Monday, October 21, 2013

Review: The Smart Way to Deal with Stupid People by David E. Silvey

The Smart Way to Deal with Stupid People

Stupid people? When this book arrived I thought great, everyone deals with stupid people all the time so this should provide some great insight.  The book is the classic business short on time, to the point of the topic, quick read in the spirit of FISH! and Who Moved My Cheese.  The problem with this book: it should never have been written.  Thankfully, Silvey did write it, have it published, and hopefully people read it.  Why? Silvey breaks down the false barriers and expectations that people place on others.  Silvey uses the classic example of the airline flight that gets delayed due to a storm.  Extremely inconvenient for the traveler however, this in not the fault of the gate agent.  Anyone who has spent any amount of time in an airport can relate a story of how some passenger is berating a gate agent due to a delay caused by something outside the control of the airline.  Silvey reminds us that to get what you want you need to treat people with compassion and respect. It is unfortunate that we need books of this nature to remind us how we should treat people. 
*4 stars

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