Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Emily, the poet?????

Back in the day, basically all through high school and early college, I wanted to be a poet.  Once I enter college I took a creative writing class.  The teacher was wonderful; insightful, kind and compassionate about the craft of writing.  I was ready to write.  My goal was to be published poet someday.  I was naive and to be honest, not the best poet.  I did not the stamina it takes to write.  I did not have the thick skin to deal with the rewrites and the classmate constructive criticism.  I did not have what it took to take what was in my mind and heart and translate the emotions into a great poem.   But through all this, my poem was published.  Not in the way I dreamed.  I wanted the poem in a beautiful book, with an amazingly beautiful cover, with cream soft pages.  What I got was good when it happened and I was glad to share my poem with the world.  I am still happy I went on the journey.  I still dabble in poetry and will still love it.  But wanted to share my poem with all of you.  So here is the poem that was published way back in the day on poetry.com  


I feel the pull of my arm.
Or is it my heart being tested?
Crystal eyes blaze
With demands
A little tug by means of a candle lit dinner.
Pinching at tender skin,
Like the feeling of a pebble
In my shoe.
And a slight discomfort as it
From side to side.
Then, a robust force
Wrenches my arm from the socket,
Flesh and bone,
Gateway to my

The poem is about struggling to find balance between my friends and then boyfriend, who did not get along.  It is actually part one of a two part poem.  The other part is the friend part of the poem.  When you put the tow parts together the poem looks like tug of war.  

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