Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Highlight: The Matchmaker by Moira Henderson



FBI agent penetrates illegal human organ donor ring in new thriller 

When the sister of an FBI agent joins a dating agency, she meets more than her match–she uncovers a human organ trafficking ring in “The Matchmaker” by Moira Henderson 

In “The Matchmaker” (ISBN 1470081229), Moira Henderson pens a medical thriller that peers into the black market of human organ harvesting and addresses the ongoing international trafficking in illegal human organ donation. Reflecting the reality of our online world, the story introduces Katherine, the younger sister of FBI agent Rebecca Ryan. She has recently joined a dating agency and is required to submit to a blood test for matching purposes. An enthralled Katherine is soon matched to David Desilva and quickly brings him home for an introduction to the family. But the Ryans’ feisty Irish mom feels something amiss with David and asks Rebecca to investigate. What she uncovers is a racket in human body parts that stretches across several countries. Rebecca teams up with her ex-boyfriend, homicide detective James Conti, to pursue this illegal ring of human organ donation victims. Circumstantial evidence begins to pile up around David, and Rebecca’s police chief father soon finds his daughter on a Homeland Security watch list. Meanwhile, pathologist Martin Hunter is outraged when he finds his daughter was falsely listed as being in a tragic moving vehicle accident, only to have her organs removed in the hospital without her consent. To find out who is behind these shocking incidents, Rebecca will have to venture into a morally grey world for which even her FBI training has not prepared her. In her depiction of organ trafficking and the means used to combat it, Henderson draws on her knowledge of the black market industry and the law enforcement operations used to capture the perpetrators. “This book depicts the problem in China today and the attempts the Human Rights Association has made in this arena,” says Henderson. “The Matchmaker” is a thriller that taps into the strange and cruel world of illegal human organ harvesting. Shocking and dramatic, the novel moves through a rapid plot to reveal a surprise ending.  

 About the Author: Moira Henderson earned a degree in health care from Cambridge College of Health and a bachelor’s in nursing from the University of Dundee in Scotland. Henderson is also a member of Mensa and the International Forensic 

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