Thursday, June 22, 2017

#MMBBR #Review 50 Wacky Inventions Throughout History by #JoeRhatigan #WackySeries #WalterFosterJr

Have you ever heard of a bike TV? Or a bird diaper? 50 Wacky Inventions Throughout History describes 50 inventions that seem too crazy to be true--but are! Whether useful, entertaining, or just plain silly, these mind-boggling inventions and gadgets from yesterday, today, and tomorrow will surprise and delight fun-fact lovers of all ages.

50 Wacky Inventions is a fun book that shows you just how creative and wacky the human brain can be.  This book has inventions like the chicken sunglasses, levitating bed, and a driving alarm.  It is one of those book that makes you want to get up and go start inventing.  I highly recommend this book to inspiring inventors and those that love history.  It really is wacky and fun and they really do seem too crazy to be real.


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