Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: Hello Roara! by Tamara Forge (Author), Josh Dechant (Creator), Marley Dechant (Creator)

Hello Roara! is a charming rhyming tale about a lonely tyrannosaurus rex who needs to learn a thing or two about making friends. Luckily for Roara though, there is a very brave little shrew, willing to risk all in the name of friendship. Shrew has seen Roara trying to introduce herself, with her terrifying toothy grin, and deafening ROAR, and he thinks he can help. With a little lesson from the ‘Charm School of Shrew’, Roara is soon making friends. Once you get to know her it is easy to see that Roara Rex has a heart just as big as her ROAR.

I adored this book!  It is such a great book about teaching children to communicate what they need out of a friendship rather than not being friends at all.  Roara is a loud t-rex that can intimidate other animals and not until a brave little shrew tells Roara why the other animals won't play with her does Roara understand that she needs to be a bit more quiet around her friends.  What a wonderful lesson to teach our children about being able to ask for what we need and to try to find ways to be kind and honest with each other.  4.5 stars

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