Wednesday, June 21, 2017

#MMBBR #Review Beekeeper's Lab by #KimLehman @QuarryBooks

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This book is awesome and inspired me to buy a bunch of honey stuff (check out my Instagram page to take a peek).  The kids and I cannot wait to work our way through this very engaging activity and experiment book this summer.  We have already made the throat soother, dissected a flower and made honey straws.  This book is such fun from cover to cover.  It is also engaging and fun for lovers of both honey and bees.  Nature gives us such magical things and honey is one of the most magical.  It can be used for so many things.  This book is a gift and I cannot wait to make so many memories with my boys doing things with nature and staying away from devices and TV.  We plan to help to try to save the bees!  We already planted the bee balm!!!  Grab this book and start engaging with the hive!

Kim Lehman

On a Professional Note
Kim Lehman has worked for over 25 years as a honey bee educator, teacher, professional storyteller, musician, workshop presenter, and author. Children have gained a greater understanding of the honey bee, natures tiny treasure, through the hundreds of programs and workshops Kim has presented at schools, libraries, museums, nature centers, and festivals. As part of her children’s column for Bee Culture Magazine, Kim began the Bee Buddies Club which now has members in every state. Years ago she founded the American Beekeeping Federation Kids and Bees Program and directed this educational service about honey bees for the public at their annual conferences in 15 states. 

On a Personal Note
Kim grew up in a rural Mennonite community in the mountains of western Pennsylvania. Many days were spent making up plays, exploring the creek, hunting mushrooms, swinging on grapevines, walking barefoot through the woods, picking berries and making maple syrup.

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