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Mandy's Romance Corner Reviews


The Backup List by Miriam Brady and Amber Best

Madison Grey looses it all in an instant.  Her entire life is torn upside down with pain and the ultimate loss of her family.  Her friend are desperate to help bring her back to life again.  It hopes to cheer her up they take her to her favorite rock band concert.  Calvin Hunt, lead singer of said band, notices Madison in the audience and is immediately captivated.  Calvin pursues Madison, but can she get past her heart ache and guilt for a second chance at love.  This story is an emotional roller coaster ride.  I cried, laughed, smiled and cried again during this story.  But it was so worth the roller coaster ride. This story touched my heart and soul.  I felt sad for Madison but I was rooting for Calvin to show her that life was worth living for.  I loved, loved, loved this book.  You have to read it, especially if you want to find out the significance of the title.  I give it 5 stars.


Untamed Heart by Catherine Sharp

This was an good western romance book.  This is the story of Shane Cordell, raised by the Cheyenne, and Ashley Clayton.  It is the story of the love they find and the struggles they go through to hopefully get a happily ever after.  The story is written well and will keep you engrossed until the very end.  If you are a fan of historical romances or western romances this is a good book to read.  It was a quick read at only 260 pages.  I give 3 stars.


Do or Die by Suzanne Brockmann

I am a huge fan of Suzanne Brockmann.  I have read all of her Trouble-Shooters series and have loved them all.  This book is not part of the Trouble-Shooters series but is an awesome book.  There is an alpha male named Ian who is out to protect his family at all costs, even if it means staying in prison.  Phoebe is the lawyer who needs to get him out of jail to help the FBI.  What ensues will keep readers on the edge of their seats.  There is lots of action, some romance and you just have to keep turning the pages to what happens next.  Suzanne does a wonderful job of putting her readers in the story and making them feel a part of it.  I absolutely loved this book.  You have to pick it up.  I give it 4 stars.


Law Man by Kristen Ashley

This is another book in the Dream Man series by Kristen Ashley.  Mitch Lawson is a mega hot police detective.  For years he has had his eye on his neighbor Mara Hanover.  An opportunity presents itself and Mitch is able to weave his way into Mara's life.  Mitch is all alpha male but in a way that is subtle and super sexy.  Kristen Ashley is a brilliant writer who knows how to keep her readers on the edge of their seats.  Some romance stories these days are the same-ole-same-ole but Kristen's books are far beyond that.  I love how Mitch steps in and helps Mara stand up for herself and helps her resolve the issues at hand.  This is an awesome book.  I give it 4 stars.



A Christmas to remember: Hope Ramsay, Molly Cannon, Marilyn Pappano, Kristen Ashley, Jill Shalvis

This is a collection of Christmas stories by some of today's great authors.  I love this time of year, especially Christmas stories.  This collections tells about love, hope and makes you feel good.

"Dream A Little Dream" by Jill Shalvis

This is another one of the Luck Harbor novels. Ian O'Mallery and Melissa Mann have been friends with benefits for a while, but when Ian starts to get to close Melissa runs the other way.  Ian wants more from Melissa, will he get it or is this the end of them.  This is a story about true love coming about with lots of fire and smoke.

"Every Year" by Kristen Ashley

This is a Christmas novella with the Chaos motorcycle club.  Tabby and Shy spend Christmas with her family to try to bring some happy Christmas memories for Shy and his brother Landon.  It is a heart warming tale of what Christmas should really be like.  It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  You want to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa, a warm fire and this good book.  

"Silent Night" by Hope Ramsay

Broke single mom Maryanne is out of gas, out of money, and almost out of hope when she takes refuge with her baby in what she THINKS is her cousin's barn. Lonely Daniel Jessup, visiting from Atlanta is determined to cook a last Christmas dinner in the old family homestead if he can.  This a great story about two lost souls who come together by chance and brings things into a new light.  Will the two of them find happiness and hope in each other or will the Christmas spirit fly away before they have a chance?

