Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: Baba Didi and the Godwits Fly by Nicola Muir, Annie Hayward (Illustrations), Helen Clark (Foreword)


Imagine. You're a bird, only fifteen inches long. You spend half the year on one side of the planet and then you fly to the other side for the rest. Round trip: eighteen thousand miles. On the way there you touch down in many different countries; you're just a passing visitor. And on the way back . . . there is nowhere to stop. Just ocean for seven thousand miles.

A story about two true fantastical flights; that of the godwits around and across the Pacific and a woman's emigration from Croatia to New Zealand.

A young girl and her grandmother, Baba Didi, are on a beach watching the godwits preparing to migrate. Talking about the birds's courageous journey across the Pacific resonates with generations of human migration, from the Maori reaching New Zealand to Baba Didi's journey from Croatia.

Illustrated with warmth and radiance this is an epic story told with charm. A tale of the resilience it takes "just to get there" when the going is rough and the road is long.

A portion of the money from the sale of each book will be donated to UNICEF.

This is an enchanting tale of  not only about the migration of the godwits, but also about a grandmother move from Croatia to New Zealand.  These parallel tales weave together beautifully.   It is not only beautifully illustrated, but it is rich in nature, history and valuable lessons.  I loved this quote from the book "Sometimes, if you stay in the same place doing the same thing, it will be the end of you."  This shows that one must be determine because sometimes things are very hard. We must be resilient.  We must never be defeated.  This is an amazing book for kids!  4 stars.

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