Sunday, October 9, 2016

#MMBBR #Review Just Like Gulliver by @JanetSquires


JUST LIKE GULLIVER shares the adventure of a young groundhog who is frightened of his shadow until a fun-filled journey through the woods and farms surrounding his burrow allows him to discover his courage on Groundhog Day.

Janet SquiresI write fiction and nonfiction for children and adults.

My debut Western historical novel, Desperate Straits is a 2015 Peacemaker Award finalist.

I donate a portion of the proceeds from MONTY The Courageous Survival of a Rescue Dog to animal rescue organizations.

My picture book, The Gingerbread Cowboy, is the Arizona Governors 2007 First Grade Book and a special edition of 100,000 copies was printed for distribution to every first grade student in Arizona.

My interest in the historic West stems from the stories I heard growing up. My family pioneered their way through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona as ranchers, miners and lawmen. My favorite activity is any one that involves horses . . . 

Or dogs . . . I can't remember a time when I didn't share my life with at least one. My interest in animal rescue and welfare issues made writing Monty's story an opportunity I couldn't resist. I've fostered numerous dogs in addition to the rescues that are part of my family. I've worked to raise awareness about puppy mills, bailed dogs out of shelters, bottle-fed orphaned puppies, and cared for the sick and injured. I support a variety of rescue organizations.

I teach writing workshops and lecture on children's books, literacy, storytelling, and the creative writing process for children and adults. I'm a member of SCBWI, Women Writing the West, Western Writers of America, and Western Fictioneers.

A super adorable story about a young groundhog learning about what it means to be a groundhog.  Between learning about Groundhogs Day and shadows, this book is both informative and sweet.  A fun trip through the forest teaches the young groundhog to find his courage and allows him to learn some very interesting facts about the origins of Groundhogs Day.  The book also contains a two page spread on groundhogs.  Such a great book to read to kids and classes on Groundhogs Day.   

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