on and see what was in front of her.

3. I really enjoyed the action and heroics that Walker displayed during the thunderstorm/tornado. It just really showed his caring nature.


1. My favorite character was Caroline because she always had a positive outlook on everything and everyone even if she was lonely or sad herself. She always tried to make everyone feel welcome and cheerful, and she was always trying to help others find happiness.

2. The book made me feel happy and surprised. I felt for Allie and her son because I could empathize having lost a parent. Allie made me think of my mom and how she has had to cope with the changes of widowhood. I enjoyed the book because the characters seemed like real people and were very easy to relate to. The book also made me think of my childhood and our family tradition of going to our cabin/house in the north woods.

3. My favorite part of the book was the plot. Throughout the book, the author threw in little surprises, and it was fun to try to predict what would happen to each of the characters and how they were all connected.

Sarah :

1. Walker...who wouldn't fall in love with a character who accepts a woman with faults and all and unconditionally accept her child as well.

2.  I felt like there is hope for all who have suffered a loss in love life or any just need to be willing to accept the love into your heart.

3.  SETTING...I loved the lake, the coffee house, Walker's house...I could get lost in Butternut Lake!!!




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