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Thirteen-year-old Clayton's new assignment for the Special Service means adopting a new identity indefinitely. He has to leave behind his friends and beloved lacrosse team to live as Max Carrington, a student at the Sydney Brown School, where the President's son Kyle is a seventh grader. But Clayton isn't the only new kid at school and there's something odd about his fellow outsider, James Scott. Is James hiding something, and is he a threat to Kyle?
The chaos of undercover life keeps Clayton on his toes as he rushes from one crisis to the next, while a cutthroat school election brings out some strong personalities at Sydney Brown. To make matters worse, Clayton's new lacrosse team is set to play Masters Academy in the playoffs. It looks like he will face off against his best friends and former teammates! Clayton's adventures are better than ever in this funny and heartwarming sequel to Clayton Stone, At Your Service.

Braden's Review:

I was so excited when I got to read an early copy of Clayton Stone, Facing Off because I gave the first book, Clayton Stone, At Your Service, a 10 star review.  In this book, we get to hang out with Clayton this time there is a new identity for Clayton, but all the same adventure and suspense as there was in the first book.  I never really knew what was going to happen and that makes for a really fun reading time. I was always excited to fill my Mom in about what Clayton was doing.  Another hit!!! 

A gleefully oblivious Squirrel narrates this rib-tickling chapter book about how he turns a family get together upside-down.
Squirrel, the chief mischief maker from 8 Class Pets + 1 Squirrel / 1 Dog = Chaos is ready to party. He enters Cuddles-the-dog's house through a special entrance for squirrels on the roof, aka the chimney. Holiday festivities are soon in shambles, and Cuddles, the presumed culprit, is banished to the basement. Meanwhile, the littlest human runs away into a snowstorm unnoticed by everyone except Squirrel.
Long-suffering Cuddles must team up with the willfully obtuse Squirrel to rescue the child in this comical story told from a squirrel-centric point of view."

Braden's Review:
This book is so funny.  We read it together as a family and had such fun watching this squirrel cause chaos, but it was also pretty heartwarming.  It was a fun mix of many things and my family and I think it was really great!  It could be a new family read together favorite!

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