"Have Yourself A Messy Little Christmas" by Molly Cannon

Lincoln Jones mother - owner of the house he's living in - is determined to come home for a clean, well-decorated Christmas, and has hired Dinah as professional organizer/decorator, so Lincoln doesn't have to.  Lincoln like his stuff his way and does not want anyone to mess with it.  Dinah is determined to make the best of this situation no matter his protests.  Will they be able to get along and make the house a Christmas miracle ?  Will the attraction towards each other consummate ?   

"A Family for Christmas" by Marilyn Pappano

Jared Connors has been groomed by his elite doctor parents his whole life to become a doctor.  He became one but he choose to become a pediatrician, much to his parents dismay. Ilena Gomez is a war widow with a six-month old son. Jared is trying to stand on his own and Ilena is trying to survive being a widow.  These two people come together with their broken lives, can they find peace and happiness in each other?  I hope so.

This collection was an awesome read.  Each story started out with a letter from the author to the readers.  All of these short stories talked about love, hope and a chance at happiness for most of the characters.  I would highly recommend this book, it gives you a taste of each of these authors writing style and will make you want to add them to your list of favorites.  I give this 4 stars.


Sweet Revenge by Rebecca Zanetti

This is the second book in the Sins Brother series.  Matt Dean is on a mission to find one of the people who can save him and his brothers from the ticking bomb inside all of them.  His mission leads him to Charmed, Idaho.  He meets Laney Jacobs and is immediately smitten.  Yes this hard warrior has fallen hard, but who exactly has he fallen for?  Rebecca does an awesome job of bringing twists and turns into this story.  It keeps you on the end of your seat and trying to figure which one is the woman Matt is looking for.  I absolutely love Rebecca's style of writing, it is full of alpha males, strong women and hooks you in the from the beginning. Another hit series on her hands.  I give this book 4 stars.


Turn up the Heat: Lori Foster, Christie Ridgway, Victoria Dahl

This is a collection of sizzling stories from three best selling authors of today.  

Lori Foster's Love Won't Wait is a tale of Brendan who is used to getting what he wants, especially from women.  Merrily does not fall for Brendan's charm, at least not at first. She has a proposition for him but will it turn out the way both of them expect?  Lori Foster is a brilliant author who bring another tale to greatness.  I love watching confident men get a little taste of their own medicine.  This is another great read from Lori.

Christie Ridgway's Beach House Beginnings tells the story of Meg who makes a trip back to her home town for the first time in 5 years.  Sparks fly when she meets Caleb.  Can Caleb tempt her to spend the weekend with him for a chance at love?  Christie does a magical job of bringing these characters to life, it has you rooting for Caleb and hoping for the happy ending to come.  Another great tale by Christie Ridgway.

Victoria Dahl's Strong Enough to Love is a story of forbidden love that gets a second chance at life.  Photographer Eve Hill has tried to forget about Brian Stewart, but his sudden reappearance in Jackson Hole, WY sends her life into a tale spin of epic proportions.  Will their forbidden love find a way or is this the end of them for good.  Victoria does a great job of weaving this story to life with awesome characters.  You can't help but root for a happy ending for these two.  Brilliant book.

I loved all three of these books from these fabulous authors.  Everyone of these lovely ladies does a wonderful job of drawing their readers in and keeping them enthralled until the very end. I could not but this book down.  Great read.  I give it 4 stars.  


The Deadly Series Boxed Set by Jaycee Clark

This I Will Defend!  This is the family motto of the Kinncaid brothers, and trust me when I say I would want them to defend me.  This box set rocks the house.  Each one of these books offers the reader a unique story around one of the brother's.  They are all alpha males who are real and care about their loved ones immensely.  The brothers are all very different in personality along with the women they love.  There is mystery, romance,  and edge of your seat  suspense.  I could not put this set down.  As soon as I finished one book I wanted to find out what the next brother was like.  Jaycee Clark did a brilliant job in creating a believable family who loves one another no matter what happens.  My favorite brother was Ian, don't get me wrong, all of the books are awesome but I loved Ian the most.  You seriously have to read this set, its a must read.  I give it 5 stars.

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