Saturday, December 14, 2013

Review: Absolution (Edgewood #3) by Karen McQuestion


Four teenagers with superpowers. Some friendly competition. A first love. And a dangerous organization that will stop at nothing to destroy them all.

After surviving a danger-filled trip to Peru, Russ Becker looked forward to a laid-back summer spending time with his new love, Nadia. But plans go awry when he and his friends are invited by the Praetorian Guard to the event of the season. The mission? To protect the president and her daughter from assassination at the elegant Presidential Black Tie Bash. 

While Nadia struggles with her own troubles at home, Russ is torn, but determined to do his job, not easy when he doesn’t know who to trust. Battling for his life against the evil Associates, Russ confronts his worst fears and learns shocking revelations about those around him.

Karen McQuestion has tied up her trilogy with a giant bow.  She writes such amazing books that gain your attention, grab you tight and don't let you go til the end of the book.  I kinda devoured this book.  It is a tad long, but like I draws you in and you CANNOT put it down.  McQuestion has seamlessly tied the three books together.  McQuestion has a tone of story telling that is original, captivating and engrossing.  She has found a voice in the genre and is a force to be noticed!  4.5 stars!

book three

book two

book one


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