Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mary Moody Showcase with reviews

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A Hero At Three, written in poetic form, tells the story of two brothers who, while frolicking along the shore, do not notice a menacing cloud roll in. Quickly, they are swept into the stormy sea and cast into a gloomy cave, where there are “sharks that bark, eels all aglow, and pirates bellowing, "What ho!” Using cleverness and charm, the younger of the two calms the beasts and saves his brother, who learns what it takes to be a hero.

My Review:
Imaginative and creative this book brings adventure to the lives of two brothers. Bravery can come at any moment and this book creates a fun set of circumstances to show what it means to be brave any maybe even a hero....3.5 stars

Hullabaloo_Cover Scan.jpg

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My Review:
For the lover of words this book will be fun for all move through the alphabet will a fun story that twists the tongue and sparks fun conversations.  3.5 stars


Christopher Counts The Constellations is the story of a young boy drawn to the celestial magic of the night sky by exploring the constellations found in his name.

My Review:
For those that love to gaze at the sky and dream...what is in a name and what is in the sky can become least in your imagination.  3.5 stars


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