Friday, January 24, 2014

Highlight: Unraveled [Kindle Edition] Viola Barry

Book Description

 August 22, 2013
A story every woman can relate to, Unraveled is the inspirational journey of a woman whose life is turned upside down when her husband moves her across the world from Washington, D.C. to Moscow, Russia. After a series of shocking revelations, she is left to start fresh in a new city, find herself, and recreate her life.

Her emotional story begins with her tumultuous childhood home life and her natural talent for languages. When her husband is offered a unique career opportunity in Moscow, she relocates halfway across the world to the frozen tundra of Russia. A series of seemingly benign choices — college, husband, job, move — lead her on an emotional journey to reinvent herself and find the strength to move on. It is the story of a woman, uprooted from her home, her family, and her friends, who in spite of every obstacle, overcomes.

Subtle humor and exquisite storytelling sets Unraveled apart. An enjoyable read and a fantastic story, Unraveled inspires us as readers to find the strong, independent woman in each of us.

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