Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review: MOONSHINE by Sofie Couch



Nothing pleases me more than finding new authors and books that are worth my time to read. MOONSHINE by Sofie Couch is one of those books that is worth your time.  With a new and fascinating take on the paranormal Couch tells an interesting story, with characters whose paths cross in numerous ways which weaves a story that is both original and fun!  I recommend this novel (4 stars) and will be reading and reviewing ANGELS UNAWARES next month.  

Book Description

 February 14, 2012
Rivanna Rivers wants to find the father who left her saddled with the same name as a local tributary.

Matt Breeden wants to avoid going to jail - hard to do when your avaricious family invites scandal, your wife turns up dead, and you sell the county's best moonshine.

Annabelle Freeman just wants to make it through "back-to-school" night without anyone discovering that she has buried her grandfather in the garden.

Independently, they all learn they have some things in common: family, moonshine, and murder.

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  1. Thank you, "Mrs. Mommy". (Blush.) I'll get crackin' on that next book!


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