Monday, March 9, 2015

Highlight: by Rebekah Shafer

23378787From the new urban fantasy series Surfaeillance comes the debut novella "A Twist of Fae."
In special agent Burgundy Graves’ opinion, desk work is for sissies. So what if Surfaeillance Agency exists to regulate faery activity on Earth? Tracking the monsters is a form of regulating. Give her a gun, a dangerous threat to hunt down, no questions asked, and she’s in.

But when Surfaeillance puts her in a team of wet-behind-the-ears investigators and tasks them with trailing a clueless millionaire, Burgundy begins to seriously consider pulling out—until the millionaire is murdered on her watch.

With the agency at risk, and shape-shifting ogres on the loose, Burgundy races to unmask her enemies before she becomes the next victim in this deadly, faery-tainted plot.
What reviewers are saying - “I picked up A Twist of Fae not really sure what to expect. A couple hours later, I closed my Kindle, surprised I had finished the book in one sitting. I haven’t done that in awhile, but A Twist of Fae had me hooked!” – Danny J. “In A Twist of Fae, we’re introduced to the compelling urban fantasy world of Surfaeillance, an agency monitoring and policing faery activity on earth. The story is fast-paced and packed full of twists and turns in the small novella package the story comes in. Excellent writing combined with clever world-building makes for an interesting adventure that is serious yet enjoyable. Fantasy lovers will enjoy the artful treatment of various genre tropes, while those in search of an action-packed mystery tale will find that here as well.” – Jordan Smith. T

Rebekah ShaferAbout the author -

Rebekah Shafer is a twenty-something living in southeastern USA. When she isn’t zooming around the country visiting friends, she spends most of her time writing, cooking, reading, and discussing life with whoever wants to talk.

Story is her passion, whether it’s found in books, movies, dance, or the people around her. She writes to share story with others, and to open the windows of imagination.

Twitter: @RebekahNovella

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