Tuesday, November 18, 2014

joyohboy book reviews


Raising Peaceful Kids parenting guide gives parents the tools to raise children in a mindful and compassionate way.

With the helpful tips and activities this book is both touching and sweet way to remind us what is really important in life.  4.5 stars

Gratitude Is a Funny Thing

“Gratitude Is a Funny Thing” helps children learn how to live with gratitude and listen to their intuition.

Gratitude is something that we all should strive to achieve in our lives and this is something we need to teach our children.  I adored this book, 5 stars.


The award winning book “Love is the Moon, the Stars and the Sky” is a children’s book that shows kids how to bring love into their daily lives.

What is better than a book about love in an engaging and beautiful way.  What a wonderful message to share with our young child.  This will be one that you want to read over and over again.  5 stars

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