Saturday, October 19, 2013

Highlight: Sapphire by Bryan Alaspa


Jimmy Parker is a typical high school student. Unpopular with the girls and picked on by the boys, he’s just trying to survive long enough to escape the tiny Pennsylvanian town of Knorr. With Jimmy and his friend, George, heading to the school dance, they expect nothing but the usual ritual humiliation from their peers. But when a girl in a brilliant blue dress enters their lives at the side of a lonely old bridge…everything changes.

Her name is Sapphire, and she is the most alluring girl that Jimmy has ever met. Yet, there is something strange about her; something different. Why has he never seen her at school? Why does she only want to meet up near the bridge? And why does everybody keep warning Jimmy to stay away from her?

Before long, Jimmy is plunged into a decades-old mystery. The town of Knorr has many secrets; some held by powerful men. Men that would do anything to keep them from getting out. Something dark happened one night in Knorr, and now Jimmy is a part of it whether he likes it or not.

And Sapphire holds the key to understanding it all.

Jimmy discovers that his bond with the mysterious girl creates a unique power between them. A power that bridges time, space, and even dimensions. It is the one thing that could save them both.

Because sometimes the most powerful force on Earth is love.
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Bryan W. Alaspa
About the author:
I am a freelance writer and professional author of both fiction and non-fiction. I live in Chicago and I have lived here almost my entire life. I spent a few years living in St. Louis. I first began writing when I sat down and wrote a three -page story on my mom’s electric typewriter when I was in the third grade. It’s been all up-hill since then!

I have over 20 books in both fiction and non-fiction genres available. You can find most of them at I even have a few books just for your Kindle and iPad users. Be sure to check them out. I write true crime, history, horror, thrillers, mysteries, detective stories and tales about the supernatural.

I write a lot of articles as well. I am also a blogger and have been for some time. I intend to use this blog to talk about my upcoming books as well as various author events I am involved in. Check back often and PLEASE, leave comments!

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