Saturday, June 24, 2017

#MMBBR #Review #SkyRaiderAcademy ~ Book One: Initiation by #KirstinPulioff

Tommy feels lost after his father’s death. To make matters worse, his mom moves him to a new town where he doesn't have any friends, and he quickly becomes a punching bag for the school bully. He can’t win. So, when a mysterious visitor approaches him with the promise of adventure, Tommy jumps at the opportunity. Whisked away to a school in the sky where magic rules and storms are forged by an elite group of Sky Raiders, Tommy learns that the world’s problems are much larger than his own. When the weather spirals out of control and a rogue Raider’s diabolical plans surface, Tommy must decide how much he is willing to risk to save the world.

My boys and I LOVED this book.  We did it as a read aloud and it was so much fun!  Both the kids and I were both engaged, which say a lot!  There was death in story, wonderful characters and adventure galore.  I cannot wait to see where this series goes, neither can my boys.  If you want as great story to read with your kids this summer I highly recommend this.  You can do it as a read aloud or as a family book club.  It would be a great way to keep the kids reading over the summer!

Kirstin PulioffKirstin Pulioff dreams big, wishes on stars, searches for rainbows, finds treasure in everyday blessings, and lives life to its fullest... Happily married and a mother of two, she lives in the foothills of Colorado. When she’s not writing an adventure, she’s busy living one

She loves to hear from fans. Please connect with her on her website:

Facebook:  KirstinPulioffAuthor
Amazon: Author & Book Page
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