Saturday, October 1, 2016

#MMBBR #Review Happy Mamas by @KathleenPelleyA

Happy Mamas is a lyrical read aloud that pays tribute to the universal joys of mothering in the animal and human kingdoms. Charming illustrations depict all the activities that bring joy to a mama and her baby over the course of a day: a panda feeding her cubs bundles of bamboo shoots; an elephant teaching her calf how to trumpet a loud jungle cheer; a mom playing peek-a- boo; an eagle watching her chicks fly from the nest; a wolf singing a serenade to the man in the moon; or a bird crooning owly lullabies through the deep, dark woods. But as the moon glows and the stars shine, what is it that makes all mamas - from desert to jungle, from forest to field, from land to sea - happiest by far? Mamas and babies everywhere will delight in this happy romp - a perfect ode to motherhood.

I adored this book.  I have to admit that a tear may have dipped down my cheek.  This book really does capture the joys of parenting whether in a home in America or abroad or in nature, motherhood can be the single greatest joy in the world.  Nothing makes a mother's happier than when their children are happy.  From morning to night mother's strive to be there for their children.  This book captures everything that is wonderful about being a mother.  The illustrations also capture the sheer love between a mother and child.  This may become a book us Mom's read to our kids at night to remind ourselves that we may not always get it right, but it is always done in love.  Love this book, so very much!   

PRE-ORDER NOW ~ book released on October 10th!

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