Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review: Monkey Fun! by Julia Dweck


Monkey Fun! proves that you’re never too young to begin your learning adventure. 

It’s a barrel of fun and chock full of interesting monkey facts written in easy to understand rhyming verse for toddlers ages 0-4.

“That’s not a monkey who’s peeling a grape. 

Bigger and tailless, he must be an ape.” 

“Monkeys who live in a family group, travel together and share with their troop.”

Bold, colorful illustrations by Aida Barba Flores will capture the attention of young readers and aid in story comprehension. This is an edutaining rhyming adventure that offers fun learning resources in the back of the book including, Mrs. Dweck’s monkey facts and a monkey counting game.

I, again, found myself falling in love with another Dweck book.  I adored all the adorable monkey fun and interesting facts.  My kids love reading Dweck's books with me. They get excited when a new title is released! They giggle and snuggle and enjoy every word!  I have called my son Monkey since he was born, so this book feels close to my heart!  Another 5 star hit!!! 

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