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Sure you know T-Rex was the meat-eating king and brontosaurus munched on leaves, but what else was on the dino dining menu during the Mesozoic era? 

Meet the 'vores: carnivores, piscivores, herbivores, insectivores, "trashivores," "sunivores," and omnivores like us. 

Readers will be surprised and inspired to learn about dino diets and they'll get to explore how scientists can tell which dinosaurs ate what just from looking at fossils! 

Journey through artist and author Hannah Bonner's whimsical world to learn how the dinosaurs and their contemporaries bit, chewed, and soaked up their food.

This book is any dinosaur lovers dream.  This book is jam packed with information based on what the dinosaurs ate and what this means in the prehistoric era.  It is such a fun exploration of the ways dinosaurs survived through food and how the food chain works.  I thought is was a fun way to learn how the dinosaurs thrive and live through the food they eat and how this affected life in that era.  Your body is only as good as the food that you put into it and that is the same for the dinosaurs of the past. Such a tasty exploration into the belly of dinosaurs.  In addition to all the wonderful illustration the book is filled with speak bubbles, tables, diagrams, pronunciation guide and glossary that aids in understanding and acts as a quick reference.  A wonderful book for kids and adults alike.

Poaching and war damaged an isolated wilderness in West Zambia, reducing its lion population to just one: Lady, the last lioness. Witness Lady's fight for survival in this evocative narrative on the decline, fall, and rebirth of the Liuwa Plains. Follow Lady as she grapples with a landscape altered by human hands and discover how both Lady and humankind restore balance to the environment. 

More than a story about one brave lion, The Lioness offers a great introduction to life science by looking at the workings of an ecosystem, the methods of scientists and environmentalists, and explaining the interconnection between the plant, animal, and human systems.

Wow, this book is amazing.  I love lions and this book captures the struggles they faced and their ultimate comeback.  This book is broken up into five chapters; The Great Plains, The Decline and Fall of the Liuwa Plains, A Liuwa Without Lions, How to Build a Ecosystem, and the Liuwa Plains Today.  Captured within the pages is the sheer beauty of the region through the breathtaking and dynamic photographs and a story that with both break your heart and then put it back together again.  Once something is broken, it takes so much to put it all back together and that includes the fragile ecosystem in West Zambia.  Both educational and engrossing, this story will resonate with any reader that admires nature and those fighting to keep it all balanced and persevered.  It is inspiring, heartwarming and causes the reader to take into consideration their role in preserving the planet for years to come.   A brilliant book and one that needs to be read and shared over and over and over again.

Classic stories and dazzling illustrations of princesses, kings, sailors, and genies come to life in a stunning retelling of the Arabian folk tales from One Thousand and One Nights and other collections, including those of Aladdin, Sinbad the Sailor, and Al  Baba and the Forty Thieves. The magical storytelling of award-winning author Donna Jo Napoli dramatizes these timeless tales and ignites childrens' imaginations.

With 25 stories that are rich in history and span many eras, this book is filled with wondrous stories that are sure to please all who snuggle up to read it.  Filled with illustrations that are bright, vibrant and exceptionally detailed the readers with be lost within the illustrations as the stories unfold.  The sidebars are designed to connect the stories with all the history, geography and culture of the stories.  This book is a plethora of information and contains so many extras that the reader can expand their interests beyond the book.  A must for lovers of grand storytelling, beautiful illustrations and facts and tidbits galore.  

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