Saturday, June 24, 2017

#MMBBR #Highlight #AtticusFray and the Prophecy of Lynx Karpovic by #RobertBridge

ABOUT THE BOOK: If you liked Harry Potter then you'll love: Atticus Fray. Atticus didn't know he descended from a secret sect of knights; and he certainly didn't know he was cursed to die in his 18th year. Atticus must discover the truth behind his parents' lies and journey to the fantasy land of Katara, to begin his training. A teenage boy's adventure begins.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Robert Bridge was born on the Isle of Wight in the UK (yes he only has one head). He was forced to move to Australia at the age of two. He spent thirty four years in the sunshine, enjoying the weather, sandy beaches, BBQ's and the relaxing Australian lifestyle. Then in 2004 Robert met a previously unknown godmother who invited him back to the UK. Robert traded the warmth of the southern hemisphere, and became one of probably only five Australian's to do so, he moved back to the UK. Robert has been writing stories since he could hold a pen. The backstory and planning of Atticus Fray took over a year to complete. This is his first novel and he will continue Atticus's journey with five more in the series. He has ideas for four more books and will address these when Atticus has completed his quest.


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